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  1. yeah, I've seen this template too... It needs adjusting to meet our needs but perhaps I am able to do it... don't have Acces installed atm but I am quite sure we have it though... thx
  2. Well yeah, but the software is quite expensive, and we will be spending a lot of money on functions we don't need... I am quite surpprised it is so hard to find a program that will do just the job of organizing contacts in this specific way. Perhaps someone has some other ideas?
  3. For an NGO I am looking for a means to set up a central contact database for office use. There will be about 8-10 people using this database. One of the requirements of such a system would be the possibility of doing 'tagged-based' searches. For example, looking up all contacts in a certain location, or everyone involved in a certain project etc. We have about 800 contacts that need to be in such a system. While doing some research I've found quite a few programs (mostly CRM and CMS) but these are way to complex (and/or expensive). The only way I can see now to make this work is to create something in Access, but I am not so experienced with this program. (Not even sure if what I want is possible). Anyone got some ideas/suggestions?
  4. I get the sentiment regarding Sata-Windows issues. However, I have had 10 to 15 installations during the past 2 years. (Often nlite.) on my p4c800-e del. with 2 WD Raptors in Raid0 on ICH5R with NO problem at all... (really never.) There is a problem with how nlite 1.0fi handles the integration of drivers. (fact) Something has been changed which perhaps can be addressed?
  5. the problem occured without using ryanvm's pack....... so i guess that would be another bug.... I'm quite convinced it is something nlite does differently now with the integration of drivers or something like that...
  6. Have a look at what others and I have posted in this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=77454 I figure this could be a related issue.... (I use textmode driver for ich5r, raid0 2xraptor.)
  7. Ok, I am fairly convinced the problem is with nlite 1.0fi. I used exactly the same setups for a cd with 1.0fi and with beta8. During the first boot after installation the 1.0fi crashed, the beta8 version did not. I just used a xp pro share (sp2 already integrated) and hardly any settings. I think the problem is a combination of the drivers I used and 1.0fi. I have no idea yet though what exactly. I used these drivers (875p chipset): D:\==Software==\Installation\INF Drivers\intel chipset\3100ESB.inf,0 D:\==Software==\Installation\INF Drivers\intel network\e1000325.inf,0 D:\==Software==\Installation\INF Drivers\intel raid\iaahci.inf,iaStor_ICH5R D:\==Software==\Installation\INF Drivers\monitor\VP201b.inf,0 D:\==Software==\Installation\INF Drivers\promise sata ide\UlSata.inf,0 D:\==Software==\Installation\INF Drivers\sound\smwdmCH5.inf,0 EDIT Ok, I made a new cd complete with ryanvm pack and all my drivers, plus the settings I mentioned in a previous post in this thread. I used beta8 and it works without a problem. My preliminary conlusion is that there indeed is a nlie 1.0fi related issues with my drivers/hardware.
  8. I only use sata drives yes. got a raid0 on ich5r. it worked every time so far (nlite that is) Perhaps I used a setting i should not have. now, im trying without any special settings....
  9. i am too having this problem. (ich5r) I dont think it has to with ryanvm's pack as I also get the problem without using it. just nlite 1.0fi.... this sucks, no one to blame of course but I was a bit to trigger happy to reinstall my pc with the newest stuff..... Att. the settings I used...... Anyone please? Last_Session.ini
  10. wow, thanks bledd, new cd in the making First, grats on 1.0 Nuhi! I use Nlite all the time, a very cool tool. I followed issues with RyanVM pack too but his site seems to be down atm (www.ryanvm.net)
  11. Ok, cheers mate. That actually worked (althhough you have to make sure that the installer does not delete thar tmp data folder when you click cancel.) Perhaps TS should include this in his guide?
  12. Same here, I get error 1311 that b6f3f7b6.cab is missing.... Can not proceed from there. What are we doing wrong?
  13. SMART is only useful if you have software installled that supports it (interpretate its output.) For most users SMART is not necessary, you can just disable it if you want. (However it can't be harmful either so if it works better for you, enable it.)
  14. that is true. good you find a sollution by the way.
  15. Sorry for the flame... But for an American your English sucks....
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