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  1. OMG OMG OMG i'm not treying to highjack the treat.. but Tarun do you still visit spin? and how about Lunar Client? on topic: i have my own company, we basicly maintain some form of ICT helpdesk for small company's that dont have budget for a fulltime system administrator.. will it be possible for me to add my own respository so people can update the programs we install for them? so lets say i use FireFox 2.0 still.. will i be able to update those according to my own update scheme instead of that of mozilla? (does this make any sense)
  2. seems like a nice little but powerfull project! i saw that you allow for translations to be made? i'll keep an eye on this and if you finished the translation stuff ill help translating to dutch
  3. do you know how he got it to install? i seem to be unable to install it, it just refuses to run :S
  4. during my everlasting search for perfection i stumbled upon a project called pGina, whixh replaces the standard msgina.dll allowing more flexability during logon/off time http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgina/ has anyone else tried this yet? and if so, does anyone know how i can automate its install during windows setup unattended? pGina in combination with the pgftp plugin from that site, allows for remote profile syncing even over the internet thats why i wanna try to incorporate it into setup so i can always have my profile ready
  5. i am wondering, has anyone tried installing the whs msi packages in the whs folder (which is in the root of the cd/dvd) on a windows version other then the one it comes with? i'm gonna try this tonight, to see if i can make it work with windows 2000 ------------------ i have done the following, i copied the INSTALL directory from the cd to the root of my hd, ran setup_cmd, and rebooted. everything went ok untill it complained that it couldnt change the update redirector due to some classes error :S i disabled my internet connection, rebooted again, and then it continued untill it wants to install the desktop search module, which fails because i am using the wrong windows version :S does anyone know how to solve this? ------------------ i also think i solved this by downloading the xp version of WDS and renaming it, i have to recompl;ie the cd though, and since im not at home, i cant yet.. but ill post here if it worked
  6. Sounds like you should file a bug actually, WHS forsaw the disaster... one of my HD's broke down tho now it messed up totally because it keeps giving error messages "file handle invalid" i think its because it mixed both my HD's to form one partition
  7. the problem i have at this verry moment is that it writes litterally gigabytes of logs to the QSM logs location.. which makes it hard to run any program at all, even the console refuses to run because it only has 4MB free space left, i have to reboot into save mode, delete the logs, and start over.. it complains about my drive having issues, but the drive works like a charm!
  8. so far been testing and so far so good, oine annoying thing is that windows keeps reporting the network health at risk when it cant connect to the internet :S but i suppose i can live with that! im seriously considering placing a box at my parents house, seeing how they always manage to destroy everything with buttons on it, it could ease my life using the provided backup iso.. anyone tried that yet?
  9. hehehe i allready have my first major error with whs i installed it, and after the last reboot i plugged in my HD with all my data, and for some odd reason it formatted the HD and addid it to the system instead
  10. I am currently running the WHS setup (still 24m to go..) and i wondered if anyone has tried it? what are your findings, and how do you expirience this new server-line?
  11. While that's true, it's still sufficient for basic needs. Well, XP Pro at least -- patch TCP/IP limits if you want, disable stupid (or simple) file sharing, install IIS if you need it, etc. Throw XAMPP on it if you want Apache/MySQL. Works well enough for most uses. But if you need lots of concurrent users (not that most home cable/DSL connections are fast enough for it anyways) - especially for IIS, DNS, DHCP, Windows' own VPN (over say, OpenVPN or things like Hamachi), Distributed File System (way overkill for any home setup IMO), ActiveDirectory (mostly pointless for just a handful of PCs), and all that stuff, then yes, XP might not work so well. Making server use out of XP is against the EULA, but there's a fine line between sharing some files (arguably that's server use, but acceptable AFAIK) and using it primarily/just as a server on a larger scale (definitely against EULA). Stability shouldn't be a real problem. But if all you want is like a LAMP server and perhaps mail (I would strongly advise against running a mail server at home for many reasons but it's your call), then why not just throw Linux on it really? indeed i found it to be against the eula to use home as a base for a server ) linux is, and probably remains, quite a mistery for me.. but i seem to be forced to marry a nice linux box heh
  12. Hello Folks, Has anyone considered running windows XP Home on a network server, is it done? and if so, did it work? The reason im asking is because i have a windows home license just laying arround doing nothing, and i wondered how stable it would be if i used it with apache, xmail and other server software Greetings,
  13. Hello Evveryone, I'm Yonah, a 25 yo male from holland! ive been lurking arround this place close to 6 years and used tools like nlite to modify more then 50 private cd's for friends and family, and used this forum to learn almost everything i know about modifying windows ;-) Greetings, Jan

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