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  1. I dont know of any particular file that you could export automatically, but you could create a backup file using the files and settings transfer wizard in WinXP, its under Start-> Progs -> Accessories -> System Tools, then click, it will launch the wizard and its pretty self explanatory from there on out. The only catch is, you will need to run the wizard again on the comp you install windows too using the file that was created...
  2. Have not a clue how to do it via cmd.exe, but its easy enough to do via regedit.exe or any other registry editing utility... Open up your regedit util, then nav to the key/s you want to export, and then choose the export option... After that, you can exec the file it exports via cmd.exe, just do a normal exec command..., else just double click on it in explorer.
  3. Its a setup utility... http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?lang=&aid...icle_id=45&kb=1
  4. If the drivers come in seperate folders, then simply find the drivers in the WinXP, or Win2K folder, those should work... Else, what I would do is go into the device manager, its under the 'System' control panel applet on the hardware tab. Then, find the hardware you wish to find the driver for, and right-click, then update driver... Windows will launch a wizard, and you;ll have it search for the drivers off the CD, then, just navigate to the path it displays for the relevant driver... To answer your second question, if you need to edit the inf, my advice would be a very strong no, windows, and nlite, need this file in its completion to successfully integrate the drivers
  5. Well, you could manually download each patch from MSoft, from the WinUpdate catalog, http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog/en/default.asp But i think this is what you're really looking for, http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversyst...us/default.mspx
  6. The answer is quite simple really, for you first prob REG ADD %KEY%\000 /V 1 /D "%windir%\system32\1395VidChng.exe" 1024x768x32@85 -q and for your second prob, this should work... REG ADD %KEY%\021 /V 3 /D "%windir%\system32\cmd.exe" RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\OfficeTEMP the reason is, windows needs the program in qoutes in order to find it, and then any args come after the end qoute...
  7. Yes, there is a retail version of WinXP with SP2 and WM10, but remember, you'd have to buy the cd and that goes for about $100, so why bother and just slipstream it along with SP2(if it isnt already) onto a new CD that costs all of $1? Anyways, to answer your question, most new retail WinXP CD's will have WM10 pre slipstreamed into the install...
  8. What are you doing at the time? If you're performing a very complex high level task, then Notepad may not see, or may not get the MouseMessage... Also, sometimes it might take a while for the menu to show up due to the WinXP kernal pathways... Also, what software are you running, it is possible that that software is intercepting the mouse message and not passing it on, IE: keylogger software. However, you should pay attention only to this if reinstalling wordpad doesnt work, because if that doesnt work then there is possibly a prob with other software, or the OS install itself. You should also ask yourself when the prob showed up, what had you done...
  9. Honestly people, Are you attempting to discurage file sharing and P2P, if so its working, you've got yourselfs a bit of a flame war going on here! The point is, if he wants to screw up his network / possibly find himself in slight trouble with the local gestapo, so be it... Anyway, is the trouble with people connecting to you, or you connecting to them. If its them connecting to you there is nothing that you can do about it, if its the other way around, fiddle with the proxy / connection ports and change them to something common such as TCP80 or TCP81. However, if your net has packet sniffing enabled or sees where the packets are going there is no hope, thus in that case I suggest you use the BitTorrent network, and even that might not work! Still, I hope you do listen to the people above, file sharing is having major probs these days, and there is the attendent problem with AdWare and SpyWare, so use it at your own risk.
  10. There are actually many alternitives to Norton System Works, granted, there are not a lot of good software packages that include everything you want, but check out McAfee for the anti-virals, if you're using Win ME, Win 2K, or Win XP you could use system restore and system checkpoints for you too be able to restore installations. For permanent file deletes I use a program called PGP which is a nice integrated security and encryption package, but there are many choices there also. For Undelete stuff, I would say Restorer2000, but many people have probs with it, I never have, but... go figure. Anyway, thats what I use, however, as I've said before, there are many other options out there, take a look around at CNet, and TuCows see what you like. Alternitivly you could just do a basic google. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year
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