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  1. for example i use a common folder since some users like to mess around, now im thinking at students But as an administrator i dont want them to change the permissions so i alwayse have access to these files.
  2. hi, since a few weeks im writting documentation for my school, the one im currently working on is about the NTFS permissions. but im stuck at the change permissions rights t, hope you can help me with this. As an administrator i dont want people to change the permissions on there files or folders. but when i set the permissions of CREATOR OWNER (change permission to "deny") they still can change the permissions. is there a way te set this true NTFS rights or a policy. currently the documentation is in Dutch but the rights are in English if someone got the time to look at it and give some comments on it, it will be much appreciated its in the attachment. srry for my english, all awnsers are appreciated. Thanks Ricardo NTFS.doc
  3. Hello, i've been working on a school project but i'm stuck the idea is to set up a win 2003 server with WDS to boot a custom windows pe wich will be used to deploy/create images, this part of the project is working. the problem is when i trie to make a wim image from a cd in this case windows xp, i used the code "imagex /boot /check /capture g: c:\windowsxp.wim "windowsxp" " when i trie to use the image true the windows deployment service i get the error that its not a bootable image. srry for my english , many thanks Ricardo
  4. thanks i already have it working on 192 mb but the goal is 128. i think i found the user guide so i hope i get it to work tomorro i let u know if it works thanks for the reply, Ricardo
  5. with the maximum compression i gt it down to 150mb but i like to boot it from a computer with 128 mb Thanks for the reply Ricardo
  6. its 166 mb now and im using the latest version thanks, Ricardo
  7. hi, is there a way to speed up the boot process it now takes about 2 a 3 minutes to boot 1 or 2 pc's i need to boot about 30 pc's using netwerk boot does someone have a list of files i can remove or some files i have to change to speed it up thanks, Ricardo
  8. i'm trying the same for my work i edited ur list with the things i deleted maby tomoro i can add some more files i deleted do you know if i can delete all the fonts in the windows folder, the boot\fonts folder, and the EFI\MICROSOFT\BOOT\FONTS folder in Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink theres only en-US and nl-NL left Under windows\system32 diskraid.exe dpapimig.exe doskey.exe esentutl.exe esent.dll ftp.exe (deleted) notepad.exe (deleted) ntprint.exe (deleted) ntprint.dll print.exe printui.dll robocopy.exe (deleted) taskmgr.exe wbengine.exe wbadmin.exe wdscapture.exe wdscapture.inf i hope this helps Ricardo
  9. hi, for serveral days im trying to set up a netwerk connection using windows pe with the boot cd this works great with net use the problem is when i boot windows pe using ris, net use doesnt work any more does someone know a solution to this {edit} the problem was that we booted from the boot.wim file just place the rest of the pe files in the boot.wim file and it works Ricardo
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