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  1. Okay I did the whole setup the same way as last time except that I overwrote those files as you instructed and pointed the directory of the 'hotplug.dll' to the "C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS" directory instead of the "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ixp000.tmp\" directory. And this time it worked After restarting it again he started up just fine and after plugging in some USB devices he recognized/installed them flawlessly and I could access them as I wanted to. So far I also didn't encounter any crashes or errors so everything seems fine so far. Thank you very much LoneCrusader for pointing me to the solution And also thanks to all other guys involved in this thread for being so patient with me and trying to help me, I really appreciate it Just as a sidenote here, when I got into safe mode there were no USB or unknown devices listed (since the system didn't search for any in the meantime) and when the USB devices got installed I didn't get any MessageBoxes regarding the files I overwrote earlier, just for the files that I mentioned earlier (so it was basically the same process).
  2. Maybe it IS best you "give up" since you refuse to follow instructions. I'm sorry, I was writing my post in a hurry and it seems that I posted it in an ambiguous way (sometimes I tend to forget some words that I wanted to write down ). What I actually meant to say was So I believe I actually did install it correctly. Are you referring to the VIA USB drivers? The thing is that they don't work correctly (or at least not in a way that lets me use an USB device). Every USB device I connected was recognized by the system but no drivers were found for it so I'm unable to use the device.And I was aware of the fact that NUSB doesn't give the guaranteed support for using USB devices like in NT based systems. It was worth a try since I was reinstalling everything afterwards anyway. I did not say that NUSB was the cause of the trouble, I just have the suspicion that the sound card drivers and NUSB don't work well together for whatever reason. I actually did a lot of research for the soundcard and its chipset and in terms of functionality the reference drivers are in fact better. In terms of stability and compatibility I can't exactly tell (since its hard to gather info on such old things nowadays) but I also read posts from some people that actually had trouble with the driver from the manufacturer. Of course I could try those drivers but my priority for that PC is Sound Card functionality > USB support and thats why I don't want to switch to other drivers.
  3. Yes indeed Anyway, this time I did exactly what I described before (with the difference that I did install the ie6sp1 after installing the chipset and the NUSB installation according to the intructions which means I did not go into safe mode at all and did the device removal and installation in one session) and here's how it went: Up to the NUSB install everything went fine (no surprise). When I finally did install NUSB and rebooted he actually managed to boot up (maybe because the drivers were not yet installed?). So I logged in and he installed all the devices as I described earlier, this time I wrote down the files he asked me for (I said yes each time which means he kept those (newer) files): uhcd.sys usbd.sys usbhub.sys Then he wanted me to point him to these files which I found in the according folders: hotplug.dll - windows/temp/ixp000.tmp (this has to be the nusb temp install folder right?) usbui.dll - win98 cd (found that one nowhere else) Shortly after that that file process happened again (because there are two devices which are the same, namely VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller?) and I did everything as before. Alright that went fine too, then he found a (yet) uninstalled device (network adapter) and went into explorer. So I rebooted the system (according to NUSB instructions) and was greeted with yet another bluescreen. This one was a little different but a bluescreen nonetheless and at the same point of booting up: I believe it actually is some conflict with the NUSB drivers and the sound card drivers. Perhaps someone with the same sound card can try it out to confirm this issue? And no I won't try installing different drivers (at least for the sound card) nor will I try to install the drivers in different ways since I strongly doubt that it has to do anything with that (sure it won't hurt if one does everything according to instructions but it doesn't mean that it's the one and only way to do it). I actually tried to swap back to the old explorer.exe after this whole installation (since it wouldn't matter, the bluescreen is already there and won't go away and I'm going to reinstall everything anyway) but that also made no difference. So unless someone comes up with a whole new suggestion other than "sticking directly to instructions" I'll just let this problem rest in peace and accept that NUSB has no place in my system. As I said before, I can still help myself with linux (for copying data), it might be a little bit laborious but does work. Thanks to all people here anyway who tried to help, I really appreciate it
  4. So ignore all that stuff about explorer.exe?Also after the reboot when he asks me to overwrite some files should I keep all files I already have? (since nothing of that is mentioned in the instructions) They were all newer files and he wnated them to overwrite with older ones so I guess I should keep them. Yes it has. Should I disable Midi/Game aswell? Are you suggesting I should do some other installations before installing NUSB like IE6SP1?
  5. I got it now, it was some problem with my router/firewall.I'm actually using the reference drivers for the sound card (the official ones from Aureal), not the ones from the manufacturer (Diamond) himself since they are very outdated compared to the reference ones. You can find them by searching for the Aureal AU8830 drivers and they should work fine with the sound card itself (actually they do work fine since I already tried them). Ok then, just to get things straight:1) Reformat and reinstall Windows 2) Let Windows install all drivers (only those that are found on the Win98 disk and on the system itself) 3) Install the VIA Chipset drivers (those are actually in a package as you can see in the MSI download section, should I install all of its contents anyway?) 4) Install the Sound Card drivers (I actually did those steps already so I can say for sure that the sound card works and the OS boots well at this point) 5) Install NUSB: 5a) Boot into safemode and remove all the previously found USB relevant devices in the device manager as well as all devices that are listed as unrecognized/unknown 5b) Reboot again into safemode (otherwise all those devices I removed previously will be gone) and install NUSB (but without overwriting the explorer.exe?) 5c) Reboot into normal OS, hope that everything goes well and install the USB stuff as I did previously? (with the 2.0 controller install) Yes that's my MB but I don't have the CL version, just C (Standard version). Also I didn't touch the VIA USB drivers in my last attempt, that was all NUSB only. Yes I want to use the sound card instead, I'll disable the Onboard sound before reinstalling Win98.
  6. Oh I didn't know that (nor did I read it anywhere in the nusb thread). I guess I'll retry the install without the explorer.exe being replaced because I believe that he crashes when he is trying to execute it (or running it).However I'm fairly sure that there wasn't an explorer.exe amongst the files he asked me to keep/overwrite. I can't open that link, do you have some kind of special browser?Anyway, I'm using the 2050 drivers, I tried it before with 2048 but it seems that both don't work. I guess I can try it with an older version but I would prefer to use the latest drivers. Okay then I'll explain exactly what happened:After the NUSB files were installed and I did a reboot, he went through the whole device installation process again. First he automatically installed a "VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller", after that he installed an USB Root Hub. Then he prompted me with a device installation window where I had the choice to choose from a list or use the recommended driver. The recommended driver was a "VIA VT 8235 USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller" and the one from the list was the one he installed previously, "VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller". And I chose to install the 2.0 controller.
  7. Okay, this time I tried my best to follow the instructions Went into safe mode, removed all USB related devices/drivers in the driver manager as well as all unknown devices. Then I did a reboot, again into safe mode (I did a quick check in the device manager to make sure that all those devices were still removed) and installed NUSB 3.3 After that again a restart, he found all the removed devices again as well as the USB drivers. He also asked me if I should overwrite some files with older ones (usb related), I said no to each. Then he also found a VIA USB 2.0 Controller though he offered me to simply install it as a normal VIA USB Controller, I did the recommendation (the first one). Then again a reboot and after that I installed the graphic drivers. That went fine and after that I tried it again with the sound card. Drivers were located, he went on with the installation and again, when he got to (the end of) the SoundBlaster emulation driver (that's just the last of the drivers that gets installed for the sound card so I'm not sure if the problem is related with that exact driver) I got a bluescreen again I also did a second bootlog but as far as I can tell it's the same as the previous one. I guess I'll just reformat the whole thing again and do an installation without NUSB, I still can use linux to transfer files from an USB device to the hard drive. If someone comes up with another suggestion, I'll gladly try it though
  8. Maybe I understood something wrong here. But Windows 98SE definitely doesn't recognize any USB devices I connect to it when I just have the VIA drivers installed.And as I said earlier, the system ran just fine with both the VIA USB drivers and NUSB installed previously with the only difference, that I actually could connect USB devices to it. I never used at any point non-official software except for NUSB Do you mean list all the hardware I have in my PC? Alright, Motherboard: MSI KT3 Ultra2-C VIA KT333 Chipset based CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ Graphics Card: Voodoo5 5500 AGP Sound Card: Diamond Monster MX300 RAM: 512 MB (I do not know any more details than that) And an IDE 20GB HDD, DVD drive and a Floppy driveAll the drivers I installed were taken from the official websites or were at least officially released by the manufacturers and I did my best to get the latest for each device. edit: Also the whole "Remove ALL unknown devices." will be difficult for me since 3 of them are onboard and practically "unremovable". And how should I solve that?edit2: Okay, I didn't know that you could actually remove unknown devices from the device manager, shame on me
  9. I did that previously but hadn't the time to get it off the computer until now. I also looked through it but couldn't find anything relevant except these lines at the beginning: [00104A34] Loading Vxd = ndis2sup.vxd [00104A35] LoadFailed = ndis2sup.vxd However I didn't boot into cmd afterwards but rather into safe mode, I hope that doesn't make any difference? I also have it uploaded with the .prv file included, maybe you could take a quick look? -> http://www.mediafire.com/?2oq25k930aqjxud
  10. I'm aware that those instructions are not for the soundcard. A fact that I did overlook though is that I always had a VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller driver package installed before installing NUSB. But that didn't gave me any problems since the system was working fine before installing the soundcard.Also the whole "Remove ALL unknown devices." will be difficult for me since 3 of them are onboard and practically "unremovable". In any case I did a fresh Win98 install where I only installed the drivers that were recognized by Windows itself (nothing else) and ended up with these unrecognized devices PCI Ethernet Controller PCI Multimedia Audio Device (sound card) PCI Multimedia Audio Device (onboard) PCI Universal Serial Bus And I have those items in the Universal Serial Bus controller section: USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller Now my question is, should I remove any of these before doing the NUSB install? And once I install it, should I install the VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller driver package afterwards or should I leave it with that? I work with a PS/2 mouse and keyboard, currently there are no USB devices connected whatsoever.
  11. I did that at least for the sound card already, after that I could boot again but when reinstalling the drivers I just had the same issue again after a restart. The problem is that when I want to install nusb (but have the sound card already installed) he only copies the relevant files into the system folders and then reboots but I never get to the process where he actually installs the device in the device manager, the bluescreen comes before that (or did I understand something wrong here?). Besides I fear the issue is deeper than just an unstable version of something but I'll try it out with the other version and perhaps again with reinstalling the drivers when I have some free time @edit from submix: sry but what should I get from that? That I should try out USB20DRV.EXE instead? If it makes USB's supportable again I'll gladly try it Besides I also found out something about an "USB2.0_v2.06.exe" that was floating around at some point in the net but I could only find a link on a ftp which requires access permissions -> ftp://www.siig.com/USB2.0_v2.06.exe Could it be that that is the same file?
  12. Hello, here I am with a new problem Everytime I want to boot up my Windows 98 SE system, I get a Bluescreen before he loads up the login screen (so the autoexec.bat is still called successfully and shows up on the screen). I took a picture of it. I believe this is because of some conflict with my Sound Card (Diamond Monster MX300) and nusb (3.5) because previously when I didn't had the sound card plugged in I had no problem booting up. After inserting the sound card and installing its drivers however, the bluescreen occured. At first I thought it was some driver issue of the sound card (because it occured when the SoundBlaster emulation driver of the card was being installed) but after I reformmatted and reinstalled the system I could install the card just fine (there are also no sound issues with it). Then I tried to install nusb again just to experience the Bluescreen after a reboot so it has to be some kind of conflict (I believe he crashes when either the usb or the sound card drivers are loaded but I'm not sure). Now I would like to have usb 2.0 support for my system but I also want the sound card to run with it (since the win98 system is the last one to fully support it). So I hope you guys can either help me fixing this conflict so I can have both nusb and the sound card running on the system or suggest me some kind of alternative to nusb that I can try out to see if it works any better
  13. I already did that (to be save I reinstalled nusb and I even checked each of the files with the ones of nusb, they are all the same). And ended up with the situation I described in my last post.As I said, I had nusb installed but for some reason Windows decided not to search in the default places for the required files but instead wanted to have the "Windows 98 SE Disk" or in other words NTMAPHLP.PDR There was actually a third instance in "Disk Drives" that seems to have the real name of the drive. I deleted those too (as well as a working USB just to have a comparison) and went through the whole process again.When I plug the external drive in, it is automatically recognized, all three instances are added to the list. And basically it's the same process as the working USB, even the drivers for each "device" in the list are the same. The only difference is that for some reason Windows doesn't set the "Removeable" option in the preferences tab for the drive and doesn't assign it to a drive letter (as I said earlier) where the USB has this feature automatically. I believe this is because he doesn't recognize the filesystem of the hard disk. But going to my next question, should I simply let Windows 98 format my external drive or should I try to somehow make it recognizeable again? I mean I have no problem with deleting its data since I just did a backup but I'm unsure whether Windows 98 messes my drive up or not edit: Formatted the drive with Win98 (surprisingly there are a lot more options than with WinXp or upwards), erverything worked fine except when he wanted to check the drive afterwards with ScanDisk he couldn't because there was "not enough memory available" which I doubt. But reading and writing to the drive worked fine anyway
  14. Okay after doing that the exclamation mark in the device manager went away and when I want to "safely eject" it, it says Stop USB Disk - Drive ( Previously it just said Stop USB Disk There now is an "USB Disk" listed in Storage Devices (using the nusb driver) and a new Disk drive (probably my external disk), "ST325082 0A" using the DISKDRV.INF driver. I looked into the properties of the Disk drive and saw that the "Removeable" option wasn't set in the the Properties tab. So I did that and assigned a letter to the drive. After restarting there is now a Removeable Disk visible in the Explorer, however when I want to access it it says that the drive is not formatted though I'm sure that the drive has a FAT32 file system which should be recognized by Windows98. I guess I'll backup my files and try the reformat thing, I hope I will be able to access it afterwards
  15. Hello, I'm using Windows 98 SE with nusb 3.5 installed. I want to plugin my 250GB external harddrive (formatted to FAT32 previously) and at first the system says "new drive found, searching for drivers" and he even finds "appropriate" drivers for it, namely Disk Drive [4-23-1999], C:\WINDOWS\INF\DISKDRV.INF Then I click next and nothing happens (except the driver windows closes). No new drive shows up in the explorer but when I look in the device manager he lists a new storage device that is connected. After that I tried to reinstall the drivers to see if anything went wrong during the install and then he suggested me another driver labeled USB Disk [10-28-2007], C:\WINDOWS\INF\USBNTMAP.INF which I believe is the right one (even though he didn't offer me that one when initially trying to install the driver). However when trying to install it he asks for the Win98 CD to search for a file called "usbmphlp.pdr" (and probably some other files) which is nowhere to be found on the CD. A quick Google search gave me the suspicion that those required files might be on a Windows ME CD, could that be true? Anyway, can anyone suggest me what I can do to make the external hard disk / new driver working correctly? Thanks in advance edit: So after checking on a Windows ME disk I actually found that required file (in the folder Win9x). But I'm unsure whether I should simply use those files or find some other way to make the drive work? I don't want to mess anything up with my USB configuration now... edit2: Ok I tried it anyway, seems like all the required files were there. But after a restart the drive is still not accessible! It now shows up in the device manager as "USB drive" instead of "Disk Drive" but with a yellow exclamation mark indicating that the device is not working properly (that wasn't the case with the previous driver). A reinstallation of the same driver didn't change anything so I'm pretty much out of options here. Maybe someone has an idea what I could do?

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