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  1. How can i limit speed in my network

    Thanks my dear. I'm currently using Bandwidth Controller Enterprise Edition. I've shared my internet connection through my own pc with ICS. Now the main problem occurred is i've shared songs & movies with my clients from same pc where ICS. The problem is that all shared resources down. No one can play any mp3 or video. I'm stuck on this problem can you help in this regard?
  2. How can i limit speed in my network

    Anybody here? who can help me?
  3. AoA/Hi/Hello, I'm running a net cafe here in my location. I've 4 PCs. My network setup is: Wireless Router----------D-Link Switch------------4 PCs (Windows XP Pro SP2) Wireless Router is Motorola CPE600i (which provided me by Wateen Telecom, My WiMax service provider) Switch is D-Link DES-1008D 8in1 Now i want to control bandwidth in my client PCs. Currently i've 512kbps connection, which means 55~60KB speed equally goes to all PCs. I've 10GB Volume Quota per month. After reaching this quota my service provider charge me extremely high price. I'm stuck on this situation. I want to divide 5~7KB speed equally to all clients. How can i do this? Can anybody suggest me that how can i do this?
  4. Networking Windows XP (5 Systems)

    EVERYONE in user field & READ ONLY access!
  5. Networking Windows XP (5 Systems)

    But workstation still asking password after disabling simple file sharing & creating same account on all workstations.
  6. Networking Windows XP (5 Systems)

    I've Windwos XP Pro SP2 on my Workstations and Windows XP Pro SP3 on Server System. On server system I've all formatted partitions as NTFS. Whenever my client tried to open shared files a popup popped & in user field Guest exist as predefined with greyed condition. Just password field active . What should i do? I'm very worried about this condition . What's your openion, should i switch my OS(s) or do something else? please help me! please please
  7. Networking Windows XP (5 Systems)

    Thanks for replying FAT64. If i create an account named as "dummy" or "something-else" with same password like "123456". Then it works? I'm using Rollback Rx Pro for security of my workstations. It helped me in decreasing the installation. I do not want to create a new snapshot for security reason. Is there any other solution? Please
  8. Dears, I'm running a net cafe in my location. my setup includes 5 systems. 1 Media Sharing System 4 Workstations I've DSL 512Kbps link services through WiMax. I've Motorola CPE360i for this purpose. My CPE directly connected to my D-Link DES-1008D Switch and all my systems connect through it! I've shared multimedia from my MULTIMEDIA system. Which is Intel D101GGC 3.06GHz 512MB Kingston DDR 160GB Seagate Barracuda SATA. And my workstations are Dell Optilplex Gx150 1.0 GHz 256MB 20GB. I've installed Symantec Antivirus Client on my multimedia system. I've no setup password. But when my client want to listen mp3 or watch video the system asks a password for guest account. I'm tired with this condition. Please help me?