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  1. Encountering Problems, Plz Help!

    The only error message I get is the standard XP error message: "blah, blah, blah, has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." That one. Thats all I get from games like Planetside, others just blank and return to the desktop without it ever making it to the game. Others, like Rollercoaster tycoon 2, just flat out don't start.
  2. Encountering Problems, Plz Help!

    I just formatted both my hard disks, installed WinXP Pro, none of my newer games ie:Unreal Tournament 2k3, Planetside, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, Jedi Knight 2, and newer Demos ie: Ghost Master, Chaser. Yet, my older games, ie: Starcraft work fine. Before the re-install, all my games worked fine. I've installed all available updates, including sp1. I have the latest drivers for my video card(ATI Radeon 8500 LE), sound card(Soundblaster Live! Series), and my mobo(Crappy crap brand, w/via chipset). Now, I know all of these games work, so why am I having problems? I have a picture of the error message that comes up when I run the Planetside launcher, it's similar to all the others, but I don't know how, or where to post it, ask me and I can e-mail it to you or something. Thanks in advance.
  3. VIA Eden 800 Motherboard/CPU

    Looks too much like one of those failed Mac-In-The-Box's (Mac's G4 Cube)to me. the window is neat, but thats pretty much it
  4. blubster kicks ass!

    Downloading Blubster now, thanks for recommending it, Kazaa was getting a little long in the tooth. I just love my downloads cancelling half way through because some yokel decides he doesn't want to share anymore
  5. Cheap Water Cooling Kit

    w00t Nice
  6. Cheap Water Cooling Kit

    A cheap water cooling system sounds a little fishy to me. I think FthrJACK is right, if you are going to go the route of watercooling, you may want to invest more than 90 bucks, just seems like something you wouldn't want to skimp out on and risk drowning your computer. Knowing my luck, that'd probably happen to me if I tried it
  7. Who Make's The Best Quality PC?

    I completely agree, I have been building my own computers for myself and a couple here and there for friends, for about 5+ years now, it's really easy to learn, and it's a much better alternative than going through a big named company, if you build your own computer, you get to choose what goes on it and what doesn't. Here is one guide that may be helpful, http://www.daileyint.com/build/ , it's got pretty clear pictures on how to install the basic stuff. Hope it helps anyone who is interested in building their own comptuers.
  8. Keyboards

    I was in Best Buy a few days before X-Mas and saw it for 69.95, I want it, but I've already got the logitech wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo with rechargeable batteries, so I'm fine for now. BTW, the keyboard and mouse are great for gaming in bed when your just too **** lazy to get up and game at the desk
  9. HitMan 2 Banned from UK Store Chains

    There are too many sensitive people out there who just don't want to have their feeling hurt by "Offensive" material, be it video games(ie. Hitman 2), music(ie. Eminem) etc, It's pretty astounding but then again, I don't really care about 99 percent of the population on this planet, so why am I worried? They are just games!! They don't translate to real life!! if they do, it's in miniscule amounts, by stupid people who really should know better!! There we go, I've ranted, I feel better.
  10. 1942 Expansion Pack

    HeeHeeHee, planes make people go boom! Thank god they put more anti tank weapons in, now I might be able to actually stop my friend who likes to go on tank rampages FthrJack, how often do you play online, and what game types do you favor?
  11. The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

    Well that was before they started getting all these cool games Although I still don't like the small child-sized controllers they have Hey dood, let me know when you have some free time, I need to come bug you or something. It's entirely too boring down here.
  12. What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Congrats you two! Thats a hell of an X-mas present!! w00t Didn't get much, but I liked/needed what I got Braun Electric self cleaning razor, Gift Certificates, candy, George Carlin Desk Calendar and some other trinkets. Candy almost gone
  13. The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

    Splinter Cell Definetly looks pretty cool, I'd probably only rent it if I got an X-Box though, right now I'm deciding on whether I should buy a PS2 or an X-Box, the X-Box comes with 2 games and PS2 doesn't so X-Box is winning my vote for now, but barely.
  14. Best Strategy game so far?

    While I do agree on Shogun being the worst choice there, I don't see how so few people liked Total Annihilation the least out of the 3 (Shogun not being a real choice) Boggles the mind. vuduu