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  1. @c78scorpio- You make it sound like you don't have any backups for what you have saved on the computer. So look at it this way: Now is a good time to do a full backup and have a fresh install on your computer. Also, check out nlite for doing your fresh install. Just be sure to run tests on your nlited install if decide to give it a try. DL
  2. I'm sure there are people who get into their towers fairly regularly but most of us will only get into them a few times in the computer's lifetime for placing/replacing components or cleaning, so the extra cost for the convenience might not be worth it. But then again, for those of us who keep a flashlight at the ready to go diving 'under the hood' might find it quite convenient. Push push laptops sounds like a bad idea. Laptops are mobile and will get squeezed regularly like inside a bag or carrying case when placed against anything and will definitely get squeezed if you carry it under your arm with anything else like books. That is all you would need is to have the laptop opening up when your hands are full and you are trying to put your books and stuff down or go to pull it out of it's carrying case. If you put a latch on it to avoid that, then things are getting redundant. Just looking at things practically. For all I know they may already exist. DL
  3. You shouldn't be surprised at who I associate with. j/k I am even on a first named basis with a couple of lawyers. (I try not to hold it against them because I have actually seen them do some good)(and no, it wasn't for me ) DL Edit: @MrCobra- What you are not realizing is that spaming involves money. When money is involved then taxes are involved. Money is lost due to the financial damage done to victims (individuals or institutions through the loss of time) or the direct loss of finances through bilking. Need I say more?
  4. Like B. Spears, she's nothing but redneck skank. Justice? She's rich and famous so she gets less time in jail than the average joe? No, not really. A guy in my town was arrested on attempted rape and assault with a deadly weapon. He got 'time served' which equaled 30 days (you can get an automatic 2 days for having someone make a false accusation against you and you have no recourse). I'm not seeing justice very often no matter who it was. If you get arrested(in the US), make sure you go to a Federal minimum security prison. Racquetball, typing classes, computer classes, bands (rock and roll or whatever), woodworking, etc.... and you will also get to hobnob with the elite. You know, like doctors, lawyers, politicians and anyone who hasn't paid their taxes. Not paying your taxes is the most horrific offense that you can make as far as the US government is concerned. If you grow weed and get caught, what you are in real trouble for is not paying taxes on it. Bah!!, I don't even want to think about it. DL
  5. Why is it 'really, really cold'? Edit: I ask because you weren't clear as to whether you just brought it in or not from outside. If it is a single unit with housing around the computer guts and the monitor, you will need to be extremely careful if you decide to open it up after having power to the unit. The components of the monitor can build up some high voltages that will knock your socks off to say the least. DL
  6. Very nice Tux. The overall black theme and color is really effective, especially with images laid on top. It makes them really stand out. Makes you want to click on them to get a better view. The wallpaper is pretty cool also. Gloomy but a lot of character. Again, very nice. DL
  7. mark


    Ha-ha. Your knowledge English nursery rhymes need to be at least fair to get that one. DL
  8. Or in the FireFox cache, assuming it is one of the last things you watched, look for a large file (all files in the cache are a series of 11 letters and numbers with no extension) that is near the last in time to be cached. Copy it, save it with the name you want and add .flv. Mark
  9. Mabel, Eunice and Betty, were spinsters who liked to spend afternoons in the park enjoying the sunshine and each other's company. While they were sitting on a park bench, a streaker ran right up and flashed the three little old ladies. Mabel, upon seeing the sight, had a stroke. Eunice had a stroke. But Betty, who suffered from arthritis missed the opportunity.
  10. Yeah, learning to search properly is a topic on it's own. !! I'm not saying you don't know how!! I am just commenting. As to the library archives that I mentioned, I only know of them from having read articles. I wouldn't even know where to look and am not about to now either. I can see that killing several hours on it's own, once I found the location. As often as I have browsed around in wikipedia, it has always been through someone else's link. I don't believe I have ever gone there to do a search. And I have garnered good info there. @DigeratiPrime- Don't forget that you can get your hair cut there also! Go for it! You can get whitewalls while your car does too! Sweet. DL
  11. mark


    Hi SignaL, Welcome to MSFN. Well, with the little you have, you are off to a good running start. 7 decent posts already. DL
  12. Hi thunderbolt16, Welcome to MSFN. DL
  13. Hi Montylo, Welcome to MSFN. You will find the 'Search' button quite useful at the top right of each page. DL
  14. Uh, Hello RADCOM, You are the quiet type. Welcome to MSFN. DL
  15. mark


    Hi ysyuan1986, Glad to have you as a new member. Welcome to MSFN. DL
  16. Hi rpopper, Welcome to MSFN. DL
  17. Hi Robert2007, Welcome to MSFN. Are there degrees of 'lazy'? I mean, if a good programmer is lazy, is the laziest person going to be the greatest programmer? If so, I am going to have to re-evaluate myself. So far I have not been aware that I could even code at all. DL
  18. Hi LUZR4LIFE, Welcome to MSFN. DL
  19. Good choice mooms. Welcome to MSFN. DL
  21. Happy belated birthday xper. Mark
  22. The alternate way of looking at it is that 'knowledge is power'. Your not going to find much power in WallyWorld. How many university libraries has Google associated itself with and made online databases of the library contents? And when you are after that little bit of knowledge on something, Google and other search engines try to prioritize the results. I have found many things that have been helpful and would never have gained the knowledge without the internet. Then look at entertainment (YouTube), comunication (Gmail and more), productivity tools, marketing (google advertisement) etc. And they haven't finished yet. WallyWorld sells you things. Google shows you where you can buy it, buy it cheaper, buy better quality, buy an alternative and have it delivered. How many times have you done comparison shopping and read reviews online and then bought at a local retailer like WallyWorld? Mark
  23. STOW I'm just after the 1337th unique. DL
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