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  1. Thanks I had forgotten portable app.
  2. I have XP Pro & W7 Enterprise dual booted, with various applications such as VLC player, audacity, spotify, etc installed on my XP, in W7 I go to my XP drive progam files from W7, whatever program I want on W7 now I right click the program .exe file and make a desktop shortcut on W7 desktop ( doesnt have to be on your desktop you can put it anywhere)I am sorry if you all know about this. I just found it for myself. I would not use antivirus in this way.
  3. It all works I tend to get rid of all printing, Internet Explorer, languages, media players etc as I use firefox VLC Player Splayer etc, I never use Adobe I use Foxit Pdf reader, Sorry to sound dumb but where do I get the session from again. Just explain what I do, I am battling with my health. Regards
  4. very late reply but here we go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robocopy
  5. Windows 7 ultimate down to 1.33Gb iso on my(2nd attempt)my 1st attempt 1.44gb easy no quirks bugs etc. runs fast and stable so far, rt 7 lite 1.0.9 x86 from rockers team brilliant works like a dream, no waik required . It runs on 1gb ram ok on 2gb feels like a fast XP Professional. Ps Nothing beats slitaz linux 30mb for speed this slimmed down Windows 7 is great because it has virtually no driver/ hardware issues supports loads of networkcards / audio out the box also you dont need 200Gb ram, I personally think W7 Professional-Enterprise is a good program it is expensive.
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