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  1. The driver must supply a WiFi client program from which you need to select your WiFi network and make a connection. Generally there is no support for WPA2 in 98SE compatible drivers so you may have to change the security settings from the router.
  2. Raw DX files that the package installs aren't even 10MBytes total uncompressed...
  3. If bandwidth is a problem I can offer free webspace on my personal server. Currently I got over 700GB of space there and my bandwidth is unlimited (I can move hundreds of GBytes of data if I want and it will still cost me 31€ per month). My connection has up to 20MBit upload speed so when there's not a lot of traffic people will get speeds exceeding 1MByte/sec. Also the server is powered by Win98SE + uSP 3.2x
  4. I install MSIE6 to get proper view of Japanese (and Chinese) characters on websites in other browsers.
  5. Here's the English version : http://www.tmeeco.eu/Fileden/nusb36e.exe
  6. A tester of mine found a really unlikely fix : When you enable Stereo Mix in the sound settings then there are no more crashes ! It fixes some games too, like Bioshock according to him. As for unicode, I have been having some problems making my compiler understand it right so I have not managed to test things around it.
  7. I am not sure if this should be in the programming section or not but this is directly related to Win8. If this is in wrong place I will apologize for doing so and kindly request this to be moved to the right place I have been developing a music tool for a retro game console (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis) and everything has been nice and dandy on Win98SE, XP32, Vista and 7 (32 and 64bit) but Win8 64bit (and possibly 32, I have not yet tested) is causing me massive headache. Whenever I call GetOpenFileName (ANSI version) I will experience a crash sooner or later after random amount of time in random part of the program. The error report says the crash happens in NTDLL.DLL (which I don't directly deal with), problem is an access violation. My program is not having any out of bounds array accesses nor any black pointer magic vomiting all over the memory (well, mostly not, but when there is some I'll always see and fix it). When I compile the program with debug option I'll be noted on any such problem and there is none of that happening, everything is clean. I have no hooks attached to the function, all is as vanilla as it gets. I have double checked all buffers that I pass, there is no problem of them being too small or such, everything has right size and proper termination character in the end. Doing things differently in the OFN struct does not really seem to make any difference, things will still work in other windowses and still fail in 8... Running the program in compatibility mode and/or as administrator makes almost no difference - setting the compatibility to 98 will make the program crash immediately upon calling the function, and on real 98SE (where I primarily develop the program on) all will work perfectly. I am developing the program in FreeBASIC, compiler version 0.24 if it is important to know. So I wonder is there any changes done in Win8 around that part that break something...? It seems so unlikely, or there would be a lot of old programs experiencing issues... I'd happily add a workaround to get this work, but I really have no idea what I could do about it... all I have tried has not got me any closer to desired operation.
  8. I have had problems around that, on some video cards I get completely messed up image in safe mode as soon as I start any console window.
  9. I have no problems with 98SE on my HP NX6125 that has a Turion64 in it. I did have to hack ATI video driver to support the mobile chip and replace the WiFi card to something that has 98SE drivers. Your main problem will be drivers.
  10. VESA number varies from GFX card to GFX card, one number may not correspond to same resolution on some other card... I did mess around with the settings long ago but found 1024 x 768 @ 256 colors to be highest setting that worked...
  11. I'm loving the new default start banner !
  12. I wish I had more time and some extra knowledge on the inner workings of these things.... such stuff should not be easy to hack it, just a compare and skip if the program is written in any sane way (though I kind of doubt it is the case).
  13. http://www.tmeeco.eu/Fileden/infinst_enu.exe I use these with my i875P board. 865 is little brother of 875 to say so, and these drivers should work well, they do for me.
  14. 21h, 23h or 28 would be my picks
  15. Remote Desktop Client exists for 98 but no Server so you cannot use XP to service 98 that way. I am using TightVNC for my 98SE based server but that is slower and won't allow printing like Remote Desktop does. Speed is only an issue over the internet or 100Mbit LAN. I got 1Gbit LAN at home and everything is butter smooth
  16. This is my favorite variation of the Start banner. uSP 1.5 and some newer versions have this in them.
  17. I have not used any anti-virus programs for about 7 years now, and I have not got any viruses. I do some scan on another computer from time to time but that has not shown anything.
  18. You only get what devices there are, but not in what slots they are. The device listing is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Enum/PCI
  19. That BIOS has no options on that regard, if there were I'd not be having any problems.
  20. I got that problem too when I leave in my USB memory card reader. Then I get 4x drives in the middle of existing, disrupting my drive layout. One day I'll look into my BIOS and add a hack to make mounting USB devices optional...
  21. The emulation backend used in the game is written by a friend of mine, in very high performance assembly code. I never had issues with the game on my PIII or P4 machine. There is a patched program executable that fixes "way too fast" problem. I would suggest taking an emulator such as Kega Fusion 3.64 and play the original games themselves.
  22. These modems got an internal flash that holds the driver and client app. While you may get the driver work you still have to make the client app work...
  23. Opera's own of course. I right now have 400MB memory cache and 100MB disk cache. Windows disk cache is set to 128MB. So far everything has behaved nicely here !
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