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  1. I have been pretty much exclusively using it since 9, before that it was MSIE and briefly firefox. Opera is great even dispite the occasional problems I get !
  2. I am actually getting the problem on 11.60 too, but not as severe. It sometimes takes one reload for a page to show up all the elements... I needed a lot more with 12.02. Gmail was really slow in 12.02, and was so on winXP too - every operation had 1+ second latency... One other friend of mine is experiencing same kind of problems as well. EDIT: Seems that enabling the disk cache seems to have improved the situation... I keep the disk cache off and only use the memory cache because it is faster and my internet connection is 120Mbit so caching is not necessary...
  3. Do anyone else experience improperly rendered pages and "internal communication error" messages on Opera 12.02 release version ? Sometimes it takes a lot of refreshing to get a page show up properly... I'll try some older snapshot builds, maybe they work better on that part. 11.60 is blazing fast compared to 12.02, and so far seems to behave really nicely too
  4. There is a GNU license, and it permits to do whatever you want as long as source is available. I am stoked to see new developments !
  5. winhttp.dll from XP makes Open Modplug Tracker run too.
  6. That made it work ! Seems the VIA file works for ATI SB400 USB
  7. I just want to report that on the laptop I get some BSODs as soon as I plug in any USB device, upon continuing the laptop freezes. Windows boots to desktop every time. Bit of an improvement compared to last time, when it was impossible to see desktop. The rest however has worked flawlessly !
  8. I got snapshots of vanilla install, and I planned to try things on these.
  9. 3.14 has abosultely no problems whatsoever on the laptop ! I will make a new snapshot and try the USB package.
  10. MY experience from PIII era VIA chipsets is that you got to install the chipset driver as soon as possible or you may run into some severe stability problems.
  11. Go to Device Manager in safe mode and remove ALL USB devices and controllers aswell as the sound card and see what happens on next reboot.
  12. I got a clean windows waiting on my laptop for some testing !
  13. The 2100 driver someone showed on Lenovo site I could not get working with a 2200. "Driver cannot start..." error. I am on a AMD+ATI platform too (HP NX6125 laptop) Ralink RA2560 did work nicely ^^
  14. Why not just move USB out of main updates to optional installs ? To me it seems to be less problematic than having 2 versions (but then again I do not know how the SP is built up so maybe its too much hassle...?) As for my case, ATI never made drivers for the Xpress200M+IXP/SB400 platform. At some point I will extract the chipset part of the drivers and look maybe there is something that works with 98, or at least got so far to remove the exclamation or question signs from device manager. With video I was lucky, I only had to change a device ID in Catalyst 6.2, and the ATI Control Panel supported PowerPlay feature to save battery life too.
  15. There is no VIA controller, but ATI controller, built into "SB400" south bridge
  16. The laptop is all PS/2 inside so USB driver installs are not going to be problematic. Current workaround for me has been installation of NUSB36 before SP313. When I update the drivers then I will be asked if I want to keep the current newer file (OPENHCI.SYS). Keeping the newer file seems te work, but replacing it ended up in a freeze, mouse moves and no BSOD. Forced reboot then results in Windows Protection Error. EDIT: I extracted OPENHCI.SYS from NUSB36 and replaced it in SYSTEM32\DRIVERS and boot error is gone but USB flash stick caused me a freeze and on forced reboot there was no error.
  17. Neither way worked. BSOD happens during the install of the controller, things never reach hubs or 2.0 installation...
  18. I had to manually point out files during driver install when SP3.CAB was gone, when pointing usbui.dll and pressing OK things explode with 0E exception in VXD NTKERN(08). using VIA INF to install the devices gets nowhere.
  19. I have been putting 98SE on my HP NX6125 since I got a working WiFi card that likes 98 too. And it seems 3.13 is not getting along with ATI OpenHCI USB. Bootlog stops at "loading PNP drivers for..." entry Installing USB drivers will result in BSOD or Windows Protection Error during boot When I experimented long ago I could get USB working without trouble with nusb3.3 I made a snapshot of the system prior to installing SP3.13 so I can carry on some experiments without much problems. I dual boot 98SE and XP on that laptop, to get best of both worlds ^^
  20. Success with Ralink RA2560F ! I used the RA2500 mPCI/PCI driver from Ralink site, it comes with the client and works nicely ! It understands what WPA2 is but cannot connect to it though... so that means I will change my Wifi settings a bit at home. I could not get Intel 2200BG or Atheros AR5005G to work
  21. I have finally got my laptop to use non Broadcom card and I have been trying to get Atheros AR5005G working, but I have had no luck at all. INF says 9x is supported but no driver has the 9x specific file, and none got the client program to go with the card. I now have my eyes on a Ralink 2561F based card and Intel 2200BG (I will try out some Lenovo driver that got posted a little ago !
  22. That card is RTL8185 based and there are lots of cheap mini PCI cards available on ebay ! I now know what my laptop will get :3 Are there any Win98 compatible wifi setups that support WPA2 ? I tested one D-link USB thing long ago but I cannot remember whether it did or did not support WPA2...

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