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  1. Hello! The download (BabelPad_193_9X.zip) is available on the http://www.babelstone.co.uk/Software/BabelPad.html BTW, has anyone tried the newest BabelPad with KernelEx ? Cheers, Roman
  2. Hello! Is download link for first release of Hyper-V Server 2008 (not R2) based on NT 6.0 still available? http://www.techhead.co.uk/microsoft-hyper-v-server-2008-released-and-available-for-download Thanks, Roman
  3. Hello! AutoDesk DWG TrueView http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?siteID=123112&id=12433125 TurboTax 2009 http://turbotax.intuit.com/support/kb/installing/system-requirements/7559.html Microsoft Identity Manager 2010 http://www.microsoft.com/forefront/identitymanager/en/us/system-requirements.aspx Paint.net 3.5.4 http://www.getpaint.net/download.html Regards, Roman
  4. Direct link to Opera 10.50 with classic installer: ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1050/en/Opera_1050_classic_Setup.exe
  5. First beta build (3248) is now available at ftp://get.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1050b1/en/ Cheers, Roman
  6. Build 3234 now available: http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/Opera_10...234_classic.exe
  7. Thanks! BTW, the latest "DirectX End-User Runtimes" were just released (February 2010) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...57-5AB8109CB4F5 In my system32 folder the latest d3dx9 dll is D3DX9_42.dll ... Regards, Roman
  8. Hello! You can find Opera with classic installer on Desktop Team blog: http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/ Here is the build 3228: http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2010/...eta-for-windows Cheers, Roman
  9. Hello! And are all slower than my existing CPU --- OK, you have a point ... BTW, does your mobo support VT-d: http://communities.intel.com/thread/2181 Maybe OT, but if you are going to replace computer, you could add VT-c gigabit ethernet adapter: http://www.intel.com/network/connectivity/...=PCI%20Express* http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2009...r-connectivity/ I agree, AMD looks nice Regards, Roman
  10. Hello! Cheap Pentium Dual Core E6500, E6300 and Celeron E3300 all have VT: http://www.intel.com/products/processor/pe...-core/specs.htm http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=42771 BTW, there is no Windows 2008 R2 x86 ... Cheers, Roman
  11. Hello! Try free ConsoleNoClose by Uwe Sieber: http://www.uwe-sieber.de/dosfon_e.html Cheers, Roman
  12. Hm, you can check the features of free RIS 2010 (Rising Internet Security 2010): http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?p=1540074 Direct link: http://download.rising.com.cn/for_down/ces...RISfree2010.exe Cheers, Roman
  13. Hello! What version of Look'n'Stop are you testing? New LnS 2.7 beta 1 has just been released: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=253226 You can describe the IPv6 problems in the official forum (monitored by author Frederic Gloannec): http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=253783 http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=251195 Regards, Roman
  14. Hello! Great! Using your installer v2.1 and Mulder's Chromium Updater ( http://mulder.dummwiedeutsch.de/home/?page=projects#chromium ) I was able to post this message from Chromium (Developer Build 24436) ( http://build.chromium.org/buildbot/snapsho...m-rel-xp/24436/ ) Thanks, Roman
  15. Hello! BTW, I was wondering ... is there a small wired-wireless adapter - so that I plug the device into my existing LAN port on my laptop and then configure the device with web browser to connect to the desired wireless network ... so no wireless drivers needed Thanks, Roman
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