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  1. you should obtain Microsoft's "Office Resource Kit" and create a customized install package (an .MST file). then, you can call setup.exe to run unattendantly (exact syntax is explained through the customization tool). I've never tried that myself, but I guess that through nLite you'd call it by the RunOnce tab. I THINK (somebody correct me here?) that it's being called at the same phase of GUIRunOnce (same section?) where MS says it's safe to call Windows-Installer-based setups. (actually, you'd might add it yourself into a [GUIRunOnce] section of your resulting I386\WINNT.SIF file and see if it installs correctly). Good luck, please post results! I'm curious
  2. answering my own question: Universal Silent Switch Finder pitty it still can't analyze mcafee's anti-spyware module for example, but nevertheless a really nice tool
  3. for example - installing ms text-to-speech... actually, I'm curious - is there a way to find out all the possible command line parameters of an executable file? I've once needed a silent switch for mcafee's anti-spyware addon for vse - I crawled the entire net to no avail, till I simply found out about "/silent" through trial & error (I guessed so from their dat updates help). there must be a smarter way, ain't so? maybe a resource-hacker-like utility to discover all hidden switches? or am I dreaming and it isn't at all feasable? thanks for any comment! Edit: bad example as this tts package supports "/?", but you get the picture...
  4. hi guys, have you tried to install the msxml6 sp1 first? I've once seen it at RVM's known issues to specifically address dot net 3 installation. Never tried it myself, but since then I integrate the above msi through cmdlines.txt (installs fine regardless of MS's remarks) - just in case Actually, you may simply try RVM's own dot net 3 installer (d/l with utorrent) - Ryan once wrote that using his installer can work around the above issues - again, I can't comment my own experience as I've never tried it (like you said so yourself - dot net 2 meets most needs already...) good luck!
  5. nuhi - thanks! nice tip for the differences powerup - definitely not nlite's fault - I once had that amdk6.sys issue myself (file error in the text phase? I searched the net to no avail...) and I can't remeber how, but it went away - I THINK it had smth to do with the order of the "hotfixes" that nlite applied for me (actually update packs & a few addons) - try to sort them or eliminate a few. but anyway - it came & went while using the same old nlite version, so it had to do with your own specific setup.
  6. regarding this "beta" stage: suppose I manually extract the SFX over my 1.3.5 folder & use the same session files with maybe a little more of the new tweaks but without the new removals - is it safe? is there any advantage in upgrading to this beta then? in other words - was there any massive code rewrite that can affect stuff that worked fine with 1.3.5 ?
  7. ^^^ - never tried the svcpack method for dotnet2, but it failed for me on cmdlines...later on I read that MSI stuff may fail there, and that MS recommends installing them via [GUIRunOnce] - in winnt.sif IIRC - I'm yet to try that though - I'd love to find an easier way (read: addon) to integrate .net into my ua...
  8. hi nuhi, I'm not sure where to post feature request, but could you please add these two registry tweaks: 1. select the default keyboard language when having added multiple ones by nlite: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload] 2. add a password hint for the welcome screen (a per-user setting, here's for admin): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Hints\Admin] thanks for your time & this great project!
  9. @soccer84playa: why would it cause an error? I'm not sure I understood your question - DOES it cause an error for you? I, as well as many happy nLite users (I guess), are using it without any problems. @legionaire: You serious?!? if that's true, than how come it's still there...for me it seemed that nLite has a very logical course of action - it applies all the hotfixes/patches BEFORE it procedes to the tweaks/options...
  10. Madhits45, thanks - I know how to merge REG files, but I'm not sure how to deal with nLite's INF and where is it in the first place (just saw the reference in cmdlines.txt) - and what about affecting default/all users as well as the obvious current when applying such stuff? Thank you!
  11. Pardon the bump, but can someone answer that please?
  12. Hi, I really like nLite alot, thanks nuhi for making such a great tool When I make the tweaks, the affect, obviously, the logged on user. Question is, since I'm not sure exactly when they're applied, will they work for new users too? If not, how can I make sure that all users enjoy them? Actually, how can I easily apply nLite's tweaks on a working system? I know there are many 3rd-party tweakers, but I like all I can do with nLite, and I thought it'd be nice to have a similar way to apply tweaks to current and/or default/all users of an already-installed system. Thank you!
  13. maxkohl

    Last session (files)

    sort of, these files are merely for the nlite shell, they are not needed for the resulting cd for setup. for myself, I choose not to include them on the final compilation, because I like a "clean" root folder. However, if I ever want to update something, I need the last session files available at least on my nlite folder in program files, lest I'll have to tick all the options from scratch...
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