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  1. You are correct in what topic to avoid. You'll find the rest of the rules but I'm guessing you probably have read them already. If not please do so. Three big words in one post. <DL watches oledawg warily> I think your knowledge will be of more importance than the education you lack or have, depending on how you look at it. Welcome to MSFN oledawg. DL
  2. Meh on the wallpaper but COOL! on the son. Congratulations. j/k on the wallpaper comment. DL
  3. mark

    hey forum

    Hi funk, Welcome to MSFN. If you haven't used Windows before, what were you using? There are numerous members here who use other OS's. Just check around. Don't forget to read the rules and don't forget to use the search function. DL
  4. mark

    Hello all

    Hi ropegun, Welcome to MSFN. There are ways to avoid or slow down the bloat you are accumulating on your PC. You will find answers and help from other members here. Don't forget to use the search function and read the rules DL
  5. mark


    You've got one more language to go. Hi SHOPPING. Welcome to MSFN. DL (I really didn't want to say welcome to MSFN SHOPPING, ha-ha)
  6. Welcome to MSFN laffsalot. Obviously you know how to use the search function. So you are off to a good start. Don't forget to read the forum rules. DL
  7. FUSK (Only because it is now used on the web but is a Swedish word for cheat. So I use it in that vein also.) FUSK I did and FUSE was my RUSE.
  8. We have seen that bubble burst before. I couldn't make a comment on it either but I just have to wonder. The internet isn't finished with it's growth by a long shot. There is supposed to be a 2nd one that has been developed that is much faster and where will that lead? DL
  9. Doh!, I was happy to have found the link, popped the page open, saw $99, thought pht! and didn't look further. Going back and seeing the real costs makes me think pht! again.
  10. Yeehaaaa! After searching for 30 minutes through my old posts, I found it. BeTwin 2000/XP The downside is it's $99. Mark
  11. I hope you enjoy it here also. Welcome to MSFN ecki. DL
  12. Welcome to MSFN vayacom. DL
  13. mark


    My solution is incorrect. I don't know why I assumed there was a one hour window for the prisoners to die. It was only stated that they would die on the ninth day. As per Idontwantspams request (below) I have removed my question. It wasn't really a puzzle question anyway. I might bring it up in a separate thread. @Mijzelf (two posts below) I understand 2 to the eighth power and you get 256. I understand the one bit of info from dieing or not. I don't understand why or how you are coming up with that formula for that application. I am not following what you are saying.After resolving that my solution was incorrect, I went and looked at NOTS3W's correct answer. I puzzled over his answer for 15-20 minutes and doodled things out on paper. Once I had done that, I understood his answer and Mijzelf's response about 2 to the eighth power. I finally grasped the scenario. NOTS3W's answer was a puzzle in itself for me. Second paragraph I understand. Third paragraph: You can't do that because of time constraints. In order to have your second stage, you would need to know who was dead to create your next set of groups. I re-did the picture because it was a bit muddled and I don't think I explained what I did very clearly. Yes, you could leave someone out of the first hour's test but never mind. In four consecutive hours you follow the pattern I laid out. First and second hours are pretty much self explanatory. Third hour shows individual columns with two numbers below each. Each number is the number of the prisoner who will drink from that column in that hour. Fourth hour shows three numbers to the right of each row and each number is the number each prisoner who will drink from the bottles in that row. At the time of reckoning someone will die in the first hour (prisoner 8 in my example). In the following hour, the dead prisoner has a red square around his number. It will follow on so through the fourth hour. I can't see how it wouldn't work. Clarified picture @Idontwantspam (below)"OK, Not S3w got it right. No more attempting to answer some other way." Sorry, I have eight prisoners stuck in my head. I think I have finished chewing on this bone. I hope so.
  14. mark

    The Ballmer Peak

    That only works for coders. DL
  15. mark


    It is not in the second hour I have the problem, it is in the third. I could end up with two pairs of unchecked blocks as opposed to just one. Ok, so I double the tasters per column in the 3rd hour and triple in the 4th. I am ready to get as convoluted as necessary at this point. Dead men trial two. What is surprising is that, so far, I have only used 7 sips off each bottle. DL
  16. mark


    I made a diagram of the 1024 bottles and 8 prisoners. I don't see why my pattern won't work. 1st hour has 8 vertical blocks 2nd hour has 8 horizontal blocks 3rd hour has 8 vertical columns for each prisoner and the 4th hour has 2 horizontal rows per prisoner. Potential of one dead prisoner and up to 4 dead. The picture is here. DL
  17. Hanging around you kiddies, I feel right immature, I mean youthful.
  18. Happy Birthday PuntoMX. Dang, you're still a young punk. A little whipper snapper. Ha! Enjoy. Mark
  19. mark


    1024 bottles, eight prisoners drink 128 bottles each. Hour later eight prisoners drink from 16 bottles from each of the other groups of 128 bottles. Hour later, each prisoner drinks 2 bottles from each of the other groups of 16. Hour later each prisoner drinks 2 different bottles from the groups of 16 but not any same pair as what any other prisoners have drunk. Four dead prisoners. You keep the paperwork up to determine which bottle. I think that works.
  20. Irfanview. Clean, straightforward, quick.
  21. Best: Irfanview. Just because I don't even think about it when I use it. It's just naturally there and does numerous routine tasks. If you want, it has add-ons also. Worst: Blackice Defender. Just because it doesn't/didn't. Just found this. I never paid attention to the product before and didn't realize it was IBM's.Found here.
  23. Boy, that's a long list of replies. Good and bad arguments on both sides. Fastest man made object:standard, men walking on the moon:standard, loss of Orbiter:metric. Buahahahhaha. I'm not worthy.
  24. mark


    12 bottles of wine to a case? 12,000 bottles total?
  25. Someone slipped in under the wire and posted before I finished. and I am stumped.
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