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  1. Yes, at the very edge. Since you see it also, I went and Googled it. I found this article: Digital camera lens overviewOn that page, scroll down to the picture of the front of a house, click on the picture and look at the color along the bottom edge of the garage doors. The preceding paragraph talks about the 'aberrations' and why they are there. Thanks for getting me to look it up, , as I enjoy photography but decline to do so currently. I have 2 SLR's and I am not about to spend the money on film and processing. My next camera will be digital. And since we are on the subject of cameras. One of the nicest cameras out there in the novice/enthusiast range is the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50. Not an SLR but it's capabilities are amazing and the price is great for what it does. The reviews are consistently good with the only negatives being a slightly heavy bulk and the one negative I would give it is in the viewfinder. I don't like the pixilated image you get. I like to be able to clearly see what I am taking a picture of. A friend of mine bought one and he is thoroughly happy with it. He ( and his wife ) even made an award winning DVD with the images he made with this camera and another camera. Like I said, it is an amazing camera for what it is.Found here. Mark
  2. Those are some whopping big pictures. 3 to 3.5MB each. I liked the daffodils and azaleas but the dandelions I couldn't find. There is an odd orange fringe on the sunny side of the daffodils or is my comp. doing something weird? Glad you had a good birthday. Mark
  3. Well, you can see who is near and dear. Happy birthday Zxian. I hope that is some good cooking you get. Enjoy your evening. Mark
  4. mark

    MaximumPC, June 2008

    Ummmm, me being a monkeyboy or is there something about nuhi I don't know? DL
  5. I walked by the magazine rack at lunch today and ogled the wares (good meaning ). Surprise, surprise. MaximumPC has nLite burned to CD and the CD says "650 MB of our favorite PC-tweaking software!" and "Ultimate PC Toolkit". They list the apps on the back slip. I took a picture of the issue I bought but it was with a cellphone camera so the quality is poor. You make out the name nLite next to the upper right side of the disk on the back slip sheet. Picture of MaximumPC back cover. I don't know what is inside the magazine yet because I haven't torn the plastic cover yet. I believe this is the first official copy of nLite I have owned as it is not one I burned myself. I wanted to turn to the woman standing next to me and say 'I know the guys that made this program' but thought better of it. Hi nuhi. Mark
  6. I think this fits most of your criteria colore and it is free ( donationware )( and you are on your own, I've never used it): Clonespy DL
  7. I was curious about the links I had posted because I didn't know that much about search terms and operators. One caught my eye. I tried this- "allintext:+perf.dll" (use without the quote marks and you get slightly different results without the + sign) I got exact results on most pages and the others had "perf dll" side by side like in the quotes. Oh, and your thread here made it to the first page of results. Haha. DL
  8. Googleguide Overview Search operators Student handouts at UC Berkeley UC Berkeley about search engines UC Berkeley "Finding info on the Web" 10 Google search tricks Don't forget to look at what people have responded with to possibly find other tricks. How to search for people Search the Web Anonymously 5 things Yahoo can do but Google can't Hope this helps. DL Edit: I Googled for these results.
  9. I got slightly different results using perf+dll DL
  10. Hi badboy260, For addons that get integrated with your nlited OS, you should look here in the subforum of the nlite forum. Find the programs you would like to integrate, download and save and when you run nlite, it will ask you for the addon programs. You just navigate to the addon programs and select them. DL
  11. I've read through what has been posted and all of it is good advice and very true. Let's forget about the part where I fell back to my old ways but I smoked/smoke. The method that worked for me was that I just had to make up my mind. And do it. I finally decided to quit. So I just stopped. Not cutting back, not giving myself times to smoke and not at others, not avoiding situations that prompted me to smoke, not cutting back on coffee because I like a smoke with a cup, not giving myself so many a day that I could have, etc......... I just quit. Two weeks of reaching for a smoke, wanting a smoke and controlling my agitation. From there on out, it was easy sailing though I did regularly reach to my pocket for a cigarette that was not there. Reaching for a cigarette in my pocket happened for a year and a half and that was a habit that I never managed to break. It was totally subconscious until I realized what I was doing. So, let that be a warning. Don't let a habit be with you for a long enough period of time that it worms it's way into your subconscious. Best regards, Mark
  12. Hmm. As some have figured out and some have read with my posts, I'm not a computer geek or anything remotely like one. My 'canned air' is a 7 horsepower, 3 phase, 240 volt, 80 gallon tank pressurizing to 180 to 200 psi and regulated to 110 psi on the outlet. My location is exceptionally dry indoors even though the local humidity is average to high. For whatever reason, I get little to no moisture exiting the tank, ever. When blowing out the inside of a tower I just make sure of two things. 1) I don't blow 'into' a drive, be it HDD or optical. I blow across them, creating a slight vacuum to drag the dust off and avoiding any potential moisture (that never happens). 2) I put my finger on any fan to stop it spinning as I blow it off. It makes a very cool sound as it spins up on the air pressure but I'm sure it exceeds the 36,000 rpm design limit they have on the fans. You can get a small 5 gallon air tank with a pressure gauge for $20-30 that you can fill from another pressure tank (at a gas station for your tires(Pay attention to the design limit of your smaller tank) and run a short air hose off it to blow out your PCs. There are moisture filters that you can buy for $15-20 if you want. DL Website Same site Again Again Again Just leave out the lubricant. Again This stuff is off topic and if you want to geek, you could just cut these posts out and put them in 'General' in a new thread if you want. Or just delete them.
  13. No, that's perfectly normal."looks like a remote to me is the 4port usb hub in the changejar" Yes, that's the 'remote'. Canned air, now that is more fitting. I had to blow out one of our computers today using our 80 gallon tank of canned air. Next time I do that, I am going to take a picture of the geyser of dust that blooms out of it. I won't take a picture of my workspace though. Oh, nice desktop by the way. DL
  14. @geek- One package of high sugar content candy, one partial package of high sugar content candy, one partially hidden container of high sugar content soda, two spare mice, one thumbdrive in it's own protective pouch, one partially hidden game controller, one (possibly two) sticks of memory on the windowsill in packaging, transferring data between computer and cell phone, two towers, one multitool, one remote(?) and one can of bugspray. I think the shot glass speaks for itself. DL
  15. Talk to your plants. DL
  16. diogolx, you might want to read through a few of the preceding pages and find out that this project and topic are long dead. DL
  17. mark

    Vista Wonders!

    Thanks RJM. That was funny. DL
  18. And if you can get the hang of using one, try the 'Cold-heat' soldering iron. Runs on batteries. Amazing little tool. Follow the directions for best results. DL
  19. You can substitute the word help for setup and get the same behavior as for setup. DL
  20. mark

    Vista Wonders!

    Unfortunately: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Blimp TV" DL
  21. If you aren't already doing it, add some exercise to your day or an outdoor activity. DL
  22. It does look good. That last picture looks like you have telemarketers working for you. Mark
  23. Congratulations nuhi and all who have worked on nlite and vlite. Much deserved recognition. Hats off to you. Mark
  24. Found that link on patents: Stuff ya might wanna know bout patents. DL
  25. At the moment, all I have are desktops. I wouldn't mind having a laptop (I would actually find it quite useful) but for the moment, it's a no go. I am not criticizing your invention but when I see someone's doodad, doohickey(this word is in the spell check list !!!!!!!) or thingamabob that they are selling and it sells, "Dang, I need to think of something like that" goes through my mind. You never know what people will buy. A while back, I saw a web page that a woman out in the Midwest (US) had put together for her own benefit to see if she could make a web page. On her trial web page, she sold tumbleweeds. Small, medium and large tumbleweeds. We are talking about weeds here. Weeds. Plants that grow where you don't want them. She has a thriving business selling WEEDS!! Ya never know. So in the mean time, SELL SELL SELL. DL
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