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  1. So it seems I'll need a plugin. I wonder where did I get one on my last install, I did not deliberately went to look for anything... One other thing I have noticed that Opera does not seem to use a font that website would supply, I don't remember the correct term of that feature.
  2. Opera used to play embedded MP3 files in websites like ucollective and bandcamp on my last win98 install. I don't ever recall doing anything special, it always worked. I got a new motherboard and started over and starting with Opera 11.64 and Opera 12.02, and I did not keep any backups of the old OS install to do any kind of testing on. On my laptop I got the same problem, that one never played embedded MP3s in any site. embedded OGG and WAV files play however. No such problem in XP SP3, all formats paly fine. Does anyone know any solution to this problem ?
  3. My 98SE based server has a SIL3112 based SATA card that has pair of 1TB drives in RAID1. My main computer uses a SIL3114, it has no performance problems and works wonderfully with my 3x 250GB and 1x 750GB drives.
  4. I believe there is no partition on the drive, or at least no FAT32 partition.
  5. On my PIII I created a partition that is little less than 128GBytes and a second one that used the remaining space. The second partition I always kept alone, except when I was running Win XP, I generally held backup archives on that partition. For a while I used a DDO that Seagate provided but it caused me difficulties on my DOS stuff I was doing at that time because of the extra memory it needed.
  6. Your driver has to come with a client program that can do the associations to various networks, like this on my laptop :
  7. You need to add MSCDEX stuff yourself, it does not do it for you...
  8. Interesting to know the data gets jumbled around rather than causing a wraparound, it makes sense too or there would be complete wipeout of the FAT area. When the BIOS supports LBA48 and you can live with some performance loss I imagine you'll be pretty safe by disabling IDE controller in device manager so all HDD access will go through BIOS int13 instead of the non LBA48 capable driver that 9x comes with. There's a patch already existing so this is not really necessary anyway. I lost a lot of data when I got my first bigger than 128Gbyte HDD, due to file system errors and because new files overwrite data in existing ones, for example almost all video files had pieces of wrong files in them, and thus unplayable after some point.
  9. If a drive is larger than 128GBytes it is LBA48 capable, there is no other way to address data beyond 128GBytes with LBA24. Whenever data is written past the 128GBytes it'll be written in the beginning of the drive and that corrupts the file allocation table and that leads to loss of data that is very hard to recover. Install the latest uSP which installs the fix. Alternatively you can also download and install stuff from Autopatcher (you can even extract just the LBA48 patch from its files).
  10. If the drive is larger than 128GBytes you have ran into the LBA24 limitation, anything that goes past the 128GBytes ends up in the beginning of the drive (wraparound) and that is where the file allocation table is. Recovery is typically not possible, I lost a ton of data like that before LBA48 patch existed that gives 48bit LBA support to 98 allowing up to 2TByte drives to be used.
  11. It is RUBY-9719VG2AR Currently I have had best results with AHCI setting on SATA ports, install went so quickly ! There does not seem to be whole lot of performance hit despite compatibility mode on the drives. Anyway I'll keep on trying different methods.
  12. I got my new board, I will test these files on G41+ICH7 setup once I get things going EDIT: I have not had much luck, most problems seem to come form inability to play nice with IDE and SATA stuff, even though I have compatibility mode enabled. I'll try just PATA HDD later, currently I am using a SATA drive with SATA stuff in IDE mode.
  13. ^ I have decided on going VxD route, I can make a whole lot more sense of it than WDM stuff, the documentation is a lot nicer to my eyes. Still a ton of reading to do... very fascinating stuff though !
  14. I guess you would have to re-implement all/most/some of the functionality of WDM calls for the 95 to get things go, or implement WDM on 95 which I think WDMEX could allow ?
  15. My PIII machine is now my personal web/storage server sitting in a corner in my livingroom. Takes less than 50W of power and can do all the tasks it is meant to... also runs 98SE
  16. I have been gathering info and required software for potential creation of drivers for 98SE. I was wondering if anyone here has actually done anything themselves ? I would love to hear about the experiences ! I am not new to hardware or software (doing that stuff for living but not for PCs), for now it all seems pretty overwhelming - a lot of material to go through which will undoubtedly lead to endless crashes and other problems hahaha. Lot of info the DDK refers to is gone and it all makes things lot harder too. All that is solid are various books that are referenced to in one doc in the package. There's 2 options - WDM and VxD. It seems WDM has no special stuff hidden in the driver executables, and you can write the driver purely in a high level language (maybe not the case, I am still reading the docs) but there's endless requirements and abstractions... VxD seems to be simpler, but structures seem more confusing and seems there's need for bunch of assembly functions to get anywhere. I am not new to assembly, but I detest x86, stuff like 68K are infinitely better VxD would also work on all of the 9x line and is higher performance due to less abstraction. I like to feel the hardware in my software hehe
  17. I have a G41+ICH7 board coming in nearer future, I'll be testing this then.
  18. Those universal VESA drivers don't even always implement DirectDraw, so stuff like OpenGL and D3D are very unlikely to be supported.
  19. Opera has 2K compatibility mode enabled. There's no difference whether or not the flash DLL is in Opera plugins or the System\Macromed\Flash WINHTTP.DLL is in my system as some other software needs it. I don't have the additional Kstub entry though...
  20. I could not get any flash players after 11.5 to start on my machines, install goes fine but the plugin does not start in the browser, with or without Kstub. No errors seen.
  21. I gave up on the machine for now so I can continue a certain experiment involving Yamaha sound drivers. I will return once again when I'll put some new life to the 386 that sits under my 486. Then I'll be starting with the version on 3.51 CD.
  22. Windows error explicitly says "extended memory". I got over 600KB of conventional memory and around 65MB of extended memory shown. Removing TCP/IP protocol in enough to get windows bootable again. I read about a version on NT 3.51 CD that has built in TCP/IP, I wonder how well will that behave...
  23. Setting VCache did not seem to help nor did WFWFILES. I will go through the nice page later, it had lots of cool stuff in it. I am using WfW 3.11
  24. EMM386 I am not using, but HIMEM.SYS is whatever MS-DOS 6.2 has. I shall import the file from 98SE and report back. EDIT: 98SE version of HIMEM.SYS did not make a difference.
  25. I installed Win3.11 on one of my old computers. Everything was pretty smooth except I started getting errors about not having enough extended memory after I installed graphics drivers for the Ati Rage3D II. The computer has 256MB RAM, and DOS 6.2 nicely tells 64MBytes is available which should be plenty for 3.11. I also have installed TCP/IP and IE2.0. Only way I can get windows to boot is to use the /N command line switch (don't load network drivers). What can be done around the not enough memory error ?
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