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  1. Hey; I recently got myself a laptop dock, and attatched to said dock is a second monitor that I extend my desktop to. This is all well and dandy until it comes time to undock my laptop, as when I do so, obviously I only have one monitor. The problem arises when I launch an application that stores its last window position, and so creates itsself on my non existant (undocked state) monitor. Is there a way to get either windows itself, or the graphics driver to force window creation on my primary monitor when my laptop is not docked? For the record I'm running windows XP SP2 on a Thinkpad T60p with an ATi Mobility FireGL graphics card. Thanks; Matt Walker
  2. Changing what is displayed in the start bar is pretty easy, you just have to get an alternate skin for windows. Look up skinning here in the forums. As to changing what is displayed in the system info pane, without completly tearing the windows kernel and system files apart (highly stupid) there is no way to change it. I'm not entirely sure why you would want to though either.
  3. Could you be more specific over what it is you want? If you're asking where the file is stored, it is an embedded resource in ntoskrnl.exe located in your system folder. (keep in mind if you wish to edit this; ntoskrnl.exe is your system kernel; editing it is almost arguablly more dangerous than editing the registry)
  4. change your system time to 24hour time; it works for me...
  5. Yep, exactly... and no setting will apply, then either with supercede it, so its better just to leave the permission set blank unless you wish to specifically deny that privledge. as a blank permission set is automatically deny, just without the ability to supercede allow.
  6. All you need to do is to disable the Delete permission. So, you select your folder, right click, Sharing and Security Options, then click the advanced button, and then select your user object that you want to modify. You will then notice that there are a bunch of security modifiers in the list below, just make sure that the user object has the Delete modifier with the setting you want. If you want seletected users to be able to delete stuff, create a new group, say USER_FS_DELETE, and then add all the users you want to be able to delete stuff to this group. Then add the delete permission. Just remember that a DENY modifier is stronger than an ALLOW modifier.
  7. Hey; Ok; I had a RAID1 array going on my home server, but unfortunatly one of the drives died on me, yes, hiss and boo for not watching SMART status. Its fine though, most of my data was stored elsewhere as well. Now, I have a problem with the second drive, Windows reads its partition as a protected partition, which is irritating because it would be really nice if i could reformat the dern thing and use the drive again. I'm simply wondering if any of you could give me an easy solution to de-protecting the drive/partition as a quick google, and MSFN search didnt yield any fruits.
  8. It really depends on the level of support you are willing to provide, and the way your network is configured. For instance, at my school, there are 1000+ computers, 1500+ users, 3 level 2 admins, and one level 1 admin. They're job is to manage the Win2k3 servers, the RAID servers, and the OSX servers, plus manage licensing, telephony, internet, network, VPN, WiFi, etc... Granted, they dont really have weekends or breaks, but... It's really more of an art than a science. I would say with that many comps and users, and not knowing anything else about your network, your 3 admins are fine. If you want a halfway, note halfway, decent admin information, you can check out C|Net's TechRepublic: www.techrepublic.com.
  9. Lol, ya, dont you just love meters of concrete... highly useful... and you prob will have better luck with a larger antenna. You said you wanted cheap, so here it is, the cantenna, DIY: http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/cantennahowto.html ALT: just search on google for cantenna... (the link above is the first one )
  10. Well, I dont know, I run Apache2 with PHP5, both using almost distro conf files, and it doesnt work for me...
  11. unfortunatly, that wont work unless the server realizes it needs to process the page though the PHP preparser... you'll notice that that page still has a *.PHP extenstion, the question asked about PHP in a file with a *.HTML extension.
  12. If you created the program, simply add the following api call: BOOL ExitWindowsEx( UINT uFlags, DWORD dwReason ); uFlag takes four options EWX_LOGOFF: Logoff the current user. EWX_RESTART: Simply restart the computer. EWX_SHUTDOWN: Shut down 'AT' style. EWX_POWEROFF: Shut down 'ATX' style. dwReason you can ignore
  13. honestly havent a clue, the "Temp Int Files" folder isnt really a folder is the problem... EDIT: AHAHAAAA::: M$oft being helpful for once! http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcen...04/hey1102.mspx
  14. hmm... well, you can go into your Temporary Internet Files folder C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files and just delete every item that is 'favicon.ico'
  15. Just use a image box control... i think the call is like imgBox1.LoadImage("F:\file.gif")
  16. Very interesting, im running out of ideas on this one... I guess your options, unless someone on this site can come up with something better would be to a) change the comps name/Network Acount, or B) just trash it and do a reinstall.
  17. It seems to me that the DHCP or DNS server, depending on network topology needs to be updated. Either that or the machines need to clear their NetBT and DNS caches, you can do that by simply restoring the network connection... Or have you already tried that? If you have, then try changing the IP of the computer affected, or move it to a different physical connection to the ethernet.
  18. have you changed any of the policy settings on the computer, such as access rights?
  19. http://www.computing.net/dos/wwwboard/forum/9854.html no garentees on that one though... theres also this one: http://www.windows-software.de/detail.php?id=1375
  20. Its built into most notebook hard drives nowdays... if the hdd detects sudden acceration, it safes the disk...
  21. Uh, do you have control over the server configuration... for instance on Apache, you simply add a new AddHandler call to the Apache httpd.conf file... theres a lot online to do it with... just take a look around, with IIS, same kind of thing, but its more complicated, same story though, just look around for changing the handlers of files...
  22. You would have to give us a few more details... I know of no specific program that uses that key combo to do that... However, what are the security privs of the students, what patches have you applied, and whats the skilz of the students... Its quite possible that one of them developed their own application to exploit a flaw in windows...
  23. Hmm... interesting, I played the first one and loved it, but... This is new... It looks like they've seriously upgraded the rendering engine, (hopefully the AI too, it was kick a**, but, BETTER!!?!?!?!) If its not too much, IE: under $30, ill buy it, else, i'll just wait till the price drops, no waiting in queues for me... oh, whats this about researching new weapons and building walls etc etc... this is sounding more and more like Age of Empires, and Empire Earth...
  24. Try uninstalling both 'devices' and then reinstall... should solve it...
  25. Um, I'm not sure if there are results on the web for this, but if one notes, a highly intensive threading application, such as MySQL, does run faster on Win2k3. It has to do with mutex creation, P_THREAD_SPLIT, and mutex SendMessage() time... The kernal on Win2k3 is highly optimized for highly threaded applications, whereas on WinXP its more general... You do have to be looking for it though, its not highly obvious...
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