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  1. I agree with Astalavista bout the external CD-Rom. It would be the easiest. If you don't want to do that then use a crossover cable between a laptop and your desktop. Boot the laptop with a Network Boot Disk like the one in the link Network Boot Disk You will need to know what driver the laptop NIC uses. At that point you should be able to use the DOS commands to map a network drive. The Network drive being the shared folder on your desktop with the install files i.e. I386(2K/XP). Copy the files then start the setup with the winnt.exe cmd. Setup.exe if it is a 98 install. Hope this helps. Reply back and tell me if this works
  2. You guys are forgetting about a very funny guy: Rodney Carrington Dave Chapelle is good too.
  3. Nanaki, If you backed up your data onto some type of media and you obviously have the full install of XP because you said Why didn't you just do a fresh install from the begining? A clean install from the start would have spared you a lot of heartache. A clean install of a single OS is always better than an upgrade.
  4. I have to add my 2 cents worth in on this conversation. My first two official words ACTIVE DIRECTORY 98 wishes it could have just a little bit of the capability that 2K and XP have with Active Directory. I work in a domain with all windows OS from 95 to XP. No it's not a typo I ment to type 95. 95 nor 98 even exist as far as active directory is concerned. 98 is a marginal OS that will suffice if all you do is surf the web and send email. If you are doing anything that needs to be secure then you would have to be a fool to even think about doing it on a 98 machine. 98 has absolutely no local security. I do think that 98 is a far better OS than ME just because of the stability issue. But when you try to compare 98 to XP then that is the same as comparing a Ford Pinto to a Ferrari. XP is in a whole other class.
  5. Start Run Regedit Then HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE click the + next to Software then Microsoft then Windows then Current Version you should then see the product key B)
  6. Use msconfig to disable startup items so that only needed apps are running. Next you can increase the amount of virtual memory. To increase Virtual memory right clit on My Computer. Then properties. Click the performance tab then the Virtual memory button. Uncheck let windows manage. The amount you put in should be 1.5 times the amount of RAM you have installed. Hope this helps
  7. I would try using Norton Ghost and make a ghost image of your current installation. Swap MoBo then restore the image. Boot the system. It will go through a bunch of new hardware found wizards and then everything should be fine. B)
  8. As far as a decent guide check this one out TCW's Guide to Computer Building As far as building your own system. It all depends on your needs. If you are an ultimate gamer with an unlimited budget then build the system that Astalavista suggests. Since you are on a budget I will make a few suggestions. 1. Do not go with an economy motherboard you will regret it when you are looking for support. 2. The same thing goes with a graphics card. Spend the money If you want a really good site for everything then use Newegg.com If you don't mind waiting on stuff and you don'tcare if the company you buy stuff from may not be in business next month then just use Pricewatch.com Hope this help and good luck
  9. I know that Tweak UI will remove entries in the add/remove program list in 98 and 2K but I am not sure with XP. It is worth a try though.
  10. Make sure that your BIOS settings are set to fail safe default then try to boot the machine. If you still have a problem then boot into safe mode, roll back your drivers through device manager. If you still have a problem then you will have to go in and remove any recently installed programs or possibly uninstall your programs one at a time until you find the one that is causing the problem. Hope this helps.
  11. I would have told you to use system restore to roll back to a time that your computer was not freezing. Since you have reinstalled XP then that is no longer an option. There are many different possible causes for your problem. 1. If you have an older computer and try to run anything that comes from Symantec then you are looking for trouble. Use a good antiviri instead of Norton, something like AVG. 2. If you have any new programs that you have installed since the freezing problem then uninstall it and try it. 3. Also, I have seen the problem stem from a power supply that is going bad and doesn't provide constant voltage and current to your system. Post the results of your findings
  12. I figured it out. It was WinSock. I poked around in Microsoft's KB and found this How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption Once I went through the resolution everything worked fine. I appreciate all the help you guys were willing to give me especially mattofak. Thanks again. I hope someone else can get something from this forum
  13. I can ping the DNS Server. I'm sure that the computer does NOT have the most current updates. It does have SP1 but not SP2. Note: When I ping I get a two funny asci characters. One is like the upper circle of the number 8 and the second looks like a "y" with two dots side by side over it
  14. DNS does not work at all on this machine but it does on other machines. I tried nslookup and it did not work. I will try ftp and see if that will work
  15. If it were a DNS server problem then the other machine would be having problems too.
  16. The DNS server is bind
  17. I've ran Symantac Antivirii Corp Edition with newest defs. Ran Adaware, spybot, hijack no results
  18. The setting are exactly the same. I can ping my DNS server. It is the only one in the list
  20. I can ping the IP of an outside source ie google. Nothing is blocked and it is not security software. I've tried dhcp and a static ip both return the same results. DNS does not seem to work at all in the outside world.
  21. If I login as the Domain Admin the same thing occurs
  22. The domain has been in existance for a while. All the other 499 computers dont have a problem just this one computer. Just a note: If the topic is posted inside a Windows XP forum it is implied that Windows XP is the OS
  23. Another thought is the sockets since it is only outside access. Winsock maybe?
  24. I have a computer that is able to ping and browse anything inside our domain. My problem occurs only when I try to access the outside. I get nothing. I've reinstalled the NIC, tried a brand new NIC. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything in the local area connections properties. I'm thinking that something is messed up with my TCP/IP stack. Any ideas
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