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  1. I know this seems nonsence but i need to know how this could be done.. I want to share a folder in my pc and let anyone view that share without: 1) Having a Domain 2) Sharing a user name and a password Any ideas? I tried several many things, but they are not good enough it worked with some pcs and other didnt Anyone has tried that or any clue.. Please!!!
  2. hi all, i have a small netwrk and i just installed windows server 2003. i managed joining the pc's to the domain that i made.. the problem is when i want to logon through the domain i got the message that the date/time are differant so i checked the time zone for both server and the pcs and all the same so i dont know where the problem might be ??? PLZ help my future is standing on this
  3. Hi all, dont know if it should go like that, but i need to integarte office 2000 language pack into it ie. i have office 2000 arabic build and i want to make it in english with out applying the english language pack so please any idea or how to start Searching! PLEASE
  4. hib this is my mail if u can send me the file thaer_nejem@yahoo.com
  5. ok i got this many times i faced it when i used "poor" drivers or i didnt firstlly run mobo drivers then every driver step by step not using "device manager" but using setup.exe program that comes with the device driver cd second thing. run msconfig.exe throu start, run and search for "Disable Fast Shutdown" and chick on it ( enable "Disable Fast Shutdown" ) hopefully this helps u
  6. from tools, folder options check "show hidden files and folders" and see if "folder.htt" and "desktop.ini" always created every where u go if so u might have that redlouf or something like that virus this is not only applies for documents folder, it runs all over ur pc is this slow thing runs in all of ur pc folder or just for "my documents" ??
  7. i have it, tell me how u want to get it my mail is thaer_nejem@yahoo.com
  8. plz this is serious !! and please explaine more ?
  9. cuz ddr with pc2100 is designed to run at 266mhz not at 400mhz,, u cant drive Daweoo Lansos as fast as Honda Accord not cuzing any damage
  10. i think u must conceder changing ur power supply to a higher one and changing ur ddr to pc3200 at least to meet ur cpu's fsb
  11. no really7 , enablin SMART is very god, i tried it myself and it saved my soul when i had a worning once. and after i backed up my software i checked it and guess what? a bad sector was found neer boot record and i replaced it by warranty
  12. Thaer

    Setup Problem

    Hi all, i experinced this many times with many pcs with differant componants... when i tried to install windows xp, during setup in the dos mode the keyboard wont response and wont do anything for example when u are required to chose what to (R to Repair, Enter to Continue ....) but when i restart the pc and disconnect the mouse setup will continue and after that i can plug in the mouse and it will work fine in GUI setup mode... anyone has an idea why would that happen???
  13. right click on my computer. properties, advanced, startup and recovery , then click edit
  14. Thaer

    Lga775 Cpu

    i was working for 3 days to solve this problem and after i posted the question i found the probelm ???? and i solved it i used a strange name as a user and it was "Abu `3azi" so windows looks like didnt deal with it so edited system properties, advanced, environment variabels and edited temp and tmp to c:\temp and every went ok
  15. Thaer

    Lga775 Cpu

    hi all i assempled my new pc, p4 lga775 3.0 /1m/800 on soltek sl-865pro-775 and seagate 120sata and nvidia fx5500 256mb its quit fast but ... when i install office of any version or the hardware monitor that came with motherboard cds i receive error msgs like: Error opening installation log file, verfiy that the specified log location exists and its writalbe... or this installation pakage could not be opened, verify that the pakage exists and you can access it, or contact the application vendor to varify that this is a valid windows installer pakage.... i dont know what to do knowing that the same software i used with my previuos pc intel865 + 2.8/1/800 p4 ht + 120 gb seagate sata and every thing went cool why now they are not i dont know !!! please help

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