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  1. I think I was supposed to turn on the ""OemPreinstall" I had it to "No"... Which is probly why it wasn't working. I switched it too yes, so I will see if that is why nothing was getting copied over.
  2. nope... Didnt work... Same error as before. Is there anything I need to run WITH the GUIRunOnce option? Im at a loss here...
  3. I think I knwo why it wasn't working. I had put the %systemdrive%\Install\network.cmd in quotes... It isnt supposed to be I dun think. So Ill try that and see waht happens. BTW, I have read that page a few times... But I think I got it now. so well see
  4. So after installling in VM I get an error that said "Windows could not find C:\Install\network.cmd" Did I miss something? And the actual path does NOT exist on my c drive. Why didnt it get created?
  5. Oh I think I got it now. Hmm... I will go test this in VM. Thanks for the help.
  6. So my folder now looks like this in relation to where the batch files are located... C:...\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\network.cmd etc... This will then proceed to run the tweaks? But I thought the code in the WINNT.SIF meant it to read from c:\install, but now that I think of it, i suppose it makes more sense your way, tho Im not sure what the $OEM$\$1 refers too?
  7. Hello all! I recently have gotten into customizing my XP CD for my use and I have come across some pretty nice tweaks that I would liek to implement into my CD. Thay are command line items that tweak objects in the registry mainly and, using the guide on MSFN, I can't figure how to implement them? I want them to be implemented on the CD already. Or they can be run after the installation is done. I can't think of anyway to get them to run. I use the windows deployment tools and I figured the Run After section would work but I dont know the commands. Can anyone help me? *EDIT* I think I will try the GUIRunOnce option... Altho im not sure how to implement it. Does the "%systemdrive%\install\batch_file1.cmd" mean it will look for and execute the "batch file" in "C:\install"? Meaning I jsut put a folder named "install" on my XP_CD and it will execute the batch files there? Do I list a different command for each batch file? Or can I list them sequentially with a comma(s)? This is what I have so far [GuiRunOnce] "%systemdrive%\Install\xp_tweaks.cmd" "%systemdrive%\Install\SFC_Hack.cmd" "%systemdrive%\Install\network.cmd"

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