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  1. Such division/ratio things need to be supported by the hardware, and I doubt that is the case or the BIOS would list such already.
  2. I cannot download anything from that service... when I have means to get the file I'll surely put it on my server. EDIT: http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/nusb35e.exe http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/nusb36e.exe http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/nusb35r.exe http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/nusb36r.exe http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/ Enjoy !
  3. If I had it I would put it on my webspace, but I don't and seems that nobody else does either, or ones that do have not seen this thread.
  4. When I looked at DirectX during creation of a music tool, I read that it only works up to 100KHz. Anything beyond must be recent addition... WaveOut would do whatever the driver allows, and send a fail message if something is not supported.
  5. I installed 2.0.5 and it seems to play all my files correctly in any setting, on my AMD Turion64 based laptop (2.2GHz core, 800MHz FSB/HT, MMX/3Dnow!/SSE/SSE2/SSE3)
  6. 11.64 is the better option if you have KernelEx installed, and 12.02 works too but is much slower...
  7. But that driver will not provide any hardware acceleration, it just works enough to show image.
  8. Ever since I discovered Opera I could never go back to Firefox. Giant and slow uncustomisable thing... Largest of them all and least featured. With a bunch of addons I could get it to my liking but then the browser is less responsive than frozen molasses. I have it installed for the rare occasions when a site is not very usable in Opera, and last time it happened was over a year ago, sometimes all it takes is to change the User agent and bam a site works perfectly. 12.x I don't use normally, that thing is incredibly slow compared to 11.x, and the new Chrompera should not exist at all.... WTH were they thinking... anyway its their death. Regarding 12.02, you should install it over 11.something. Vanilla install never quite worked well in my cases.
  9. I am buried deep in work for the time being... I have sorted most of the stuff into categories, but I have yet to make that visible.
  10. Here's a mirror on my own server which should last for a while : http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/RP9_Skin_collection.rar And here's the v2 too : http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/RP9_Skin_collection_v2.rar
  11. I am more than willing to store any kind of 9x related stuff. There's 700GB of space and no bandwidth limits, besides that I got only 20MBit upstream (and 150MBit downstream). All served by Win98SE too
  12. http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/INTEL_INF_98SE.ZIP This link should last a while, with minor unavailability issues (home hosted server)
  13. Figured out the problem : Plugins on-demand breaks sites that don't have "visible" plugins... only indication that site uses plugins and they need to be enabled is a tiny icon in the address bar ! Once you click that all starts working.
  14. It has a ALC662 for which I could not find a working driver. The latest on Realtek site recognises the chip but driver does not load... LAN did not even have 2K driver (2K and 98 both use NDIS 5.0 so there's a slim chance of success) The VESA driver is only good for very basic things, and even then performance is very low, also no support for resolutions like 1680x1050.
  15. Portwell RUBY-9719VG2AR works if you don't mind lack of onboard audio, video and LAN. Just be sure to select ACPI 1.0 and disable PCI memory remapping from the BIOS. I used xrayer's intel INF mod. For video I am using Ati Radeon X550 PCI-E GFX card, sound comes from Yamaha YMF718 + Yamaha SW1000XG + Yamaha DS2416 + Yamaha AX44 and LAN is handled by a Intel Pro1000 desktop NIC.
  16. 400W is enough for practically anything. I ran my old machine with 7x HDDs, 3.2GHz Prescott and a Ati X850XT PE with a 300W PSU for 2 years.
  17. My MRANENIA has a 128 byte HEX string in it, the XXXX0000 is K<500000 with "|" : 08 80 88 88 in it. I have OEM installation from, and Product Type of 115 also reflects it.
  18. The codec file is present and don't seem to make a difference. I installed WMP9 as a firend suggested and that also did not seem to make a difference... I'll be doing some experiments on my laptop and a spare HDD and try various combinations. I have a feeling that upgrade path from Opera 10 to 12 made a difference on my old installation.
  19. Is that computer connected directly to the Internet (to the wall), or is it on a router? You might also want to try http://www.canyouseeme.org/, although it can get pretty tedious to test hundreds of ports, one at a time. For all the ports that I did check, it gave me the same results as GRC's Shields Up -- it "could not see" it. If anybody knows of some other service that will accurately test the status of all ports (or ranges of ports) with one action, this is a good time to contribute. --JorgeA That place sees all the services I have on that particular computer (FTP, HTTP, VNC, and some other bits). The machine is in the "DMZ" so it is 100% exposed.
  20. That site told my IP is super secure, but there's one completely exposed computer sitting on that IP, all ports open, no firewalls...
  21. I never installed any media player past 6 as I cannot stand the new ones, but I did have some relating DLLs in the system... maybe there's codec related stuff too in the mix, I shall experiment on XP.
  22. I would want to avoid downloading, particularly when I am not sure if the stuff is even interest to me. Perhaps VLC did push a plugin into my installation and that allowed the embedded files to work when play was clicked on the site. This does not explain how on XP+ there is no need for this stuff, all stuff just works out of box. Only OGG and WAV seem to work on 98 out of box...
  23. My GF copied the files from the share to the SD card and then watched from there. She also could not get files play directly.
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