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  1. Apps won't install on nLited Win2k3

    For everything, just like any PC... I'm still a Linux/BSD user, I'd just like to get a feel of what Windows has to offer on it's best configuration... I removed all those things because I don't need them, I don't have a network (it's the only PC around), no printers, hardware is fixed (I don't upgrade my PCs, I just wait until they're too old to be useful and buy a new one).... For multimedia and all those things, I'll just add 3rd party software (I find Microsoft's built-in software to be slow and under-featured (yet bloated with useless and redundant functions), it doesn't show the full potential of Windows) And yeah thanks for the advice, I'll try to be less extremist on the next nLite round (I just like streamlined things) nLite (if used correctly) is very effective at voiding the "Windows performance < Linux" statements, nice work nuhi
  2. Apps won't install on nLited Win2k3

    Solved.. I just started from scratch and this time I didn't disable a bunch of things that sounded like suspicious... size went up by about 120MB (but I also added the Omega ATi driver), performance is about the same (blazing fast!, the "loading windows" bar doesn't even touch the left side of the frame!) and everything works well.... Except the wireless drivers... But I guess that's another story
  3. PS3 vs XBOX 360 Elite

    The scary thing about that image is that it's true I don't like the Wii, and I've never had real friends..... No, really, when I <12yo I was always the "ignored by all the kids"... >13yo = I ignore all the teens When I bought my XBOX 360 back in 2006 (got it the launch day, wich was Feb. 2 2006 in Mexico) I had online friends... Now, I don't even have online friends, it was boring, never had anything to talk about.... And I want a PS3 Furthermore, I don't want it to play games, I just want to mess around with Linux on a huge screen
  4. Apps won't install on nLited Win2k3

    Whoops, here's the relevant last_session.ini LAST_SESSION__205404.13_01.07.16_.INI
  5. Apps won't install on nLited Win2k3

    My nLited Win2k3 is giving me the totally epic error: "Not enough storage to complete this operation" But in a totally new situation: When trying to install.... anything. I think I might have removed something I should have left... Does any one know what missing service/component could be causing this? The only other cause I can think of is that it is on the drive D.... Other than that, I'm out of ideas Any hints? (By the way, there is more than enough space)
  6. lol CD Burning speed

    It also got 0x.... Nice
  7. Unknown Windows version with Win2k

    I think the problem is pretty self-explanatory.. I'm getting this error with a Windows 2000 Advanced Server OEM CD, nLite told me to report it What does it check for to determine what version of windows is it? Edit: By the way, it's nLite 1.4.5b2 Edit 2: OK, I thought it was Advanced Server... It isn't. It's just Server... I got CDROM_IS.5, CDROM_NT.5 and cdromsp4.tst
  8. lol CD Burning speed

    Man, where do you got that burner from? I want one like that :-(
  9. How to install Windoze 2000?

    OK I'll try, I was keeping an eye on nLite but I thought it was only for XP/2003 By the way, the drivers are no problem... I got 'em all. No, the manufacturer doesn't even support XP.... I had to hunt down for ALL the drivers to install XP, and the XP drivers I got are all compatible with 2k, so I think that's no problem.. Thanks for the help
  10. No I'm not a n00b, I can't get Win2k Advanced Server to install. I've tried those so far: Boot Win2k Advanced Server OEM CD - Nope, not booteable. Copy all files to DOS formatted USB and try to start setup from there: setup.exe meant to run on Windoze, winnt.exe "Can't run the program" (no further description, it just can't run - that's almost literally what it reads, I don't remember the exact words) (What made me think this could work? Well, the fact that my BIOS has native USB drive support) Make a DOS bootable CD and install from there: CD doesn't boot. (Not a BIOS/drive problem, I can boot Linux CDs and WindozeXP just fine) Here are the circumstances: -No floppy drive (laptop) -No access to the HD from another computer (I don't have money to buy the 2.5 to 3.5" adapter... yes it's cheap, but I am a really poor underage Mexican man ) -No real need to use Win2k, I already have XP and Linux (I'm really a Linux user, not that much into Windoze, so I'd really appreciate detailed explanations of the procedures), but I want to see how an older/server Windows OS performs on a computer that was Vista Premium from factory (burning fast, I'd think).... The point here is: Don't try to persuade me to stop trying, I'll not give up ------ So, that said, any ideas on how to get the 2k on it? The only other solutions I've found on the web involve either a floppy (most people who have had this very exact problem ended up installing a floppy on the machine, but you can't do that on a '07 model laptop) or getting the HD to another computer (people with more cents than me) An idea I have is to format the FAT32 partition I made for W2k with DOS, create another FAT32 partition and put there all the W2k files, then boot into DOS from the FAT32 partition, and install from the second F32 partition... Or something like that That or, what could be causing the "Can't run this program" error? Maybe I need another version of DOS (?)
  11. Do you have A.A.A.D.D.?

    Sounds like me seconded
  12. Which media player is your favorite

    Windows Media Player 11 for video (i almost never watch videos on my pc.... i have a pretty big home theatre setup, why should i use a 15" monitor with only 2 speakers? ) Quintessential Player for audio its old and discontinued (though they recently reopened the work, but no new final version, just betas) but its still the very best (yes, better than winamp, better than itunes, way better than WMP.. well, for music) just see it for yourself: www.quinnware.com
  13. Windows 98 Shell and Skins

    lol its funny how pessimist your post looks with these smilies 1. you should never have installed windows ME 2. the latest ENHANCED (not the standard) version supports windows 98 try to be more possitive in your next post windows 98 still rockin'
  14. Windows 98 Shell and Skins

    if you would only have read my previous posts. *cough*
  15. Windows 98 Shell and Skins

    you are waaaaaaaaaaay wrong im running it on a 180mhz machine with 47mb of ram and no video card (just an adapter), adn it runs at about the same speed and also, 385mb is a f*ckin' lot of ram, in this machine im running xp pro on 256mb ram with 1.7ghz processor unless you use it for hard work such as programming or 3d rendering, but if thats the case, you should not have even modified 3d-bit icons, you need to have an installation as light as its possible