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  1. After I login, there's a long delay (5 Minutes) during which the computer is not doing anything (no cpu usage, no disk activity, no network activity). All of a sudden, the hard disk will start churning loads a couple for things for a few seconds and windows is now normal. After the initial login, usernames in the task manager don't show up and many applications including applications that have anything to do with the internet do not launch. After that 5 minute delay, everything launches and computer works fine. Here is my setup script: And I have already done an in-place Windows Re-installatio
  2. I'm guessing that when I remove a lot of things from Hardware and Drivers section, it removes the Standard VGA Adapter driver, because I tried a lot of things--and ATI will simply not install a driver without Windows having a VGA Driver installed. Also, when I install KxProject for sound and the game port, it will simply not install the driver for the Game Input Device (Game Port/Joystick Port). I tried fixing this by installing motherboard (VIA) drivers (which I thought would contain VGA Drivers), and also trying to manually dig into the drivers folder on the original XP CD and unzipping the
  3. I've always wanted to have an automated install and something about the pain in setting it up kept turning me off. Nlite makes everything so much easier--although since it has so many options, you really just want to mess with it once and save it forever. This will be the 5th or 6th NLITE CD I am creating, due to my immaturity in selecting the wrong options and windows not coming out the way I wanted it to. With the latest CD, I've included more software addons so the computer is nearly 95% ready to go after setup. I use Nlite to purely automate and setup everyhthing the way I like more than t
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