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  1. I already activate my windows xp home edition, and after i reformat my pc it ask for activation key. How can i bypass it and how to change the cd-key. I can call microsoft and ask to activate with phone but i own 25 pc and each time reformat my harddisk, for sure it will ask for activation key. need to save cost on phone call.
  2. After few test finally i found the mistake i made. In tweakui there is an option <Clear last user name> That the problem i had to type the user name over and over again.
  3. Try took out the display card and cleen the lead (feet) with eraser and slot back on.
  4. it a dead end...... so nvm i restore my old image file and ty on won 98se to me
  5. i did use tweakui, but the customer can still press Esc, and sometime auto logon mising.
  6. I use micrsoft family logon for my network setting but when boot up, got box to select users but no user had been set. How to disable the users setting and stright use microsoft family logon. Meaning boot stright to windows without to type users.
  7. Nop, it still check game version. Since WON close i had trouble create LAN game and always check version. <Version Uotdated>
  8. Block with firewall. Wat port cs use? How to block it? Edit : Is there any command for shortcut icon that can disable internet game?
  9. After few test finally i remove C:\PROGRAM FILES\EMS FREE SURFER COMPANION\FS30.EXE And gain +20% of system resources. Yep, it leak.....
  10. I doubt the ram, i have 1GB ram and feel slow on boot time and windows services are not in use had been turn off and still slow on boot.
  11. Disc. from internet. Don't say me to unplug my internet connection. Just need to know which file to moded or deleted to disable it from internet. Btw it using dod engine not half-life due to license. And the won already close and every time connect to lan game it will display version out of dated. Click ok and close and popup internet explorer to www.steampowered.com. Always need to press Esc, then can play. Also cannot use the command console.
  12. I need suggestion on goback software, sofeware i found like norton goback and roxio goback revert whole drive. I need option like can select which folder need to revert when restart.
  13. How could i disable cs 1.5 and dod online game. Just enable for lan only.
  14. Nice tool, thx. Any other program that could hide from taskbar?
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