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  1. You either have DNS servers listed in your network configurations that you don't need, or you dont have the DNS servers you need in your network configurations... most likely the latter, your domain probably has its own dns server running, so you will need the IP of that most likely, check out the configurations of the other working pcs in your domain, and see what there settings are, that might help isolate whats wrong!
  2. it doesnt matter who you login as, its the computer, its probably blocked at the server/router from access the WAN. If your the domain admin, check out your gp settings, your dhcp settings, your routing settings, your computer group settings, and then if you still cannot get online come back and talk to us... and for bloody sakes, do you have winxp pro(assumably) with sp2? check out the firewall settings!, also, do you have a proxy enabled?, maybe you need some tunneling settings/proxy password settings!
  3. ya, check out what security software you have running, and also contact your sysadmin... PS back) there are many many version of windows xp
  4. Please tell us more, is this a domain that was recently set up, do you manage the domain, what OS are you using, did the domain work before?
  5. lol, a bin file is a exe in assembly language, you dont need to decompress it. Resource Tuner should be able to change the setting, but you never know with msoft, they might have obfuscated the code!
  6. Er, no, there is only three cables... Look on the EIDE cable, the 'duct tape' one and you should see a coloured strip running down one side, this signifies pin one... i said that direction so that the cable would go in the correct way if it didnt have a cable guide, a little plastic stub on the bottom of the connector...
  7. Well, it probably will think you are trying to put it onto a new computer depending on which way you do it, but that problem is easily rectified by calling msoft and asking there customer support about it.
  8. well, it isn't much, but here's mine... http://gallery.image4free.com/displayimage...1784&pos=0' [EDIT] That link should work now...
  9. Lol, we all had to start somewhere, just for your info, the one on the right is the power cable, the middle one is the EIDE cable and the one on the left is generally the audio jumper, although if its two pronged it might not be, no matter... anyway, the cable you want to replace is the EIDE cable, you can follow my instructions below -Power down your machine -Unplug the EIDE cable from your motherboard and cdrom drive, as well as any other hardware it might be connected to -Get your replacement EIDE cable and plug it into the motherboard and then plug in the cdrom and other hardware making sure that pin1(the coloured wire on mose EIDE cables) plugs into the right hand side of the cdrom...
  10. hmm, microsoft aparently does have a technet article on it, hope this helps! http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;812580
  11. why do you want to delete those accounts? oe will recreate them the next time a user logs in since oe is based on user profiles not computer profiles...
  12. spybot does automatically includes tea timer, if you mean automatically run tea timer, it is a serpearte exe from spybot, simply teatimer.exe, and then you can do whatever you want with it...
  13. Yep, it should providing you have do integrate sp2 into it... just for good measure though you should throw in (if they were provided) the drivers for your hard drives...
  14. Meaning that you find the hardware manufacturer on the web and you then find your product from them, and they should have a download page where you can download drivers. If its a generic brand which you cant tell you made it, then try gateway(good luck on that one, gateway support is a joke), and if that doesnt work try windows update... still, it probably is a cable problem, dont update the driver unless you have to
  15. There is no given definitive way to kill a program from displaying a taskbar icon, but here is a cool little managment util that gives you most of the functionality that you would want... http://www.mlin.net/TraySaver.shtml
  16. ya, not cheap, it would be easier and cheaper just to write your own im client/server... but to get it i believe you would have to contact yahoo! itself and buy it direct form them considering its a product aimed at large corporations
  17. and if that doesnt work, try and see if there is any new drivers available for your cd-r drive
  18. Ok, maybe there isnt an easy way to do it in adobe photoshop, but what you could do is break you image down into section... Since your document is 80*60, that would break down into 4*3 A4 sheets with room for overlap, or 5*3 sheets if your printer cannot do edge to edge printing... Then do print with preview, and go upto posistion and uncheck the centre image checkbox, then you have to posistion each segment individually to print... icky, its annoying, but thats the only way i can remember how do it for now...
  19. hmm, thats strange that you couldnt get photoshop to do it, ill install my copy and then get back to you, i could of sworn there was a way to do it...
  20. Well, im not sure if its included in any office distro besides msfot office 2k3, but there is a handy app called Microsoft Office Document Imaging which acts as a virtual printer sperating your huge image into several smaller sheets that could be printed. Also, most desktop publishing apps such as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher will allow you to print multi page spreads. Also, most image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop will allow you to print double page spreads as well...
  21. are you sure it said \i386ntkrnlmp.exe? if it did then there is a prob with the software your using, the correct path is \i386\ntkrnlmp.exe!
  22. i do believe this is your problem... [ms$el90x] DRIVERNAME=**NIC**$ the section header is still identifying a NIC i think it should probably be [ms$**NIC**] DRIVERNAME=**NIC**$ or am i just misreading your code?
  23. hmm, nice poem, i think it probably applies to male programmers too, would anyone want to date the likes of us?
  24. Did you change your hardware or anything, the NIC card you're using might need different driver files, or it might need the native drivers for the platform you're installing.... (i wouldnt think so, but...) However, are you sure that the files are the same, bit for bit? And are you sure that when you auto generate the files that you're copying the right drivers over? It might be a little strange to the system having the right named device in the ini, but not the right instructions... Also, i've looked through my collection of nic drivers and i cannot find any literal string "***NIC***", so I'm curious, why do you think it needs to be changed? [EDIT] Ah, wait, are you trying to say that you are using the same driver ini's/inf's for all cards and simply changing the named device?
  25. What soulin is saying is have the .net framework integrated into the windows install so that it installs with the core system files, and then have winxp manager install sometime later...
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