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  1. try booting in safe mode and see what happens, if you can, try and re-install the drivers for your controller card...
  2. although its a far shot, are you absolutly sure that your RAID BIOS is not putting your drives into a raid config... also, generally both drives should be ok as master, but it really depends on how the ABit board is set up... i cant remeber it runs the RAIDs off one bus, try making your RAID drive in port 2 a slave(if that option is given either on the drive, or in your RAID BIOS) else, dont know...
  3. you have to be connected to a windows server system for those options to show up, windows wont display them if they dont exist, or if it cannot find them on the local network... so, the question is, are they supposed to be there, ie: are you running your computer in domain mode connected to a windows server(or at least one that is running the proper services)?
  4. You could use the Workbook_Open or Workbook_Activate calls in MSVB script, or the Sheet_Open Sheet_Activate calls... then you could do something like... Private Sub Workbook_Open() Macro1 End Sub
  5. Well, it certainly wont be the first time MSFN has suffered a DDoS attack, there was one back in 2003, as you guys probably remember. @prathapml: even disallowing guests from dloading files wont stop a DDoS attack unfortunatly... nice find on that file though... the only solution to a DDoS attack is to get their ISP to kick them offline... heres an interesting story about a web admin who got fed up with DDoS... http://grc.com/dos/grcdos.htm
  6. The only thing you would have to worry about is the ethernet card, for if windows doesnt have built in drivers for that card, you probably wont be able to use it... Else, the scroll mouse drivers are built-in, providing its relitivly generic, and the 9-in-1 card reader, it may or may not have integrated drivers for, still, you could check the windows update site for newer versions of your drivers. to answer your origonal question, most of the time windows gets the drivers first off its own cd, second off the web(through windows update), and thirdly through the user...
  7. @firefoxthebomb, windows doesnt have a 'dos' mode... also, i should have realised this before, Times New Roman is a msoft core font... thus, the only way to re-install it is to actually replace the reg keys as first suggestion... srry anyways, the only diff i could find after comparing two reg files, before, after a new font install are here: Try replacing or making the following keys: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts] "Times New Roman (TrueType)"="TIMES.TTF" "Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)"="TIMESBD.TTF" "Times New Roman Bold Italic (TrueType)"="TIMESBI.TTF" "Times New Roman Italic (TrueType)"="TIMESI.TTF" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontMapper] "TIMES NEW ROMAN"=dword:00004000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes] "Times"="Times New Roman" "Times New Roman CE,238"="Times New Roman,238" "Times New Roman CYR,204"="Times New Roman,204" "Times New Roman Greek,161"="Times New Roman,161" "Times New Roman TUR,162"="Times New Roman,162" "Tms Rmn"="MS Serif" this may help, however, does this problem only occur when choosing a font, can the system still display times new roman... like in a webpage... also, does times new roman show up in the font control panel applet? have you tried finding times new roman in other applications, for instance not just word, but notepad or something... You may also have to replace the windows common controls ocx (or is it a dll, cant remember...), for it might be a problem with that, still try those reg keys and then get back to us...
  8. ya, thats really pointless, you should tell your client that if your developing in vb6 there is no point upgrading it to vb.net... also, why is your client deving software that would effect you... (i agree, he sounds like an id*** though)
  9. There probably is a registry setting that has been corrupted, im currently looking for it... still, have you tried re-installing the times new roman font? [EDIT] Found at least one reference to 'Times New Roman' Check in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Font Mapping\ make sure there are the following entries [NAME] [TYPE] [DATA] CG Times REG_SZ CG Times(W1) CG Times (W1) REG_SZ Times New Roman CGTimes_Scale REG_SZ CG Times there are more, check on another machine without this problem.. There is also this MSKB article on font reg entries... http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;102960
  10. Thats a really nice skin... where did you get it?, i've looked around and I cant seem to find any place offering downloads, only comments...
  11. Both, landlines dont usually die on you, yet mobile phones are more useful... To skin or not to skin, (any program / os)
  12. After being told by a friend that my computer was the most ghetto thing he had ever seen, I decided to take action! So, in short, i created this topic for two reasons, I want to know what you think about what my comp looks like, and also i want to know how many users of MSFN have non-stereotypical, ie: modded computers... Thus, here is the first of four pics... the rest are here... http://gallery.image4free.com/albums/userp...41/PICT0067.JPG http://gallery.image4free.com/albums/userp...41/PICT0070.JPG http://gallery.image4free.com/albums/userp...41/PICT0069.JPG ----- just a little bit about my case and what not, the reason it doesnt have a front is because my current floppy didnt fit in it when it had a front on. The reason I have 3 intel processor cooling fans on my case is because i needed them to cool it down, and i have hundereds of them(not really, but lots) Also, the button you see on the front view isnt my power button, thats actually my reset button, the power button is two wires hanging down that you cannot really see... So, What is it people, ghetto computer, or just stupid... What does yours look like... What is the most ghetto computer you've ever seen...
  13. Ah, if its now working then the problem is with whats called the jumpers, the little tabs that you could pull out of the drive and move around, they are set in the wrong posistion, you need them in the 'Master' posistion, not the 'Slave' posistion, or vice versa for the burner... The top of the drive ussualy has the information on what jumper posistion you need to put it in... in the above image, the jumpers are located next to the power input port... and in this above pic, you can see that they are next to the audio out ports... the words above them mean: CSEL: Cable Select, dont use this Slave: If this drive is second on the EIDE cable Master: If this drive is first on the EIDE cable
  14. i dont know if this article will help you at all, but it will at least give you a start... http://www.infinisource.com/features/dualmonitors.html
  15. you can, but its not garenteed that it will work, especially since one is running on agp and the other im assuming on pci... configuring the drivers is also annoying, and you generally have to have the same card, as in type and manufacturer... still, im not saying its impossible, just very difficult to configure properly... so if you want a challenge, go ahead and try it, it wont damage your computer, but if you just want to do it easily, go off and buy a new card...
  16. I believe that if you look in the group policy settings in the mmc under comp config->windows settings->sec settings->local policies->sec options there is a policy to change this... if you dont have the group policy viewer installed, then its also under the local sec policy mmc in control panel->admin tools->local sec settings->sec settings->local policies->sec options this reg key should also work: ;Disable CTRL-ALT-DELETE to login [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DisableCAD"=dword:00000001
  17. heres a how to guide with example... http://its.ucsc.edu/services/web/redirecting_a_page.php
  18. well, you could kill the system restore service, but its not recommended as various things other than system restore depend on it...
  19. the options you're looking for are under the reg key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes]
  20. kk, we will need to see the actuall output, copy your command window into a text file and then post it here... also, put the output of tracert in the text file...
  21. you need to place your uxtheme.dll inside the windows\system32\ folder and then place your theme inside the windows\resources\themes\ directory and then choose as normal...
  22. hmm, what results do you get when you ping your dns? also, is your computer updated with all msofts most recent updates? also, could you do a tracert on www.google.com and supply us with the results? Please do it with both the IP: and www.google.com
  23. hmm, thats interesting, since its not a gateway problem, not an obvious dns problem, not a proxy problem, not a network architechture problem, not an obvious settings problem... so, you can contact your dns, does it resolve names for you? also, have you tried accessing the wan with a different program/protocol such as firefox and ftp?
  24. what dns are you using, msdns? or one provided by your isp
  25. thats true, they do do strange things... ^_^) http://houscall.trendmicro.com/start_corp.asp doesnt work! in the meanwhile, you could use the avert stinger http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/ [EDIT] ^-^. you missed out the 'e' in housecall!, thats why it doesnt work!
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