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  1. Hi All I have recently tried out this wonderful little folder synchronization app called DSynchronize. It has the function to Autostart as a Windows Service, but I saw one comment on the 'Net stating that the ini file for Autostart resides in a different location to the default. All I could find was that one comment. I have emailed the developer of the application and no luck as yet. Have any of you used this application and managed to get the Autostart service working?
  2. Local GP vs Global GP

    This pretty much sums up what I was gonna say.
  3. sp3 for xp

    Seems that SP3 is just a bunch of hotfixes. Thx for that dirtwarrior, downloading now...
  4. Hmmm. FDM does that sometimes. For some reason it doesn't find the correct file. Unfortunately, in these case you will have to use the default IE downloading.
  5. can a PIII handle Windows XP?

    XP will run fine with those specs of yours, Professor. Little ways to speed up your use-ability is to take off the fancy graphics (themes, menu shadows, etc.).
  6. imo the default IE download has always been hugely dismal. Just use FDM and all will be well.
  7. Offline Windows Update

    I am loading a few machines at a time, each has to do their own windows update. But this is a lengthy procedure and takes up network bandwidth connecting to the Windows Update site the whole time. Is there a way that I can download the updates to a folder and manually install them on these machines?
  8. Is there a way to create actual mail rules on the Exchange Server rather than on each Outlook client on the Exchange server?
  9. I have a Win2003 Small Business Server with Group Policy set up. Only some PC's are receiving the Policy. The PC's that are not receiving the Policy are showing these errors in Event Viewer. Error 1053 Userenv: Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. ). Group Policy processing aborted. and Error 1030 Userenv: Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects. A message that describes the reason for this was previously logged by the policy engine. I've googled these errors and followed many resolutions proposed by MS and other ppl. These are the attempts: - unjoined the client from the domain and rejoined; - unjoined the client and renamed the PC and rejoined; - unjoined the client reset the computer account in Active Directory and rejoined the domain; - Simply renamed the client PC; - Logged in as a different user on the client PC; - Restarted the DNS Server. I can connect to the domain with other means, it's just the group policy. I can successfully connect to Active Directory and I can access the the SYSVOL directory on the Domain Controller using Explorer, I can even browse all the way to where the Group Policy is kept. So it's not a matter of a network issue. There is simply something that is not allowing the Group Policy to be updated.
  10. Our company is currently set up with 2 seperate domains. One is a 2000 domain and the other a 2003 domain with different domain names too. We want to merge the two domains into the 2003 domain. We don't want to establish a trust between the two, we simply want to migrate all the users from the 2000 domain and integrate them into the 2003 domain. Is there way to do this?
  11. Have a look at these screenshots of AoE III. Man it looks so **** good!! This is definitely on my shopping list for later this year. http://www.ensemblestudios.com/teaser.htm
  12. Which browser do you use?

  13. Spelling lessons

    Good one!
  14. Any FM2005 fans about? This game is the best so far by SI Games.
  15. No worries. Found the solution. On exchange server you have to make sure that out-of-office replies are allowed. In order to allow this you go to the exchange server | Global Settings | Internet Message formats. In the details pane right-click the domain name (* by default) and select properties. Go to Advanced and check the "Allow out of office responses" checkbox.