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  1. Many of the other options offer a seamless mode. I know virtualbox does, while it may not be as nice as what MS has, if you can't use it due to lack of support by your CPU, then VBox is definitely an option for you. My CPU does support it & I'll probably stick with it.
  2. I can't get that to work. I already knew where it was in the registry. I'm looking for some way to make it unattended, so it can be the default behavior when I install XP from my disc.
  3. Does anyone know the registry setting to make tree view the default? I know how to set this within windows [Tools->Options->File Types->Folder->Advanced->explore], but not through the registry, so I can make it unattended. Any ideas? I've done a search and it came up with nothing.
  4. The "superior" way requires more disk space and as I understand it all it does is install whatevers in the updates folder afterwards, its not actually installed "with" Office, its installed afterwards. MS took a BIG step backwards with this one. Of course, its probably only a matter of time before MS will do it themselves & sell the Office 2007 SP1 cd.
  5. If you're using the driverpacks, I've had the same problem recently. The only thing I could do was manually install the drivers & create my own customized driver pack for my computer.
  6. You'd honestly be better of adding the Bashrat driverpacks, allowing for pretty much all drivers to be integrated. In the DRIVERPACKS forum (on BTS's web page), you can find instructions from RICKTENDO64 that tell you how to create custom driverpacks, if you're interested. Another option to customize each installation further (you can still use the driverpacks with this solution), what you'd want to do is create a "AIO" XP disc. You can look into SIGINETs XP POWERPACKER. You can create a custom boot script for each image you'd want, it will require a lot of space and quite a bit of effort, but it can be done.
  7. Did you do anything extra? nLite, RyanVM, DriverPacks? Did you use questionable media? Questionable is a broad definition, I use junky Staples brand Playo discs and they work just fine, so it generally won't make a difference, but, I have had random DVDs in the bunch give me errors. I'd try using the ISO and run a virtual machine & see if it works on there.
  8. Have you tried this on VirtualPC, perhaps you're running into a problem with VMWare that wouldn't exist in M$ VirtualPC? You could potentially take M$ to court over it, since they are violating the EULA, but that wouldn't be a speedy resolution & still wouldn't get your answers to your questions. You could just not enter the key when you install in the VM, giving you a 30-day trial period? Then, see if snapshots can get around the date issue, if they can't, you could re-install every 30 days. (worst case scenerio). Please keep us updated on how this works out. I personally don't like Vista, but I do have a valid license, so I would like to know about this.
  9. In case anyone else was like me & Ghostie's instructions failed miserably (obviously, there can't be too many as its been nearly a year since the last post), I used the instructions found here: http://joshmouch.wordpress.com/2007/04/07/...ation-in-vista/ and it worked like a charm. I have absolutely no idea why Ghosties instructions didn't work, but for me they didn't
  10. THANKS! This is perfect as the Acer my girlfriend got doesn't have a recovery disc & its loaded with crap, much changed from XP where there was almost no additional software installed.
  11. I've always used a BartPE disc to do this with GHOST plugin. This will give you more flexability, you can keep a copy on the network, you can use CD, you can use another partition on the same computer, the possibilities are endless. Also, I've created a hidden partition in the past and loaded a ghost image on there, that way you can load the BartPE disc, point Ghost at the recovery partition & restore from there. If you wanted to, you could load BartPE to the partition as well and script BartPE to load up Ghost for you, kind of like a true recovery partition.
  12. LOL Well, like I said, WHS is great if you'll use the extra features it gives you. But, if all your looking for is something to backup your files to and possibly stream media to another COMPUTER in your house, or your looking to set up a way for you to access your files from work or something, WHS is not needed. Any version of Linux can do all of that, easily. Now, if you want to stream to an XBOX(360), then its probably a must have for you. If you have no use for the M$ specific functionality, then at least try the free alternative. If it don't work or you don't like it, you have justification for spending $(UNKNOWN) dollars on your server. Just my $.02
  13. Um........... If that is what you are trying to prove, your data is definately going to be skewed in favor of MS for the simple reason that your asking this question on a MICROSOFT SOFTWARE FORUM NETWORK board! Personally, my favorite is OpenSuse, but I don't transcode DVDs like I can with DVD-Rebuilder on XP, so the main software I use won't work on Linux, so i'm stuck. Using WINE or VMWare slows it down too much & WINE doesn't like CCE too much either, so........... EDIT: Also, you're trying to prove that people like Linux, why limit your choice to Ubuntu? I personally don't like Ubuntu, but like I said, I like OpenSuse.
  14. Any ideas on a pricetag? I've been using OpenSuse10.2 as my main server for quite some time, on a cheap PII, 300MHz machine no less. Personally, I like it and don't think I'll change it for myself, but I do do computer work for many people & many of them believe FREE=UNRELIABLE, so I'd like to have an alternative ready for them. WHS seems no better than any version of linux, but its automatic backup of new computers sounds like a definate plus. Also, video streaming to XBOX(360) is definately a selling point for people who want that feature. I'm sure it'll look prettier & be easier for a noob to figure out than most linux distros as well. For me, FREE=BETTER, but for others, who would like the features that WHS performs, that would obviously not be the case.
  15. I've had this happen to me when I tried to access the server locally, but it works perfect remotely. I still don't know why, when local i point to the IP address & when remote, I use the Domain Name. EDIT: Note to self, read ALL of the first post and then look at dates to be sure you aren't reviving a dead thread.
  16. Even an atheist agrees that the new site looks great (especially when compared to the original). That scrolling is a little jerky though in FF I have no idea how to help. I'm looking to get into CSS & PHP to redesign my works web page, so I know how daunting it can be when people yell that stuff is broken but won't help at all (not that anyone here fits that bill). Keep up the good work.
  17. Of course they'll allow it...................once I know people, let me clarify KNOW PEOPLE PERSONALLY, who have been told they can't activate XP because they re-formatted too many times who now have to use illegal means to make there computer work for a licence they bought LEGIT. This is just more of the same.
  18. wow. Wheres the incentive to upgrade?
  19. i do the same thing with batch files. I plan on switching to AutoIT eventually, but don't have the time.
  20. I have a question, with the new boot menu you've used is it possible to have a picture? I used to always just replace the boot directory PP created with my own, and had PP do the hex editing for me, but now it doesn't work that way. Also, what program are you using for the new boot menu? AutoIT is a good language, seems like someone mixed visual C and perl together (at least thats what it seems like to me) Also, I wanna say thank you Sigi for this great program. I used to use flyakite's instructions and you're program is obviously a lot easier.
  21. yeah, that would prolly be your problem. I forgot that too when i first started these CD's and same thing happened.....nothing.
  22. people will always whine. I for one hated XP when it came out. It crashed all the time for me, none of my drivers worked and it was overall just a junky OS. I went back to 98 When SP1 came out, I took the lunge and formatted my drive (removed 98) and moved to XP again. These problems were fixed, and the OS was good, stable, and most my hardware worked with it. Chances are MS fixed these problems before SP1 came out, but i didn't use it, so I don't know. My point here is that there is always a transition stage where things just won't work. Accept the fact and move on. Right now Vista is in BETA. Don't whine when betas don't work, send a report, make suggestions, do SOMETHING to MAKE it work! Thats what beta is about, trying to make it work and make a stable release. Let's try and avoid the problems of XP when it came out and have this OS be stable and working out of the box. The way we do this is by HELPING MS when we beta test and send them reports on whats not working.
  23. excellent. thanks for the info on this

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