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  1. Here's a hard one. I've since gone back to windows xp. I've got all the drivers, but I can no longer find a piece of software on their site. It was "Intervideo WinDVD 3" for the evo n410c. Yes, I know I can use open source VLC or PowerDVD, but i'd really love to find the link to the download again, as it worked perfectly with the laptop. Edit: i've found a readme, but no link: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp22001-22500/sp22141.txt
  2. Great upload. Works great. Just one bug. I've installed it without the 2000 icons. All my 98 icons are fine, except when the Recycle Bin is full, it shows the non 3d textured windows 95/256 colours icon instead of the normal 32 bit 3d textured one.
  3. Install Main Updates from SP3. And where do I find this service pack 3?? The 3.15 one is dead.
  4. No good as i accidentally install the 2000 icons with the service pack. Is there anyone I can re-overwrite them with the original icons?
  5. How Do I get the original 98 icons back? I've currently got it set the the desktop themes "win 98 standard theme" but it has those odd 3d type icons shown here (see my computer): Instead of the orgininal's (see my computer icon here):
  6. Where did you find that? It worked, PERFECTLY!! I can now do 3d accelerated stuff etc..
  7. Does anyone have the videocard driver for the Compaq Evo N410c laptop? It's no longer on their site, and i don't have it. I've got the sound driver. I'm having to use a generic no 3d accellerated driver, and it's annoying. Please help me. I'm running 98SE on it, with the Service Pack.
  8. I've Decided To Start A Project Of Trying To Get The Vista Version Of Movie Maker (v2.6) To Work On Windows 98. I Know It Works On XP By Modifying the msi install file in orca by replacing NT600 With NT 501. So That Makes It Sound A Wee Bit Easier, But I'll Take A While If I Need To Code, I'll Have To Learn How To Code. Your Honest Opinions Are Very Appreciated, I Hope This Interests People
  9. Can Someone Fill Me In?, Whats Windows Firebird?
  10. Why Make A Service Pack For Windows ME? I Used To Like ME Untill I Found Out About Its Horrible DOS Compatibility. So Thats Why I Stick With 95 & 98 For DOS Games
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