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  1. ill try this one but the orginal driver cd got KB888111 and not KB835221 why is that?
  2. no i dont use the driver pack, what i mean is that after i install my new xp on a pc with realtek hd audio driver i can get the driver to work even when i use the orginal driver cd of the motherboard.. only if i use my old xp cd from 2006 without the latest winupdates its workin and then i need to update windows myself..
  3. hi for some reason i can get it to work on my updated xp disc, while my older xp setups (outdated) does work when i just use the orginal gigabyte express setup to install all the drivers. ive looked for realtek in this board and i know that maybe its something to do with that KB888111 (Microsoft High Definition Audio) and i really dont know how i can fix that. my only option is to use the old disc for now or maybe make a new one with updated software but without the windows updates cuse i guess one of them makes that problem maybe KB935448? but i tried to remove only KB935448 and still had that problem.. i hope someone can help me thanks
  4. can anyone help with makin a new addon for NOD32 2.70.16 ?

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