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  1. How i can update existing Image of Windows XP/ Vista image. I dont want to dump the image again on the computer upadate it and then upload it again on the server. Is there anyway of updating the existing windows image so that i can Add/remove programs, apply updates and patches to the existing image. I m using Windows Deployment Services for Imaging Purpose
  2. How can create a Universal Image of Windows XP so that it will work on all Brands of Desktops ?
  3. How i can create a Universal Image of Windows Vista which will work on all the Desktop Models. I want to create 2 universal images one for laptops (Dell, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu Siemens) & one for Desktop Models like Dell, Acer, HP. Is there anyway of doing it ???
  4. Hi guys i have installed Windows Deployment Services Few months back. Its working fine. But i have few questions regarding the WDS ! there is a feature in WDS in which only the authorized clients can access to WDS using the GUID or MAC address by creating the account in the Active Directory (Something known as pre-staging). We have around 5000 students in our college and for security reasons we want only those 5000 users to connect to the Windows Deployment Services. There was a scenario where one of the students will bring his brothers or sisters laptop and connect to WDS for Imaging & due to licensing reasons we don't want that to happen. So how i can capture or reterive the MAC Address / GUID of those 5000 computers which are connected on the network and then authorize them in Windows Deployment Services ??? Plzzzzzzzzzzzz guys help me out i m waiting for your reply !
  5. Hi Everyone My Name is Chaudry and i m from United Arab Emirates
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