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  1. MCE and sever 2k3

    I tried to install on xp home, all i get is an error ehome will only run on windows MCE
  2. Hi i am looking for a hacked themeUI.dll for my version of media center System properties says its version 2002 with SP2. I have been lead to belive it is MCE2005 Any help please
  3. Is It Possible To Slipstream .net

    Sorry aboyt that. Its the .net Framework
  4. Hi Can anybody tell me if it is possible to slipstream the Microsoft .NET Into windows Install?
  5. Useing twin monitors

    Thought it might be a toughy, I can only get one to work at a time even if i use 2 pci cards. useing agp & pci i can only get tho one that the bios is set to stary with do you know anywhere where there is any info on the way to do it?
  6. Useing twin monitors

    Is it possible to set up a twin display by useing 2 GFX cards or will i have to buy a twin vga out gfx card. i have a gforce agp card and an old ati card can i use both gfx cards ar once?
  7. Can anyone tell me a tweak/hack to make internet explorer auto refresh after a given time? maybe html code to create a frame for the page header?
  8. Still asking for a cd key

    Just double check you typed it in correctly. i Know it sounds stupid but i had this problem when i first did an unattend install it was filling in the cd key because i had 1 letter too many in the last 5 digits. when i looked at winnt.sif it looked ok at a glance. erase the line productkey=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and type it in again. resave. try again. Hope this works.
  9. Can anyone tell me the files i nead to edit to create a standalone CD from an AIO cd? also what files do i need to copy (I want the cd to look like a standard cd ie. root of the cd having i386 folder standard boot loader and NO boot folder) Please help as i have no DVD recorder drive and i have a win XP ISO with 4 versions of XP on (XP Pro, XP home, XP MCE and XP corp)
  10. I Got a CD ISO image thet is 788Mb in size. I extracted it to a folder with ISO Buster. altered a winnt.sif and went to create an ISO with nero and the size was 1955.xx Mb. Any one know how to recompress this ISO or the files before creating the ISO
  11. Multi boot boot sectors

    Thanks for that. i'm on the case now.
  12. Multi boot boot sectors

    what boot sectors do i use to boot from within diskemu? I have used gosh's method but i want to use a standard windows XP cd layout (without the "boot" folder) all i want to do is put PM8 winXP and ghost on 1 cd for setting up my computer
  13. Diskemu not working

    Please Help........ Trying to make an AIO CD but cant get the bootloader to load the menu it just starts windows setup. I used Gosh's method of reducing source so i could set up the menu system any help please sorry i am a bit vague but feel free to ask any questions and i will answer if pos thanks Gary
  14. Where is the best place to put drivers for usb devices that are not present upon install. i have several devices Camera, Wireless Network, WinTVusb, USB->Serial adaptor etc. But my Laptop only has 2 USB ports. I want these drivers installing ready for when i connect the device. Any ideas?
  15. When setup is run from GUI it wants to download from m$ what dose it download? Is it worth doing this? How do i save the downloaded File(s)? Is it worth including in a unattended install if possible to save? Any other info please?