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  1. It happened to me when I did not uninstall new version of KernelEx when installing older version. Solution, uninstall the current KernelEx, install the one you forgot to uninstall, then unintall it, and then install the KEX you want.... did the trick for me... that is, if the issue is KEX related.
  2. This happens when you do a right click on a titlebar of any windows. It appears momentairly for the most part. It happened on 2 different PCs, only things in common between the 2 are same OS setup and ATI video card.
  3. Small problem with transparent desktop icon labels + dropshadows. When the icon is selected and then I clock some empty space, only the part that is normally seen gets the dropshadow, all else which is usually hidden remains normal text. Also, most of the black icons are gone in Miranda IM, only one left so far is the icon on the menu (which was OK before). Last update of Miranda also chanced lot of icons and that fixed black problem even further. I am häppy
  4. Seems the black icons problem in Miranda IM is not the only thing like it... recently Opera got a new version and it experiences same/similiar thing in some cases like seen in this screenshot : http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/1876835/TransparencyProblem.png Transparencies don't seem to get worked out right in some cases... only time I see this black frame is on the URL list, in other places its all fine : http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/1876835/NoTransparencyProblem.png
  5. That has no effect whatsoever, after the corruption happens things will not get back normal. I've been running here with broken GFX for I think 4 hours now, no change. The leak caused by Opera gets solved almost immediately after closing it, with little or nothing getting "lost" in the resources.
  6. I start off Miranda IM and start browsing net with Opera 10.something, after a while, some icons get los, some GFX disappears. Later on scrollbars go corrupt and in the end all the window frames and such. The corruption changes with what goes on screen, so I guess some memory gets overwritten or something like that... I had to take photos on some occasions since when the resources are too low, one cannot make screenshots (you get only 1bit B/W shot). Things seem to accelerate with resource use, and after resources are back, the corruption remains. This only happens with KEX versions above 4.0 Perhaps RP9 and KEX do not get along anymore ? http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/1876835/KEXGFX0.png http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/1876835/KEXGFX1.jpg http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/1876835/KEXGFX2.jpg http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/1876835/KEXGFX3.png I hope this helps.
  7. I have been experiencing graphical corruption over time when any of the latest versions of KernelEx are installed. I also got RP9 in the mix, on Win98SE with SP3, AutoPatcher etc. installed. Also, I once accidently installed older working version of KernelEx (4.0) over the current one and none of the shortcuts worked afterwards, but unistalling KernelEx and reinstalling new version then uninstalling it and reisntalling old version fixed that. I had to enable QuickLaunch manually too since it disappeared.
  8. sometimes when switching between fullscreen DOS programs and windows, I get this kind of GFX corruption : http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/187...GFXmessedUp.jpg it seems its more likely caused by the GFX drivers than anything else, but it's not happening when RP9 is not present. It happens sometimes though. Also, is there any possibility to have something like "save states" in video game emulators, i.e when windows boots up, you store that state somwehre, and later on if resources get drained etc. you use that state to restore normal operation of things ? It would probably require one to shut off all programs that are running... ...and when there's any window open from Miranda IM, the RPconfig will not become visible.
  9. RP 9.1.2 and Norton Antivirus 2005 don't seem to get along at all, I got to install NAV with no issues, but running the program itself resulted in overall system crashes with complete halt other than moving mouse cursor. I uninstalled RP and things work perfectly now. I've not tried to reinstall RP, but I believe it not to work like before uninstall. I'll be uninstalling NAV as soon as the new virus definitions get downloaded, so I can add them to the DOS part of NAV I stripped out to do some sweet full system scans and file repairs in pure DOS where no viruses run anymore ^^ So far RP has only caused major problems with NAV2005 for me, and inconveniences with Miranda IM 8.x in form of black icons.
  10. just install flash 9 and things should work fine, you will be presented with flash10 from adobe's site I think, so you need to look for the older versions a bit
  11. Seems that my GFX card problem is related to either the DIB engine update or the GDI update from M$. Neither has options for uninstall so I think one will have to do some file replacing to reverse the installation... ? Things worked before and there had not been any configuration changes done in GFX settings other than disabling TV out to avoid lockup problems. I have not tried other driver versions yet.
  12. sorry for the bump, but this bug deserves its own post IMO I have Ati Radeon 9200SE in my PC, and I use final 9x Omega drivers for it, and when TV out is enabled on the GFX card and I switch any application to fullscreen, things halt. Keyboard handler seems operational, since pressing many keys down results in beeping. In Winamp, the song that is being played will play until the end and that's all. All video is completely stopped on PC monitor and TV. Disabling TV out will make everything work again. Something seems to clash between the drivers and RP... ?
  13. I have been using this for few days now and things have worked pretty much perfectly, except for Miranda IM having icons in black and some icons being wrong in File Types list also. ( http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/21/187...andaProblem.png ) Opera10 with million active tabs worked perfectly, stuff that could not have achieved before is fully possible now. After a day of constant use, things still work fine Otzen prekrasnoi rabota Moi russkii nye horozo EDIT: seems I have exceeded my monthly bandwidth on Fileden.... reset happens after 8 days...
  14. TmEE

    Opera 10

    I've been running 10 for quite a while and I have never had any issues, other than redraw problems with large images, but those happened in Opera9 also...
  15. TmEE

    98SE troubles

    I'll do some clean installs on one of my HDDs, if I succeed in a good setup I have a good copy to use next time Right now I cannot afford to do any reinstalls on my current (not so well working) install...
  16. I had used same 98SE setup for 4 years on 6 different computers and it had no problems whatsoever, up until I put it on a 250GB HDD and had wonderful time with tons of corrupt files after crossing 137GB barrier (I'm ultr@ happy that it did not wipe out the FAT !!!)... I also had SP15 installed, later on SP21 installed. Now I have done a reinstall, having SP21 installed, and now latest KernelEx and AutoPatcher aswell, and my setup is highly unstable, I get lot of crashes. Also, in my last setup, the RAM got freed up on program exits and I always had 400MB out of 512 left to use... when the free RAM amount went too low I could ran some MD emulator which seemed to "release" all used resources and getting the RAM count back to ~400. Now it has no effect, RAM gets used eventually and I need a reboot... for the RAM thing, might this change anything that my 1st setup was done on a 166MHz Pentium1 with 32MB RAM and latest on a 1GHz Celeron with 512 ? Or something did some system tweak to get such "minimalistic" behaviour (if there is any such tweak) ? For crashes, it does not seem to make any difference if I have KernelEx installed or not, maybe the AutoPatcher has something to do with it... Sometimes when I start a program it terminates with a illegal operation error, and will run on the next try, sometimes I have to run some other program first... its all really weird...

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