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  1. I have set audio output modul to waveout for all versions 3.0.x due to repeated playback problems with automatic. WaveOut is completely OK to my ears. 3.0.13 (win32) is already in the vlc archive, but not on Vlc download page. And many thanks for your answer and tips.
  2. Oh, checked it on a second machine and the videos play. Think one of my latest Kext test entries is the culprit. =>Last week I experimented with Blinkopera and had added for it several API's to kexstubs.ini. The problem was [D3D9.DLL] Direct3DCreate9Ex.
  3. I'm looking for a working "video output modules" setting for VLC player update 3.0.13 - so far without success. VLC crashes or give a Vlc-cone flicker with openGL. I had set 3.0.12 to Direct Draw., but this doesn't work anymore. Audio files are still playable.
  4. Hallo HarryTheGamerGuy, welcome on MSFN. http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Help:Contents https://www.dll-files.com/unicows.dll.html (version 1.1.3790.0! not older)
  5. Hallo Bruninho, the youtube website is stable (Player (stats): codecs VP9 (243) / opus (251) only) on Firefox 48.0.2 /45.9 /Cyberfox 48.0.2 (WebRTC peer connection must be disabled in CF). I don't remember any crashes. But this means not all movies can be played. RT's Firefox 45.9.33 or K-Meleon 76 have better support to play all videos (ffmpeg). These are slightly less stable. An error in XUL.dll can be possible and with that error the browser will crash. I mean the site formula1.com is not always well rendered and FF48/CF48 don't play the videos. Many icons are missing. But they don't crash. I haven't made a complete moodle check with CF48/FF48 - only three minutes. Moodle.org generally makes a good impression. Moodle sandbox demo worked here. SCORM lessons? not checked. Bruninho, this is a snapshot, tomorrow everything can be different on the web.
  6. I never used the RZ eMail client before, but I just tried it with one of my accounts (freenet) and I was able to receive the mails. Maybe openSSL is worth trying (https://msfn.org/board/topic/174247-windows-9x-ssl-protocol-winsslwrap-117-rev-08/) (http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1591502.html) . I still use OutlookExpress 6 as my main client with the help of WinSSLWrap on ME. It is sufficient for text, photos and attachments. For unsupported contents I run Thunderbird 45 (KernelEx/Kext) or have to switch to XP and TB 52.
  7. IceCat 38.8 runs with these additional kext entries, too!!! It is the first time that a Gecko 38 browser runs on my Win ME. Screenshot - additionally installed addons: ClassicThemeRestorer, QuickJava and PlainOldFavorites - German Language Pack
  8. I've IceCat 31.8 running: [ADVAPI32.dll] SystemFunction014= SystemFunction020= SystemFunction022= SystemFunction026= SystemFunction028= [msvcrt.dll] _controlfp_s=>msvcr80.dll: _snwprintf_s=>msvcr80.dll: _vsnprintf_s=>msvcr80.dll: _vsnwprintf_s=>msvcr80.dll: _wcslwr_s=>msvcr80.dll: _wfopen_s=>msvcr80.dll: fopen_s=>msvcr80.dll: strcpy_s=>msvcr80.dll: strtok_s=>msvcr80.dll: swprintf_s=>msvcr80.dll: wcsncpy_s=>msvcr80.dll: [ntdll.dll] RtlRandom= I added all missing API'S found with ImportPatcher. RTLRandom is important to run icecat. ----------------------- I believe these are good (no problem so far): [ntdll.dll] _aulldiv=>ROS\ntdll.dll: _allmul=>ROS\ntdll.dll:
  9. I played a bit with forks. Surely there are no or hardly any advantages on ME. Icecat 31.8 (windows version): It doesn't start. Problem begins with no support for _vsnprintf_s. [msvcrt.dll] _vsnprintf_s= Any values for it in the stubs.ini haven't accomplished something useful. Cyberfox 32bit 48.0.2 behaves like Firefox 48.0.2. Already integrated ClassicThemeRestorer and a JS Toggler. It doesn't run on XP. Apparently blocked on purpose. PCXFirefox 35.0.1 x86 doesn't run. 48.0.2 starts with Kext entries: [ntdll.dll] _aulldiv= _allmul=
  10. I updated it manually: http://www.clamwin.com/content/view/58/27/. It worked after I deleted the old db file C:\WINDOWS\All Users\.clamwin\db. Another solution on ClamWin Forum: http://forums.clamwin.com/viewtopic.php?p=21633#21633
  11. Pity! The development of TenFourFox will end. (http://tenfourfox.blogspot.com) I've followed the blog and so roytam's Firefox 45 builds the last months. I tried and ran every build on ME. I don't expect any support for Firefox on Win ME. I have some bugs. On March 12th was mentioned (tenfourfox.blogspot.com) "....at least I am able now to see that it's clearly a problem in the JavaScript parser generating something incorrectly, but I'm still not able to tell where the specific deficiency lies."? I really don't know whether and to what extent those errors can be transferred to windows. But my errors may only appear here on ME. I never compared it on XP. On XP I use Firefox 52.9, NewMoon and MyPal. RT's Firefox 45 is therefore not an alternative to use. The normal older versions 45.9 or 48.0.2 are much more stable and quite suitable for everyday use (75-80% trouble-free / Javascript enabled). Only a few percent of the web leads to a browser crash and restart.
  12. http://www.japheth.de/Download/VWin32.zip
  13. Yes, we miss Rudy! I have set [vcache]MaxFileCache=393216 for many years. My MS system inforformation doesn't work with more than 2GB RAM. I have to reduce phys memory (MaxPhysPage) accordingly. At my request Rudy said "Windows ME MSINFO32 definitely has a problem, probably an incorrect signed math bug.....You can also substitute the MSINFO32.EXE from Windows 98SE which works correctly" and I can use VWin32. Running Firefox 48.0.2:
  14. Yes, Tahoma is my default font, too. MS Sans Serif for Firefox menus is a bad choice. That's why I changed it many years ago. That's probably also the reason that "missing last character" in search bar never occurred here. SeaMonkey 2.40 also crashes immediately here without "hardware acceleration". I had massive JS problems with some versions of KM76 last year around April/ May/ June. It had crashed on almost all sites, so I was forced to turn it off for these versions, too. Although the problems were maybe often caused by myself, caused by testing and fiddling. These were always flawed, buggy profiles. Deleting the profile or prefs.js mostly solved the problem. The profile should be fresh and not mixed with other versions. It hasn't occurred since October at least.
  15. ZakMcKracken84: NV82.69 MDGX: http://www.mdgx.com/files/NV8269.EXE http://www.mdgx.com/files/NV8269.ZIP
  16. A YT user (and MSFN forum reader) uploaded some movies about KernelEX/98SE/ME. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB52pssqm8lsRvQQMAFs6Dw/featured) Unfortunately, I don't understand the language - it's probably spanish. I'm surprised, the user seem to be able to run NewMoon 27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4o15zPq6RI. In a XPSP3 dll package he/she has ATL.dll (then probably ATL Module for Windows XP Unicode) and msdmo.dll (DMO Runtime DirectShow). I always use atl.dll of IE6SP1 (Ansi) in my system folder. Some time ago I had tested the ATL unicode, but I got annoying messages about the wrong version. I tried it again and set it to XPSP2 now. The messages are gone. She/he changed the msvcrt.dll. Fiddling with different msvcrt 6.1.8637.0/6.1.9848.0/7.0.9981.0 files has brought nothing here so far. This user could also be able to run Firefox 36 - 41.
  17. - I compared layers DirectX mode with layers OpenGL mode on Firefox 45. OpenGL: user_pref("layers.acceleration.force-enabled", true); user_pref("layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled", "true"); user_pref("layers.prefer-d3d9", false); user_pref("layers.prefer-opengl", true); I can't see anything to choose OpenGL, nothing speaks for it. There are some more ui glitches. D3D9 is the better choice. - Icons on this board - FontAwesome: The settings browser.display.use_document_fonts;1 and gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled;false in combination with entries (example) in prefs.js user_pref("font.name-list.sans-serif.x-unicode", "Arial, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Microsoft Sans Serif"); user_pref("font.name-list.sans-serif.x-western", "Arial, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Microsoft Sans Serif"); user_pref("font.name-list.serif.x-unicode", "Tahoma, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Arial"); user_pref("font.name-list.serif.x-western", "Tahoma, Symbola, FontAwesome, Segoe UI Emoji, OpenSansEmoji, Arial"); are worth a try here. I can even see the "search magnifier" and the "Rate stars". Font Awesome must be installed. Please check. - RT's builds FF 45 - crash due to exception in XUL.dll: I tested older versions and just now it also happened on 45.9.17. But I'm still waiting on it on 45.9.9.
  18. I use Google search very rarely. I've just tried Google and have set Cookies to keep. Yes, I always have to accept the agreement, too. But it works on XP. So it is a bug on ME/KernelEx. Are you running FF45.9.31 (RT) or 45.9? Sometimes RT's FF crashed due to an exception in Xul.dll. (FIREFOX caused an exception 406d1388H in module XUL.DLL at 0177:027c56da)
  19. Tjukok also reported this bug: msfn.org/board/topic/181424-firefox-24-for-me-and-98/page/12/#elControls_1192061
  20. Thanks for the confirmation. I haven't proved with "KernelEx'd Windows 2000" Dll's and I don't run a VM. But it's good to know if "KernelEx'd Windows 2000" Dll's work, too. The question about "possible issue with Virtual Machines" hasn't yet been answered.
  21. You must rename it to core.ini and it replaces the older one. "Core.20i" will be inoperable. Latest KernelEx could or will not work properly with a older Core.ini. You can rename your old Core.ini or make a renamed copy of the whole KernelEx folder to be able to restore the system quickly.
  22. VLC 3.0.12 crashes on start, because of "InitializeConditionVariable". And I didn't find useful stubs for the Condition Variables, so I deactivatet InitializeConditionVariable in the Kexstubs.ini .
  23. I didn't test that with KernelEx update 16. 16 was the first Kex version, that had allowed FF24+ to run. The profile will created very faulty. There are significant improvements since update 18. Don't use an old profile of an older version like PaleMoon 3, 9 or 11. You can rename it for this purpose. The profile should be fresh. Version 25.4.1 could be a bit tricky to run, so test with 25.3.2 first.
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