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  1. and where would that folder be if one used the installer? the installer does not list path
  2. i've read the posts here and all the pages on the website 3 times. i'm some how glazing over it or missing it but, secretly i think the file path is not listed on the site. i doubt it does any good in my downloads folder. is it really crap documentation?
  3. sometimes you can't open source. especially if your have piece of code that you have permission to use but, not to open source or share as open source.
  4. i knew the name sounded really familiar as soon as read the thread title. Rest in Piece buddy. EDIT: HOLY HELL!!! People are using his stuff to boot 9x on Ryzen!?!?!? Damn Rloew, you did tremendous service to the community.
  5. i haven't received mine either. this very same handle at yahoo. idk if i did anything wrong or just slow?
  6. so far i've had excellent compatibility with 10 regarding late 90s games that normally require patching and modding with windows 7. games like fallout 1 and 2 or diablo 1 and 2 all working out of the box, or even need for speed 3 which does require patching for anything after 98. it seems to take up less ram than 7 and even run a little bit faster.
  7. sorry to be off topic but, has any one tried using ESXi and using pass through for video card and sound card? so instead of dual booting you could run 10, xp and 98 all at the same time, might need a kvm switch though. if your rich a dvi and or vga capture card running in the main os to capture the out puts of the other guest and keyboard and mouse with KVM switch. some of these AMD board and chipsets don't always support VT-D which is needed for pass through.
  8. microsoft took down the 95/98/ME update servers anyways.
  9. when i try to install firefox 8 with kernel ex it never works.
  10. i've tracked the problem down to wlidsvc not starting. it fails to start with no errors.
  11. Boy am I sorry i didn't have PowerPack back then. Oh man the time and space it could save specialy considering the built in driver disc.
  12. It all start when Dirt 2 wouldn't launch. sure enough a problem i've had before. i went to reinstall GFWL market place, it error out, ended up being a file permissions glitch, i was able to over come it with with "take ownership" on some folder in the hidden "app data" folder. However that didn't fx it, soon after trying to launch my newly installed GFWL i got the error "a required service is not running or has stopped", so i made way to "services" and found "windows live id sign-in assistant" wasn't running hit "start" and got error, "windows live id sign-in assistant service started then stopped" so i went to uninstall and reinstall... except that doesn't work trying to reinstall it it hangs on "starting newly installed service", even tried uninstalling GFWL again and letting IT install windows live id sign-in assistant but, it still hang when trying to launch windows live id sign-in assistant. perhaps maybe there is also a permission problem with windows live id sign-in assistant. does any one where it's files are located so i can try take ownership? maybe some one else knows what really wrong? yes windows update services is running.
  13. It actualy works... It actualy auto logs on. So the prompt comes up then after some seconds it goes away automaticly. My boss back in the day knew how to make it go away altogether but, I guess, for now, this will do. If I do figure out how to make it not prompt for a logon at all, perhaps I might rember to post back here.

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