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  1. 1Bowtie and all others, I have found out that this is a problem with the sound card driver. There is a patch on Dells website but I imagine that there is other computer manufacturers that use this same card. If you see this happening to your computer go online and find the patch like 1Bowtie said or check out creatives website. Don't do something stupid like I did. I am now rebuilding my XPS Gen2... Don't make the same mistake. Take the extra time to research the error it will save you a lot of time down the road. Thank you all for your help and insight it is much appreciated , jmccord
  2. ChuckDog, I downloaded the program and ran it. I saved a back up and started to uncheck things and reboot. Now everytime I try to log in it instantly logs me out and puts me back into the login screen. I tried to go into safemode to fix my mistake and it does the same thing there. Is there any kind of trick that you know that I can do to get back into my computer? I also tried "Last know good configuration" and that didn't fix it either .
  3. If you installed Windows with a zip drive hooked up on your system it probably is listed as your "C" drive. This is a bug in the Windows XP installation. The best thing to do in that situation is a debug, repartition, and format. Then unhook your Zip and try again (I have done this many times!). I hope this helps, jmccord
  4. You could always copy and paste the email into Word then name it whatever you wanted and save it to a directory structure that you create on your hard drive. I am not a AOL fan so I am not sure how they do things. But it seems to me that if they are important emails the only way to be sure that they are saved is to make a copy on your hard disk and then back them up. Or print them out and file them Ouch! I hope this helps, jmccord
  5. Hello folks, I have a question.... My Dell Dimension XPS Gen2 with Windows XP Professional is having a small annoying issue. On every boot up it opens the "C:\windows\system32 folder" .... what could be causing this? I have checked msconfig and the "Startup" folder. But nothing looks like it is prompting this folder to open. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks, jmccord
  6. Pesko, Could you post a link to that tool. I believe that could be very useful to a lot to folks! Thanks , JM pesko Posted on Oct 5 2004, 02:04 AM Hi EclipseGSX Get nonav (Symantec uninstall/cleanup tool) from Symantec golden support, you will need it anyway. Peter
  7. Thank you all so very much for all of your time. I do appreciate it. Cee-Kay you were right about the space. That was the reason it was choking on me. I guess I need to just slow down and pay more attention. So all I have to do now is copy the contents of "New Install" onto a CD and run the install from it and everything should be up to date and patched (I hope). If you ever have a question for me... I will try my best to help you out! Thanks again, John
  8. Attached is a screen shot of the "New Install" folder. New_Install_folder.doc
  9. I at least got an error message now so something is going better than before. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. I have attached a word document with a screen shot of the error message that I receive. You can see behind it what I actually typed so that should further help with the dianostics. Thanks again. John Error_message.doc
  10. Maybe I should clarify a little I am trying to create a new installation CD.
  11. Hello folks, I am sorry that I am to stupid to understand this... but I am having problems rolling up the SAV 9.0 installation with the patch 2. I have a copy of the installation cd in a folder on my desktop called "C:\Documents and Settings\jfmccord\Desktop\SAV Corporate Edition 9.0". I ran the command that was specified above and created the new installaiton folder called "C:\Documents and Settings\jfmccord\Desktop\New Install." I downloaded the virus definition update and have it copied over (I think) into the right folder which was "C:\Documents and Settings\jfmccord\Desktop\New Install\program files\Symantec AntiVirus\Virus Defs". I think I have it this far... the problem I am having is the next step of actually combining the new installation of SAV 9.0 with patch two. Can anybody help a poor soul from WV? Thanks, John

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