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  1. Hi Ken-mkII, Welcome to MSFN. Use the search link at the top of the page to find possible answers to your questions. DL
  2. mark


    Hi jimartin8219, Welcome to MSFN. And you will find your time well spent. Hi GoldPower, Welcome to MSFN. Hmmm, I don't know anybody else who introduced themselves in someone else's post. DL
  3. Hi udornf4, Phantoms? Welcome to MSFN. DL
  4. Hi Babbel, Welcome to MSFN. DL
  5. Or if you want to just rig something: Adhesive backed velcro The adhesive on the back of this stuff is very strong and the velcro is very heavy duty. I have used it where wires dangle under desks (from keyboards) and your legs can snag them. Stick the hook part to where ever you need it, wrap the loop part around the wire (the adhesive sticks to itself exceptionally well so get it right the first time). You deal with the unsightliness of it and it is limited to places you where you will be allowed to apply it. My guess is the power cord is coming out of the wall before the velcro lets loose. You could also coil up your power cord and wrap it with a strip of hook material for tidy transport. @Headjerk- I really do hope you make a ton of money. Sell, sell, sell, sell. Saturate the market before you get someone knocking your product off. Patenting your idea is a nice idea but from what I have read, it isn't worth much more than something to be proud of. I had read on a site (I can't find it now) by a patent lawyer that for a product to be worth patenting, it would need to generate $20 million dollars in revenue. A good portion of that money would be used for fighting patent infringement. Someone can come along, change one little thing on your idea and you have lost it. If someone can show that the idea isn't new or that it would be invented anyway, you've lost it. There was a lot more but my memory fails me. So sell, sell, sell, sell. Edit: When searching for the patent lawyers site I came across these amusements: http://www.patentoftheweek.com/ http://www.patentlysilly.com/ enjoy. DL
  6. mark


    Hi Ellse, Well, you can't call yourself an id*** and others can't either. You just don't know yet. When you do know, you won't be and id*** any more. Just remember to use the search function first and try hard when you use it. Welcome to MSFN Ellse. DL
  7. That is turning out very nicely. Beefier than I expected. The steel framework looks like it is fairly true and square. DL
  8. @Idontwantspam- and think about how nicely the divisions of a circle work out in degrees. At one time there was a number system that used 60 as the main factor. Base twelve works well with a lot of this stuff. DL
  9. You have a bond with your mom that they can never have. Like PuntoMX said, it is in people's nature. Again, my sympathies. Mark
  10. Deepest sympathies dirtwarrior. Mark
  11. @cluberti- The link is dead. I found this one Here. If this isn't a qualifier about the system, then nothing is: "I'm really geeked about it" DL
  12. Hi Pruz. Nice job on getting your system straightened out. And thank you for explaining what you did to repair it. Hi Tarun. I don't necessarily agree on what people have in their systems 'this day and age'. I can well imagine that there are a lot of people who don't have middle of the road, never mind top end, systems. My system is over 3 years old at this point and I didn't buy anything that was close to the good stuff and I agree that it will still run XP in it's full blown form. My point of view on nlite is that it will create an install of XP with ease and from a gui and do it with all the updates, SPs, several programs that I use, have settings and tweaks that I like in place and I do remove things that I consider complete fluff or useless to me. There are numerous things I leave in place because 'I might' use them in the future and there are other things I don't touch because I really don't know what damage I might do(I try to know my limits). The initial and main reason I used nlite was because I found the regular install of Windows to be a PITA and the virus I had been trying to get rid of just as big a PITA. It solved two problems at once and added some benefits. Throw in some things I have learned here at MSFN and I haven't had a virus, trojan or anything else on my system(knock on wood). I run a firewall but have only had an antivirus program on it two or three times just to check. Lucky, cautious and a little informed. DL
  13. Not that I know this from experience or anything <looks around warily> but sometimes if it is the last tab, you have time to close the tab and sometimes that tab won't appear again. Not that I know that from experience or anything ya know. DL
  14. mark


    First line of the nursery rhyme is "Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater" DL
  15. I understand what you are saying Idontwantspam but won't FF ask to restore the previous session if it is terminated abruptly? ( I didn't click on the link and yes, I find that kind of thing very annoying ) DL
  16. You are correct. I saw the name 'Shelby_gt' and scrolled past mr.brownstones thumbnail and 'a' Mustang's image locked in my head. This brought up what I had recently seen on the 2008 Bullit. DL
  17. You want current movies or just what others might think are good? DL
  18. I have not used this but I did mention it in a previous post. It seems to cover some of the things you require. dynebolic DL
  19. But you can have a smoke!!!!!!!! NOT!!! DL
  20. An article on the tactics of BSA (Business Software Alliance) and the potential damage done to small businesses. Members of BSA include Microsoft Corp., Adobe Systems Inc., Symantec Corp., IBM Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. Article found here. DL
  21. Well, staying on topic with Mustangs and wallpapers. Here is a link to the new 2008 Ford Mustang Bullit (flash page with wallpapers): Website Here it is at an autoshow: Picture I understand that they are building 7,700 of them. No logos, no spoiler, tuned to sound like the original, Dark Highland Green and oh so sweet. DL
  22. 18!!! Congratulations ripken. Happy birthday to you. Mark
  23. mark

    I want one

    The website is graphically intensive with Macromedia to boot. The website. I want one for the pure 'gee whiz' factor. DL
  24. Would this work on top of an unsigned theme that is in use? DL
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