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  1. Some belated feedback is better than none. I've been using it since the last time I wrote about it, manually updating some files like trid defs, unrar, 7z.dll etc and it seems to be working more than fine. Sadly, what seemed to be a very nice New Year's present for 2016, is more than likely not in active development any more. Kudos to Acheron for posting the link with the different mods so we can hope there will be at least one maintained version left at the end of this very long journey of this piece of software. Cheers and regards
  2. Can you share more info on which method you used for integration? Can you open the image with some tool like ntlite for e.g. and confirm the update is in there?
  3. I will try this out, too. I've been using Gora's fork, but lately (for at least a month) there have not been any online updates since the server seems to be down.
  4. I don't know if you saw this, but there are two new updates for XP, for XML Core services and GDI: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40919 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41715
  5. Bumping an old topic... Up to this moment, no. But, most components they use can be found elsewhere and the executable file can be made unattended to install with the options you need http://www.codecguide.com/silentinstall.htm
  6. So, with Windows 7 exiting Mainstream support on January 13th, chances for an official SP2 are even smaller, if not next to none. (Bump on a year-old thread)
  7. I am discontinuing this addon because all beta versions of Paint.NET 4.0 use .NET Framework 4.5 and up, hence they won't officially work on XP. If you choose to get Paint.NET 3.5.11, the links will not be removed. Regards
  8. This is great. I was hoping someone had already raised the issue, now that next month's update release will be the last regular one on one hand, and the fact there is a "tradition" of projects maintaining "older" operating systems here at MSFN on the other hand. I'm looking forward to trying it out when next month's update is integrated into the service pack. Cheers.
  9. Revisiting: solution was close to post #14; reducing CPU to 80% made the shutdowns go away.
  10. Updated to latest version 03/12/2013 Rev.4527 by clsid
  11. Updated to latest version 17/11/2013 Rev.4525 by clsid

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