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  1. you can change for some for WINVER, or System Properties and Desktop Watermark (won't tell you since its illegal here) but OS info is resident in almost any system file so unless you have source code of XP to recompile which you don't answer is NO
  2. i changed in setupreg.hiv everything that needs to convert server 2003 to workstation ("XP pro") but for some reason even if i replaced setupreg.hiv with new settings the isntaller ignores it and installs by default server 2003 again any pointers to why its ignored ?
  3. so basicaly, when user enables address bar in explorer you get "Address" written when you enable for toolbars to "show text labels" you get labels below buttons (back forward views...) i'd like to remove them - yes i know buttons can be changed to have no txt labels, BUT i'd like to replace the labels with blank space (don't ask why ) i searched in explorer.exe, iexplore.exe, shell32.dll and mshtml.dll and i couldn't find anything (or maybe i'm blind?) any pointers regarding this ?
  4. yeah i do that but that behaviour of OS is still stupid to me system won't restore them anyway nor user can restore them via sys restore seems more like bug to me than feature as its unusable
  5. i have XP SP3 in my VM and i noticed that whenever i rename sys file in order to replace it (both in safe mode) that OS makes backup in _RESTORE folder (C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F1F7736D-517F-4539-9498-EE266889A1A0}\RP5) but why does it OS do, if no restore point is set for that date when files are renamed/backuped ? to me it only seems it takes additional space for no reason
  6. not to spam with new thread is it possible to duplicate toolbar (have 2 of same) or add empty one to explorer ?
  7. ah nice ! didnt thought it can be that simple thanks
  8. hmm how about this when i already change what buttons i want, and how my toolbars are set and all that do you know which key saves that since i'd like to improt that key so i can have on custom installs same UI as the one i customized ? i tried to import from VM customized key you gave into my host PC and nothing changed i killed explorer and re-run, again no changes
  9. when user right clicks on button bar and has dropdown list for Buttons with text, and without text does anyone know which registry entries are for that "on the fly" change ?
  10. sweet, working now, thanks ^^
  11. on XP SP3 (+ post SP3 patches) i have set in registry [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop] "PaintDesktopVersion"=dword:00000001 it simply refuse show it any particilur reason ?
  12. ok problem resolved usage of imagecfg did the job
  13. Ponch those are for desktop watermark, i know ho to do that (but thanks) i more interested in global version build change, and yes i'm aware some things wouldn't work
  14. don't know how much this goes into "illegal" things for this board feel free to warn or lock the thread if so i'm interested in changing XP build number (not the desktop via registry) so people on some boards said files needed to hexed are win32k.sys and ntoskrnl.exe but in there i don't find anything related to "2600" (regarding XP build number) anyone can tell what needs to be edited ? (maybe im blind)
  15. hmm never noticed it for previous SP's still weird thing to brand it like that
  16. i use XP SP3 + later patches, and noticed that some system files (like explorer) have changed build number to 6.0.2900.5512 (while CMD ver and winver still shows 5.1.2600) shouldnt all XP files post SP3 have build of 5.1.26xx.5512 ? and why did they brand it as 6.0 (vista) ?
  17. i have removed that app and replaced with "dud" http://www3.telus.net/_/dud it helped me when verclsid started to cause troubles with image thumbnails in explorer but can help you also if you have some error problems with no reason
  18. kinda weird... this is how only 2000/XP works or any NT above too ?
  19. btw if pagefile is completely disabled & deleted why does Taskmanager in process list under "VM size" shows any VM usage at all ? same goes for Everest under Motherboard -> Memory ?
  20. hah... that sucks for uninformed people... thanks for clearing it up
  21. will try tho last time i got that yellow "attention" icon in sys tray and popup by windows saying "vm is to low bla bla bla, windows is resizing page file size"... funny thing now, even if my PF is deleted and non existant System Info and Everest still report it exists and is being used while defragmenter i use (not by MS) and Task Manager don't see the PF :S
  22. registry editing helped (thanks !) and yes i always hit "set" before apply but it seems OS leaves pagefile.sys to be there, had to remove it via unlocker... only then i could re-enter new (small) values i wonder, if i may ask another question when i re-entered smaller values (min 2MB, max 4MB) can be something be done so OS doesn't automaticly starts to resize PF ? as i only wish to leave small PF for minidumps if BSOD happens but nothing above 1 or 2 MB, so the RAM can take everything else isntead HDD ?
  23. so using XP SP3 Pro tried to lower my PF to 2 MB, rebooted OS only enlarged it then ticked to disable it, rebooted no effect any help on why this happening ?
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