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  1. DiskKeeper is more for a single computer with not so big of a hdd, whereas Perfect Disk is for network installs with huge a** file servers in a mission critical envio where proc time counts...
  2. are you doing any sort of proc intensive activity at the time, sometimes windows gets behind in proccessing its API calls, especially those to windows that are considered non-essential, such as the start bar. Its possible that if you waited till it had time to process the API, then it would show up.
  3. I've got a couple, how bout a NAIL THAT #*$@(@ ICON DOWN this would stop windows from moving the bloody desktop icons around the desktop everytime it resized to due to d3d or other. maybe another one called SHUT IT DOWN the dialog would be something like Some *#@& programmer decided that you will not be able to shut down this application, would you like to bomb the S**T out of it? ie: it would do an IMMEDIATE, rather than waiting five hours, bsod, and reboot to kill an application then maybe a KILL WINDOWS function considering how long it takes windows to shut down, maybe this could kick in at the 10second mark and just turn the bloody thing off this could be applied to the idiotic 'Saving your Settings' dialog that always takes forever, this leads onto a FORCE WINDOWS TO BACKUP ROAMING PROFILE; something that would force it, for every change made, back up the server... no more 'Saving you *#$# settings' also a KILL THAT #$$^$^# FOLDER maybe it could pop up saying, The piece of S**T program you are running decided to create a folder in your 'My Docs' would you like to delete this folder and stop it from doing it again? This could be applied to windows itself, maybe on install it could ask, do you really want the worthless 'My Music' and 'My Video' folder, no, then NUKE THEM only ones that come to mind at moment
  4. Ok, then, definitly a server problem; make sure that the following ports are not blocked by any firewall software, including windows firewall Logon Sequence UDP:137,138 TCP:139 RDP Client TCP:3389 (Pre Beta2:1503) ISAKMP UDP: 500 ESP IP Protocol 50 AH IP Protocol 51 Kerberos TCP,UDP: 88 This should ensure that all the ports you need are open, whilst you should actually only need TCP3389 open, you might need the LogonSeq and almost assuradly IPSec ports open... After this, I'm out of ideas... you wouldn't have happened to have removed any software/configed DomainAdmin stuff would you have?
  5. With WinXP Pro, you very rarely will need to go through oobe, just so long as you supply the install with the proper cd key, it will work with no verification with microsoft, especially considering its a VLK.
  6. I dont know, I kind of like how it looks... The GUI anyway, that bootscreen definitly needs some work. And asides, if you dont like how it works, hack the uxtheme.dll again, problem solved... ill prob get a version just to see how it works, thats how I do things, compulsivly buy the next version to test... Hopefully its fast, but, who knows...
  7. Yes, you can use a Corporate VLM to activate WinXP SP1 Pro, in fact you can with any Pro version of windows... The only thing is, is it legal, are you breaking the EULA/License Agreement... But as in windows accepting the key, the answer is yes
  8. personally, i use Systran; www.systransoft.com; but it has its problems, it just converts the web page word by word with no fancy translation stuff, its just pure dictionary...
  9. I know that in PHP the solution proposed by PoloDude is what is generally used, in fact, you have to actaully open a new filestream to get the contents of the oploaded file, whereas its much easier to just move the file. However, does a huge DBFile really matter if its properly optimized, not really... Unless it gets REALLY big, or course this all depends on the system your using... I was thinking a bit however, and do you really want to use an Access DB, MySQL works perfectly fine with pictures, push and shove... The catch is to work with the MySQL Driver you need to be running .NET...
  10. kk, for file upload... make sure that your column data is OLE, but it should be anyway, and use this form code... <form action="myupload.asp" method=post enctype="multipart/form-data"> submit this file: <input type=file name="userfile"><br> <input type=submit><br> </form> this should ensure the proper formating
  11. This is going to be a bit out of order, but... 4) If you are using 2k or 2k3 server, it will be a server/client relationship, if you want to go ahead and use WinXp Pro, it will be essentially p2p, the reason is because 2k/2k3 server you will probably want to domain... this would allow you more control over your computers. I would recommend, unless you wish to spend 1000usd that you just use XP Pro. and use workgroups with a shared ethernet connection. 1) What you do will be decided on what software/hardware config you choose. 2) Whilst a software firewall would be adaquete, you could use a hardware firewall, but its more expensive. And yes, you should ALWAYS av protect your server, especially if you are going to go with 2k or 2k3 domain for anything that gets onto your server, will most likely get onto the clients. For hardware, i would recomment: ADSL Modem, or Equiv 2 - 10/100 Ethernet NIC's (1000 is nice, but... unless you are doing large file transfers betwean server and client, not really needed) 3 - 10/100 router (in this setup from what i gather you want your internet to go through one computer, however, it is possible to run your ethernet just through the router...) 5) There wont be any noticable hardware latency through the network, however, there will be network latency, if you dont want this, you will need to create a fiber channel network, definitly not recommened... to put this into perspective, a 10/100 network runs at max, 100 megabits/s, this is compared to the original EIDE transfer rate of 16megaBYTES/s; rahter big diff... 6) Processor speed, and NIC speed... i would recommend getting a dual proc Athlon 64 board... RAM isnt so important, but if your giong to be running SQL servers, get at least a gig... i know a lot of this is confusing, but if you have more questions, ill answer them... also, are you really sure about wireless??? the current max is the 802.11g standard with a max of 54megabit/s!!!
  12. Because the OLE data object format is not documented, you will need to look for the image header... this is always started with the hex char: $FFD8 now that you know the hex char, you can go through the data stream from the server, and delete everything before hex $FFD8 then you have your jpg picture... ill get back to you on your upload problem...
  13. Personally, I use Google Desktop, but there are other ones out there, just do a CNet search for desktop search... you'll find plenty
  14. Like I said above, whilst there are tools out there that make life significantly easier, almost all major word processing apps support superscript and subscript text... this allows you to create everything you need, except in very specialised situations. If you dont want to go off and buy Microsoft Word, check out OpenOffice www.openoffice.org Alt: use Linux/Unix, there is a nice freeware util called LaTeX that allows you to create all sorts of technical documentation. It is the induestry standard pretty much.
  15. Lol, you guys do realize that Executive DiskKeeper made the internal OS defragger? Really, there is no optimum way of telling someone this is how often you need to defrag, depends on how you use your computer, if you edit your files a lot, then you should defrag a lot, if you dont, then no worries. However, my practice is essentially what albator recommends, enable defrag whilst in screensaver mode, and then every six months i do a full defrag with Executive DiskKeeper professional... and that seems to work fine for my development machine, and home machine.
  16. under the GP, 'gpedit.msc', does the 'Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assesment\Allow logon through terminal services' contain the administrator group, you could also add the everyone group to see what happens. also, 'Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assesment\Deny logon through terminal services', does it contain anything that it shouldnt, such as 'everyone' or 'administrators' however, it would seem that if there are no error messages it might be a software and not a config problem, have you tried connecting to the server on a computer other than your laptop? Or tried connecting to a different machine with your laptop?
  17. And remote access is enabled on the server? Does it give you any error messages?
  18. there is of course ways to reinstall win98 without having to reinstall winxp... simply install over your existing 98 install, and then on boot, open up your boot.ini, and readd the entry for XP... the bootloaders havent really changed since nt so it should work...
  19. really, i didnt know that, i always thought they were two seperate proto's... go figure, learn something new every day as they say...
  20. that is enough to cause problems, depending on where on the disk the errors are located, most definitly try another cd... @ booogy; yes, SP2 does have problems with some computers BIOS's; in particular ASUS boards... however, if a board has problems, SP2 has been out so long now, that unless you have an exceedingly old board, the BIOS, if flashable, will have been updated... (you have to download and install of course though)
  21. the problem is, that simply gives a bit->bit copy of the cd, if slimzk really wants to remove copy protection from the cd, the cd would have to be file copied to the HDD and then reburned onto the cd..., and this is providing the copy protection slimzk is talking about is that the disk itself is copyrighted, not that the software checks for the proper disk...
  22. either that, or use the freeware program 'WhoLockMe' to figure out which process has locked the file, then kill that process, and do what you wish...
  23. The features you want, unless your a real guru with active desktops and JScript, are only available with seperate applications. Simply do a google search for 'desktop sidebar' or 'widget' and you'll come up with hundreds of apps to do the job you want.
  24. There are two principle ways of gaining a visual gui remote desktop in windows, one is via remote desktop, the other is with terminal services. the catch with terminal services is that you have to download some software from microsoft... here is a link from microsoft that goes to the terminal server homepage... http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003...es/default.mspx i personally dont use it myself, i use DameWare, but from what i hear its about the same. another thing to consider, is have you made any changes to the local or group policies that would stop requests eing sent for remote desktop connections. or stop remote desktops from being sent? or have you been removed from the terminal operators group? although if you have admin privs you have them...
  25. Well, if the Chem equation isnt that difficult, you can use the superscript and subscript options to create most chemical equation formating, and then you can use insert symbols to create arrows, and for any really wacky formating you can use text boxs to posistion the parts of the equation just where you want it...
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