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  1. You could try to fix the Master Boot Record (MBR). The Recovery Console has a "fixmbr" command, I think.
  2. Can you boot your computer using another hard drive and then just read the new one as a second (slave) hard drive?
  3. Is the UserID IUSR_computername? If so ... Click Start>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services Expand the left tree, right-click your WebSite>Properties Click on Directory Security, then in "Anonymous access and authentication control" click on Edit Tick "Allow IIS to control password", then OK and come out of IIS.
  4. Well, I hate to tell you this, but my Windows folder is also over 2Gb!!
  5. 1) go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER,Software,Microsoft,InternetExplorer,Main, find "fullscreen" modify the value from no to yes. 2) reboot your computer. 3) Now everytime you open IE 6 you'll be running in full screen.
  6. Well, I did just that and all seems to be well with the world. Phew!
  7. I recently "repaired" Windows, and now IIS won't authenicate anonymous web access. Nothing else has changed. IUSR_server_name has the appropriate read access to the folder. Windows authentication works fine, but I want anyone to be able to access the site (not that it's any good, you understand!). Do I now have to uninstall IIS and reinstall??
  8. Indeed, Rookie. But you need more hardware!
  9. There is no way to connect 5 PCs into a 4-port router! The best way to connect your clients to the Internet is to install Proxy Server software and configure the clients to access the Internet via the Proxy.
  10. How does this solve plugging in 5 PCs into a router with 4 ports??
  11. I think you're scuppered, matey! Edit Maybe not: http://commodore.ca/windows/undo_group_policy.htm
  12. I don't think Safe Mode implements Group Policy. Maybe you could change it back that way?
  13. The "correct" resolution for a 17" CRT is 1024x768 (aspect ratio 4:3), however for an LCD the "correct" resolution should be 1280x1024 (aspect ratio 5:4) because of the larger screen area.
  14. Already upgraded! Weeks ago, in fact.
  15. OK, I misunderstood. Create a New GPO for the user. Go to Administrative Templates in the User Configuration. Find Logon/Logoff, and there is a setting for "Run these programs at user logon".
  16. Give them the "Read & Execute" permission for that shared folder.
  17. But if you are hosting a service, SMTP, you should ask for a static IP address.
  18. So, I assume your IP address is something like Unless you are assigned an IP address via DHCP?? Whatever your IP address is, simply type that in the General Tab page.
  19. How do you connect to the Internet?
  20. Install the SMTP service. Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Windows Components>IIS>SMTP Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services Right-click "Default SMTP Virtual Server", select "Properties". General Tab: Type the IP address of your SMTP server. Access Tab: Connection control/Relay restrictions, select "All except the list below" In your email account properties, change the SMTP server to your computer name.
  21. Or using VBScript ... DriveLetter = "N:" 'must be capitalized, change drive letter accordingly RemotePath = "\\server\share" Set WShNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network") WShNetwork.MapNetworkDrive DriveLetter, RemotePath to disconnect use ... WShNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive DriveLetter
  22. I very much doubt it, you can't normally upgrade a "client" operating system to a "server" operating system.
  23. Has anyone successfully set up a working VPN connection using Windows XP VPN Server and a Netgear DG834? I keep getting Error 721, it simply does not authenticate. Help!
  24. It's Windows Key + D, or rather it minimises all windows. I don't think you can close them all, at least not using the Windows Key shortcuts.

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