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  1. in XP you have to turn it off via registry (google it) in vista/7 there is service under services.msc to disable it
  2. vinifera

    some OS error

    regarding updates they are latest directx 9, windows installer 4.5 and visual c++ 2008 sp1 redist and ofcourse post SP3 hotfixes WMFDist11.exe is codec from WMP 11 that allows user to watch high quality WMV files (WMVA video codec) but it is NOT installer/upgrader for/to win media player 11 i do not have any updates for WMP 11 since no point if OS dont have it but i do have these i ran it twice 1st time to make my tweaks then i exit and delete VALUEADD folder (to gain space back to CD size) and then 2nd time i just make ISO via nLite from that folder yes they are, all of them
  3. he can't and NO, anything from center and lowers makes slower seeking because your space is getting smaller and your files start to take more tracks so HD needle actualy has to seek more up and down while on the edge of disk you have plenty of lets call it wide space so less tracks are being used at "longer" space, so seeking is minimum as for MFT, no it is not centered, MFT reserves its space accordingly to system change sometimes its smaller and sometimes its bigger, its default setting is to be close to PageFile and be placed close to the edge
  4. vinifera

    some OS error

    Sereby's IE8 Addon + post SP3 hotfixes for IE8 + IE8 tweak addon by 5eraph that removes Address bar from explorer for any user (Post #14 http://www.msfn.org/board/few-component-qu...s-t138726.html) IE works ok, opens pages and all that... BATCH.CMD LAST_SESSION.INI
  5. vinifera

    some OS error

    i have fully automated unattended setup i use T13 stage via runonce (with batch file) to quietly install some components/updates and then suddenly reboot (shutdown -r -t 00) and just when Administrator account starts to load its settings OS normaly reboots but before it reboots some message pops up with error icon and i see (later) in event viewer an error which leads to file setuperr.log that says is this something critical ? can it be related to Visual C++ 2008 SP1 redist ? (i also add it to install in T13)
  6. vinifera

    too big image

    i added new direct x 9 (100 MB), few portable apps (71 MB), + few new OS components (9 MB) in any case when all is finished as stated above true size is below 700 but nevermind, i removed valueadd folder so its ok
  7. hi i plan to vlite Vista (home prem) SP2 (already integrated) but since SP2 came in year 2009, do i need to slipstream visual c++ 2008 redist and windows installer 4.5 or SP2 already has all this things i checked ms download center and it doesnt show anywhere Vista SP2 so i am wondering... ?
  8. vinifera

    too big image

    ah nice its back to 695 MB lol just to ask (dont wish to open new thread) now when iso is made by nLite is it already bootable ? (it works in VM but dont want to waste CD to findout it isnt ) and can i use nero to burn it (since nlite lowest speed is 16x and i want to do 4x) or it MUST be via nlite burned directly ?
  9. vinifera

    too big image

    i make nlited XP and at the end folder is 696 MB big which is nice for CD but when i select nlite to create image it makes it 705 MB so what is so big that it has to enlarge the installation by 9 MB ? isn't just packing it into iso pure storage with some small compression ? it shouldn't be so big...
  10. hi & thanks for reply regarding post #6 wouldn't this only execute once and be worth only for current created user and not for future created ones ?
  11. heres the thing that bit bugs me in my custom installation i have portable program which instead its parent folder stores settings under Documents and Settings\Current User so naturaly whenever new account is created these settings would not be read by the program my question is, is there a way via commands to make winXP always copy specific folder/files into Documents and Settings\Current User, when new acc is loaded (when new account gets upon first run the Theme settings, profile settings and all that...) hope someone understands me any idea is welcomed
  12. vinifera

    vliting on XP

    i read in both nlite and vlite sections that if XP ISO is nlited under vista OS and vista ISO under XP OS that installing such installation goes wrong and people recommend to nlite under XP and vlite under vista so is this some OS rule or some limitation or doesnt have to be like that ?
  13. hypersnap 6 will give you screencap with video capped but you wont always get sharp result, with some codec it has trouble showing pixelised video capp
  14. can someone explain me how can prefetch actualy speed up things if lets say user disables task scheduler (crappy service anyway) and doesnt defragment hard drive/partiton effectively i mean, MFT already contains position of files, and prefetch has the same but only with most used files so disk actualy has to SEEK-->MFT--->SEEK FOR PREFETCH LIST-->SEEK FILES and if disk/partiton is fragmented this would slow it down i always defrag my system partiton to have EXE and DLL files on outer tracks of HD so seeking is smallest and MFT is close to outer tracks too, without prefetch this is fast, but with prefetch its double the seek/acces or is my logic wrong ?
  15. nice ! it works, thanks so much ++ thanks to others for giving me good info/reply
  16. i have the same thing, and it turns well for me, atleast in VM
  17. forgive me for being stupid but heck... i never "played" with these things i am using Sereby's IE8 addon to install IE8 and official MS hotfixes for IE8 since you call this addon and is in 7zip, do i add this in addons/hotfixes section or something else ? (sorry)
  18. ahaa now i get it hmm your pack is as i see for x64 tho got any for 32bit ?
  19. yeah my bad, i did crappy expression but i am still curious why some reg tweaks only work for HKCU like the one i attached above if you make multiple user accounts, and apply with changed key to HKCU then kill explorer and run it again, the addressbar will be gone BUT if you apply the same reg tweak with HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT while installing OS, or within account, and then create again multiple new accounts all those new accounts will still have addressbar
  20. i may confused you all here, ill try to explain more detailed regarding registry, i posted above a reg entry that is supposed to remove addressbar in both IE and Eplorer (file manager), it works if entry is added under HKCU, but not for HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT, which would be for ALL users, so my "goal" is that addrbar is gone for any created or current user, this does not work at all, thats why i asked if it can be forced upon windows i even tried to run the reg key inside OS (not only while installing nlited os), it refuses to take change... as for net 1, i ment, is it esential component for XP OS, i know 2, 3 and 3.5 are not even they do have 1.1 inside but i think .net 1 was offered via Updates with SP1 (at the time), so i ask should i have it (only if OS uses it) heh hope you understood
  21. johnhc & mooms, thanks for answers 5eraph, yes, but i guess this is windows limitation itself i was just wondering is there any way to force it accept it
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