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  1. I used spybot, but i havent updated it in a while. I did find something new though: I can get online in Safe mode. So that means its either a process or a serivce, right? Is there a way I can choose which processes I want to load, like a dialouge box when one tries to start or something? I completly uninstalled norton (Sysworks and Internet security), just in case that was the problem (firewall or something). didnt do anything, so I'll reinstall it in a miniute. Got rid of the last software I can remember installing before it went down (MS Virtual PC trial), that didn't do it.
  2. One of my comps (connected to the same network as this one) can ping out to websites and the rest of my network, but cannot go online using ANY progs. This includes Netscape, IE, AIM, any updater, etc. whats wrong here? One day it works, the next day, no. Running XPSP2 retail (w/o the patched tcpip.sys, but i have tried with it as well). The network is a linksys cable modem, MS wireless hub, Dlink 4port switch, and into my comp. I have tried 3 network cards (none fix the problem), and have run the ethernet cable into a laptop (which works just fine), so its software or a peice of hardware thats not the network card. Ive run virus scans (norton) and spyware scans. Help? You never realize how much you use the net till its GONE!
  3. try the bios update, and seeing as how you just got the drirve with no info on it, reformat. Install the XPSP2 first. also, go to the maxtor website and dl powermax and make sure the drive is OK
  4. are you sure about that? I had a comp with SP1 and one with SP2 and they could do file and printer sharing...course, it cant hurt having both run SP2 (or 1).
  5. so you're installing SP1 into XP, not doing a slipstream install? can I ask why SP1 vs SP2? when does it give you the message? ntoskrnl is the actual kernel running XP (hence NT-winnt OS-operating sys KRNL-kernel)...essentially, that file is what XP boils down do in its most basic form (kinda...). Thats interesting becuase if that was corrupt, you would probably be having some weird effects in XP...did the comp come w/ XP installed or did you install XP later (after a format, for example)? If so, was it from a CD image (iso) or an actual retail XP CD? if its the latter, the file is probably fine, the installation prog is just being stupid. are you using the network admin SP1 file (the 100-200+MB file) or are you doing it through windows update? have you tried doing the other one or redownloading the file? FYI, I actually have no idea what the problem could be, I'm just trying to provide workaround info I had a similar problem with ntmpkrnl.exe when I was installing windows, and the problem was a corrupt CD image.
  6. I want to install XPSP2 (slipstream, unattended) over my copy of XP-retail (is RTM the same thing + correct usage?) while at the same time deleting my copy of windows but not formatting (hit "L" at that one screen during installation from DOS)...is it possible to keep my progs installed? Does it amount to exporting my reg to a file, then overwriting the new SP2 reg w/ the file, or is it more complicated than that? Im having some REALLY weird problems with this machine (CD drivers arent installing, cmd.exe, IE, and a lot of other things shut down as soon as you start em, etc), and I hope reinstalling windows will fix it.
  7. My computer has been doing some weird stuff lately...For one thing, it randomly reboots, and not like "windows is shutting down, closing network connections", etc, but I click something and the next thing I know is its asking me to press del to enter CMOS config like i just hit the power button to turn the comp on. The really strange thing about that is Windows doesnt try to do a HD scan when you log in like it does if you just hold the power button down to turn the comp off. Also, internet explorer is being retarted (as well as netscape, AIM, and shareaza): They wont let me connect to the internet in any way, shape, or form, even though I can ping google, yahoo, MSFN, (all under 50 ms, i might add) etc from the command box/DOS promt thingy. I am running XP Pro SP2, all latest drivers and software revisions, all updates, etc. Hardware is P4 2.4GHz, 512RAM, RealTek Ethernet Card. I have checked for viruses with norton using the latest definitions, and have checked for spyware w/ Spybot S&D.
  8. I've tried this in Virtual PC and a real computer... Used the guide, made the winnt.sif file, added SP2, etc. I start the install and right after the 2 messages at the bottom appear (something about a 3rd party raid and ASR), I get "The entry "ntkrnlmp.exe" in the [sourceDisksFiles] section of the INF file is corrupt or missing. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit." Well, the only ntkrnlmp.exe refrence I found in an INF file is LAYOUT.INF, and the string is ntkrnlmp.exe = 100,,2148352,,,,2_,,3,3,,1,2. I dont have a multi proc comp, so whats the deal? I'm not sure if this is an unattend error or not...

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