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  1. specialbao1

    Windows 98 VS Windows Vista

    Windows 98 is good beside bsods. Jackhammer reduces number of bsods. I beleive windows 98 has poor support other than msfn for skinning, kernel,updates etc. Windows 98 is difficult for work.
  2. specialbao1

    98 SE SP 3.32

    Here is a mirror for those who have difficulty downloading through rapidshare 98 SE Service pack 3 beta 4
  3. specialbao1

    Why do you still use 9X

    I have used windows 98se without bsod for a week bsod usually comes after using IE4
  4. specialbao1

    98 SE SP 3.32

    Here is a little site I made Exuberant Software
  5. specialbao1


    Thanks, I liked 2000 much more than Xp, Vista or Seven. Ordered a box of windows 2000 from ebay just now P.S: Edit your first post
  6. specialbao1

    Auto Unofficial Updates for 98

    I believe Visual Basic 6 is the most used programming software for ordinary programmers
  7. specialbao1

    Auto Unofficial Updates for 98

    Is microsoft still selling vb6 Besides, you can use mingw with visual mingw
  8. specialbao1

    ME 2 XP ? ?

    I don't think it is possible because they have different structure. Windows XP is NT based. While windows 98 is dos based. You can simply use kernel ex 4.0 rc2
  9. specialbao1


    Are you asking a question or answering one?
  10. i use Anti-Malware Toolkit. Common sense mostly keeps the malware in rather than out. I used to do the same, block the malware from accessing the internet. But it proves useless for there are many with different names and some are embedded in other important windows files.
  11. specialbao1

    Soooooooo Slow

    Well for more than 4gb memory 64-bit operating system is recommended. The drivers can be easily removed using vlite.
  12. specialbao1

    installin winxp

    There are many different ways to optimize windows XP besides installing service pack. But now-a-days it is almost necessary to install service pack 2, because it has a lot of security updates. But you can directly install service pack 3. If you want speed optimization then there are many different softwares for it which fix the registry and other settings. For graphical improvements use bricopacks from http://www.crystalxp.net/ or use vista transformation pack. These two which I mentioned are free of charge. You can also buy window blinds. And you can use many registry tweaks.
  13. specialbao1

    Free Large File hosting: the good and the bad...

    Files.to ifile.it I would recommend these two apart from mediafire.
  14. specialbao1

    KernelEx 4.5.2

    Works fine. Keep up the good work
  15. specialbao1

    GPS Tracking Software

    I would recommend Fone sentinel.