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  1. MyPal: The best choice I found to improve the GDI ressources is to "free memory" (about:memory > Minimize Memory usage). The add-on FreeMemoryButton do this with one click only, but not automated. Apparently the add-on Memory Fox Next doesn't work as desired on MyPal. I could hardly see any improvement. And I want to try out other add-ons like FreeMemory 2.0 and MemoryOptimizer 1.8.0. These are in the ClassicAddonsArchive and aren't available currently. CAA requires a new hosting. OK, I can download the whole file of 14GB. I have not done yet. Other settings haven't been really successful so far: browser.sessionhistory.max_entries from 50 to 9 New Integer browser.cache.memory.capacity > I had set a limit New boolean config.trim_on_minimize > true
  2. Can I(we) test the fix? Do you have an updated kexbases.dll? sounds good. I had repeated "set to read only" of the original file several times until it worked.
  3. The font of Ktree10 is somehow not easy to read for me, so I usually use version 9.
  4. Hallo Tyukok, of course, I was also pleased! That broad compatibility of MyPal is really amazing for a modern browser. I have certainly not read everything about this controversy. There is probably no plaintiff - no complaint. It seems to be a campaign. Is it at all certain that Feodor2 will not continue albeit on a different basis - Gecko instead of Goanna? Address bar: I had set search.json to "read only". Yes, it's inconvenient and tricky. UI glitches: Did you set "gfx.content.azure.backends" to skia? My main problem with MyPal are more low GDI resources after a while.
  5. I looked at Cyberfox again, specifically 50.0.0 and 52.9.1. My question was why I can't run versions 50 - 52. Downloads portable - Intel.86 (32bit). I found the problem with 52.9.1, but not with 50.0 yet. 52.9.1: Multiprocess feature. Solution - Simply add "user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart", false);" to the prefs.js. The portable launcher needs Windows 7SP1 mode and the Cyberfox.exe Win XPSP2. Languages: The xpi files are in CyberfoxPortable\App\Cyberfox\browser\features. After you have installed your language pack it's needed to set "general.useragent.locale" to the corresponding language , too. Adding Awesomefonts - siria's workaround: The prefs.js is too big (63KB) to add the prefs. More than 64KB are not possible. Entries related to the language files make it so big. I made space here by deleting unused language files in the features folder. Then after one start and close of Cyberfox the prefs.js was reduced significantly. The corresponding language pack entries have disappeared.
  6. If anyone intends to use ReactOS files instead of those of XPSP2 or SP3, then don't use the dnsapi.dll of ROS. One more problem with DBGHELP.dll of ROS version 0.4.13 is "RtlRaiseException". The simple entry RtlRaiseException= under NTDLL.dll in the Kexstubs.ini makes FF52 and the forks happy again. Or choose DbgHelp.dll of older 0.4.0. My test files of 0.4.13 are: activeds.dll, apphelp.dll, authz.dll, dbghelp.dll, mprapi.dll, ntdsapi.dll, ntlanman.dll, rasdlg.dll, rasman.dll, samlib.dll, winscard.dll, winsta.dll.
  7. WebGL 1.0 based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and requires OpenGL 2.0 graphics driver support. My conclusion: It works, but limited, probably due to graphics drivers infirmities, by forcing it, quite likely with Nvidia Geforce 7 (6?) series cards (full support OpenGL 2.0) and drivers NV81.85 and higher only. Browser crashes are possible. It can be assumed that first OpenGL 2.0 drivers do not support the OpenGL ES 2.0 specifications 100%. Therefore I do not give the recommendation to switch it on permanently. Driver ATI Catalyst 6-2 (February 2006) 98/ME supports OpenGL 1.5 only. Now ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine): WebGL-Renderer Google Inc. -- ANGLE (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT Direct3D9 vs_3_0 ps_3_0) (Backend Renderer uses Direct3D 9.0c) It don't rely on OpenGL graphics drivers. layers.acceleration.force-enabled true (Hardware acceleration) webgl.angle.try-d3d11 false webgl.force-enabled true (to ensure ANGLE isn't blocked) webgl.disable-angle false I ran the first 13 samples in Firefox 52 again. Firefox didn't crash anymore. Two of them ran faulty and Halo gave a blank page. The others seem to be OK. The webgl tests with the spinning cubes failed (no cube) with this setting. So this also isn't perfect, but probably more stable. Firefox up to version 34: Boolean is webgl.prefer-native-gl and not webgl.disable-angle P4c(SSE2), P4V800D-X, GF5900XT (OGL1.5 card), driver NV82.69: Firefox 52 - Initialisation of ANGLE failed also with force I read on FAQ's for Stellarium: ANGLE needs "hardware providing DirectX VertexShader 2_0 and PixelShader 3.0 (vs_2_0 ps_3_0), i.e. DirectX10. This should include even earlier graphics cards: ATI/AMD X1xxx, NVidia 6xxx, Intel GMA X3000." My 5900XT has vs 2.0a/ ps 2.0a only. By the way yesterday I tried to run Stellarium ANGLE version and was able to run 0.13.3-ANGLE-win32 ( machine with GF7800GT). I noticed an obvious flaw that the vertical Menu bar has no buttons and is inoperable.
  8. I've Stellarium 0.11.4 on this machine. According to the log the QTGLPaint engine is openGL2. Driver NV82.16. Log: Writing log file to: "C:/WINDOWS/Application Data/Stellarium/log.txt" File search paths: 0 . "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Stellarium" 1 . "." Attempting to use an existing older config file. Config file is: "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Stellarium/config.ini" OpenGL supported version: "2.0.1" Qt GL paint engine is: "OpenGL2" Cache directory is: "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\stellarium\stellarium\cache" Sky language is "de" Application language is "de" Loading Solar System data ... Loaded 38 / 38 planet orbits from "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Stellarium/data/ssystem.ini" Loading star data ... "Loading "./stars/default/stars_0_0v0_1.cat": 0_0v0_1; 5013" "Loading "./stars/default/stars_1_0v0_1.cat": 1_0v0_1; 21999" "Loading "./stars/default/stars_2_0v0_1.cat": 2_0v0_1; 151416" "Loading "./stars/default/stars_3_1v0_0.cat": 3_1v0_0; 434064" "Loading "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Stellarium/stars/default/stars_4_1v0_0.cat": 4_1v0_0; 1725497" "Loading "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Stellarium/stars/default/stars_5_2v0_0.cat": 5_2v0_0; 7669011" "Loading "C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Stellarium/stars/default/stars_6_2v0_0.cat": 6_2v0_0; 26615233" . . Now back to WebGL: And I did make the stress with Firefox 52. Pressed the button once, the browser and system remained functional. Then I switched to https://webglsamples.org/. I tried first 13 samples of these 23. The result is 5 of 13 failed by browser crash. Aquarium, City, Dynamic Cubemap, Field and Fishtank. The others worked.
  9. I cannot remember any OGL version information by Everest/Aida that deviates from the manufacturer's Nvidia specs information. I usually remove everything (Nvidia) with DriverCleanerPro and then I installed the other version. Currently I haven't installed 77.72 (81.85,81.98) driver on any computer.
  10. Just tested again and have no problem. (Firefox 52, 9.0.1 and Opera 12.02)
  11. I compared the the files a bit with FileAlyzer and WinMerge/Notepad++ with plugin "Compare". The import funktions with addresses of 81.98 and 82.16 are exactly the same and the export function names match. 82.69 has been revised, but only one function "SetEvent" was removed or forgotten and none added. So it is certainly still the same version. 81.85 => no SetEvent
  12. I am not familiar with with Blender or Make Human. I don't know how to run it on ME/KernelEX. I downloaded them, started "2.64a.7z", but some menus are missing, others are not functional. Firefox runs until I click close on the error message. Afterwards no Explorer or Firefox process remain in this case.
  13. I attached minisnaps before and with and the Faultlog. The error after close occurs, if I run two or more webgl tests at the same time in the browser and close it afterwards. Minisnap and Faultlog
  14. The error no longer wants to occur. As soon as I know exactly how to create it, I will investigate it further. First Stress Test with KM76. After I pressed the stress button the cube was still spinning. Then after a half or a minute I pressed it again and my machine had frozen. WebGL Test on P4c(SSE2), P4V800D-X, GF5900XT (OGL1.5 card) system: Firefox52/Centaury0.17 => Tests fail - no cube Firefox 9.0.1: https://testdrive-archive.azurewebsites.net/graphics/webglstresstest/ => Ok spinning cube https://get.webgl.org/=> inactive cube
  15. NV82.16 and 82.69 supports OGL 2.0.1! I'm not absolutely sure with 81.85 and 81.98. I believe 81.85 supports 2.0 and 81.98 2.0.1 and 77.72 should support 1.5. https://web.archive.org/web/20171108121729/http://www.nvidia.de/object/win9x_77.72_de
  16. Thanks for testing and confirmation. Which dll files do you use, of XPSP2 or SP3 or ReactOS or mixed? There are reports about problems with XSP3 files only.
  17. After close of the browser app! It hasn't happened yet after window/tab close. As soon as webgl is invoked the fan (I think it's the GPU fan) spins faster. That is a bit annoying. What about your P3+me system? Interesting - I can't test on SSE only systems. Please read my instructions on the first page/first post: Newer Versions and Forks. You can always ask questions.
  18. Experimental: WebGL 1 (tested with Firefox 47.0.2 and 52.9, Centaury 0.17, RT's FF 45.9.33) I forced WebGL and I was quite surprised that it seems to work. Test pages give the spinning cube. https://get.webgl.org/ https://webglreport.com/ The question is whether stability or any new problems arise. WebGL 1.0 is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 (March 2007). But my OGL 2.0.1 is from February 2006 here. I had thought that I need at least OGL 2.1. Common issue: The browser exe causes an error in NVOpenGL.dll after close. Apparently this error doesn't cause any further problems. (about:support - no "Failure Log") I haven't dared to make the stress test yet (https://testdrive-archive.azurewebsites.net/graphics/webglstresstest/). layers.acceleration.force true webgl.force-enabled true webgl.angle.try-d3d11 false webgl.disable-angle true Screenshot Troubleshooting Information Centaury 0.17
  19. https://msfn.org/board/topic/181508-error-10-usb20drvexe/?do=findComment&comment=1181813
  20. In short, by using Burp Suite Community Edition as an HTTPS proxy for Opera running on Azul OpenJDK 8 Update 262. Azul OpenJDK 8 Update 292 (zulu8.54.0.21-ca-jre8.0.292-win_i686.zip) is the last that works. Latest update 302 doesn't. Error: Jawaw caused an error in Jawaw.exe. The MS VC runtimes 2010 were replaced by 2017.
  21. Centaury: Fixed with version 0.17: https://github.com/Feodor2/Centaury/issues/32 - Boolean must be added: svg.in-content.enabled;true
  22. There is no need to hex-edit the dll file anymore. You can simply substitute psapi.dll in the KernelEx folder with the updated one:
  23. I can't start and run these browsers with the Ucrtbase.dll (system folder) of MyPal or Centaury (10.0.16299.397). I had this file in the ME system folder on my P4V800D-X machine. The substitution of ucrtbase.dll to version 10.0.14393.33 of Firefox 52.9 brought success.
  24. I am pleased, that you like to test ReactOS files on Win ME. I would like to help, but I had never tried VMWare/VMWare Tools on ReactOS. It's also been round about 10 years since I tinkered with VM's. You may find more help on the ReactOS forum or ReactOS Wiki at first. (https://reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16367) Of course, VMWare Tools on ReactOS is off topic here in KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates.
  25. No, Centaury runs with the cairo ContentAzureBackend here only. CTR can improve the look of Firefox/Centaury, when cairo is used.
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