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  1. Hello, I don't really get when I should use gpupdate or secedit... What's the difference between those two commands? It looks to me that they are the same thing... Thanks in advance for your time Alphaz
  2. Hello everyone, I haven't figured out how to make working the slipstreamer to incorporate hotfixes and services pack into the MSI setup files of MS Project 2003 and Vision 2003. The slipstreamer does not work: CLS @echo off ECHO. ECHO Slipstreaming Office 2003 Updates ECHO Please wait... FOR %%f IN (*.msp) DO msiexec /p %%f /a C:\MS_Project2003\prjpro11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb ECHO. ECHO Slipstreaming Completed! ECHO. pause EXIT If anyone has an idea, thanks in advance! Alexandre
  3. [quote name='SiMoNsAyS' post='321894' date='May 16 2005, 09:16 AM'][url="http://www.eazyshare.com/user_uploads/Firefox_Silent_Setup.zip"][size=7][b]Download![/b][/size][/url][/quote] This link is dead [quote name='specialized' post='331654' date='Jun 4 2005, 08:05 PM']Install Firefox Unattended [code]REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "Firefox 1.0.4" /f REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive% /install\firefox\firefox104.exe -ms" /f[/code] greetings!! [/quote] Thanks for this post man, quick and easy
  4. No, this is for a new setup, wether I test on a virtual machine or on a "blank" pc, the same thing happens : the first setup screen appears briefly and goes away then nothing happens and the prog does not get installed. I have made the unattend file using office ressource kit Regards
  5. Hi, I done that several times in the past and I am running out of ideas on how to solve this problem with the unattended setup of office 2003. I have slipstreamed all the updates, but at first logon the setup stops. My setup file is not as shown in the unattended section, it's named SETUPPRO.EXE instead of setup.exe Any idea ? Thanks ion advance
  6. Hello, I tried that, but once the install is complete, there is no ISS file created anywhere on the hard disk Alphaz
  7. Hi, In my company, we are still using the outdated 5.11 version of Notus Notes. I would like to know how to silently install it without any users settings, just the client. Regards, Alphaz
  8. That's fantastic, thanks a million for your help With the script encoder from MS I can distribute the file to whoever I want and they won't see the admin password I have another question: What kind of objet I have to create to empty a folder? If i replace File = "c:\test.txt" byt File = "c:\*.txt", the script does not delete the files in my folder. Alphaz
  9. Obviously, if i send the password after running the command, it can't work... If I put the following below WshShell.Run "runas /user:USERNAME ""del c:\test.txt""" WScript.Sleep 100 WshShell.Sendkeys "PASSWORD_OF_USER_ABOVE" WshShell.Run "del c:\test.txt" Any idea why the file is not deleted ?
  10. Hello, Thanks for the above, it leads me close to what i want to do, but i copied the lines above and it still prompts me for the passord <script LANGUAGE="VBScript"> 'Copyright© 1998. XYZ Productions. All rights reserved. '**Start Encode** ' Your code goes here. set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.Run "runas /user:USERNAME ""del c:\test.txt""" WScript.Sleep 100 WshShell.Sendkeys "PASSWORD_OF_USER_ABOVE" </SCRIPT>
  11. Hi, I would like to know how I can create a script to run a program as the administrator, from a different user account, by encrypting the password in the batch file I will create. For example, in my company, the users don't have admin rights on their PC, so they can't defragment their hard drives or empty a specific folder on the hard drive... Any idea on how to do it? I know I can encrypt the admin password in an unattended install of windows, but for my need I don't see how to do it. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  12. That's great, but that's a shame we can see only the first setup screen...
  13. Hi, I am trying to modify the text of the setup screens, but I can't see accents on letters when I preview the DLL... Any idea?
  14. You spunk eagle-monkeys Thanks for your helpful replies

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