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  1. Good Morning, Just to let you all know I have managed to sort it all out. I managed to get an Nlite Windows just under 1GB installed so thats fine. Thanks anyway. Regards, Max
  2. Right I have had a good look at the laptop, Firstly here is what the Windows XP Setup reports as harddrives: 3847MB Disk 0 at ID 0 on bus 0 on atapi 7696MB Disk 0 at ID 1 on bus 0 on atapi there are currently partiions and reports there are two un-partioned areas one for each disk. When I opened up the underside I found the 8GB harddrive and when removed its still boots up fine with just the 4GB drive but I cannot find the 4GB physically anywhere. I have been speaking to my collegue who told me to use fdisk first to partition the 8gb but that doesn't even see the 8gb drive. Looks like I am jus
  3. No Windows is reporting it as two harddrive 0 and 1. I have deleted partions but I can't create one out of two drives. I haven't had a physical look at it yet I will do so at lunch although I haven't actually seen a SSD. The other person is actually my GF :-) I have deleted the partions and recreated both to NTFS and don't understand why Windows is refusing to install on the 8GB. Even if I partion that one first so its Drive C in the Win Setup (booting from CD). I will take a look at lunch inside the netbook and if still no luck going to try the orginal xp disk just to see if it will take the
  4. Nlite process finished: Total Size: 329.18MB Drivers: 48.34MB Saved Space: 245.02MB
  5. Hmm intresting. Thought it was running a bit high. The only thing is I added the Drivers in using Nlite so they are all installed. The first time I tried to run a couple of Microsoft updates but there wasn't enough space so I reinstalled again and took a look and there was hardly any room (admittidly pagefile was using the last remaining GB) I have just seen someones configurations for another Asus Eee PC so I am copying theirs for now and see how that turns out with my drivers put in. I have added nothing apart from drivers and cut out as much as possible as the end user only wants to web bro
  6. Good Morning Everyone, I have got a Netbook here with a SDD harddrive. It actually has two harddrives one being 8GB and the other being 4GB. Now Windows refuses to install on the 8GB saying its not compatible and I have tried everything I can to get it to but it just won't so I have got to install it on the 4GB one. Using Nlite I am trying to get it as small as possible but I am struggling to have any room left on the harddrive once installed. I have got it down to just under 3GB but I really want it at 2Gb so that half the harddrive is left. The person I am installing it for wants to be able
  7. Thanks this just saved me, I was getting really frustrated. I have a Vista Ultimate OEM disc that I have used a few times to create different images and I was in the process of making an image for my laptop that is basically f*d now and from prev times of making images most of it was already correct so made my few changes license code was already in there and I removed all images apart from Ultimate for a smaller disc and when booted from sic there were no images available, Trying to work this out I dedcided to make another one with all images when I boot it was only Home Preimum, I have been
  8. The thing is I wouldn't be running it on that. I would be running it on roughly 1GB Memory becuase I will be using as much as possible of my two flash drives. I just need to get it installed first though
  9. Hi everyone, Is there anyway I can get Vista installed when I lack about 5MB below the minimum Ram requirements? It is important I have 4GB worth of Flash drives that i am going to use as extended Ram but I can't do that to install vista can I? I have to have at least 512 in normal ram? The reason I am saying this is important is there is a game I need to play, at the moment I have no desktop and no money to get any upgrades/new machines and at the moment the game will not play on the laptop due to lack of memory, 512 is not enough to play it so I thought I I create a real stripped down versio
  10. Ok Now I have finnally managed to get Vlite to work I went through it but was a bit sad to find the following features not in it: > Can't integrate software to install automaticly, like in Nlite did > Run Once to run dos commands once xp is installed > Have not got a feature to make all your user accounts in the unattended part > Network Settings unattended > The OEM folder to put your own stuff in to install > And tweaking Windows Services, I know its alot and prob can't get all done but I think my main quible would be the Unattended feature think it needs alot more too it a
  11. Well, I have just succesfully copied the Vista disk clicked on Ultimate and clicked next on the same pc that wasn't working it must be the versio of vista prob didnt copy properly or something. I will work through this copy and tell you if it works or not.
  12. Sorry didnt get to post later, Automatic Updates is turned off on my laptop but it does have a certain amount of updates from ones I have done so I wouldn't say its that out of date. So two computers doing the same thing, both Windows XP Pro SP2 with updates, one has Admin Pack, Tools, is on a Domain File protection Turned off, the other has regular stuff like anti-virus, messenger, office etc with File Protection turned on and prompts me whether I want to replace the modified file or leave i when I install the WIM and Filter Manager I have tried both options. So at a dead point at the moment,
  13. Yes on this computer not sure aobut my laptop I can find out when I go home as I am about to leave the office. This one is really bizzarr and it would be nice to get it working. I will post later.
  14. Ok thanks for clearing that up
  15. Just wondering does Microsoft permit use of Nlite and Vlite providing the right key is used for the correct machine, only we install machines day in day out over here and what I was going to do was create a custom Disk for 2000 and XP and include as much of teh software as possbile that we install with every machine (things like winzip, pdf creator acrobat reader etc) include the common drivers then make it all unattended apart from the License Key screen Then with all teh computers we just pop this disk in away installation goes, gets to License key we type the correct one in for that machine
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