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  1. After I replied below, I deleted a lot of the files from my Windows directory and this caused it to do a fresh install and it is working now. Thanks for you help anyway. ---- I don't think the problem is anywhere in the hardware. This computer was working up until about a year ago when I moved to XP. I read on internet that this problem is because partly through install then I restarted. I don't remember restarting like that but the install process did reboot quite a few times. Maybe I did an improper install but I don't remember. Anyway, they said the solution is to reinstall the Java.Inf, but the instructions are for using a mouse, which I can't do under DOS. Reasoning things out, this is why I think it must be the registry is bad. I have 2 Win 98 SE install CDs and they both do exactly the same thing. What if I format my C drive and then install? There are a few old files but I can't even remember what they are so I won't miss them. What do you think?
  2. I want to install Windows 98 SE on my old computer. I used to run it on this computer. I want to run a long running Excel application. The problem I am having is it gets almost through the install process then it gives 2 errors. My only option is to click OK, then it goes a little further and hangs up at the box that says Updating System Settings/System Configuration. The 2 errors I get are by Java Package Manager Unable to install Java packages from c:\Windows\Java\classes\xmlds04.cab Unknown HRESULT: (800b010bh) The second error is the same but the file is c:\WIndows\System\dajava.cab I think the problem is in the registry but I don't know how to edit the registry or what to look for. I can boot into the dos recovery disk.
  3. Thank-you. We won't worry about it then. I will have him check the file sharing just to be sure, but probably it is already set properly. Are some firewalls better than others? Is this something he should take a look at? We don't know how savvy she is but she might want to cause problem and could learn how to if she wanted. And thanks again for answering the question, and explaining so we won't worry now.
  4. My friend had a visitor and she was able to link her smartphone to the wireless network. Now he is worried she could read his email and his files. Only the landlord has control of the modem. Can he do anything besides a Firewall?
  5. I found someone locally that wants my old computer. You can delete my post so it doesn't clutter your forum.
  6. I loved my Windows 98 SE computer but gave it up about 2 months ago for Windows XP. There were several websites I couldn't use because newer javascript wouldn't run. I had to go to library to access those sites. So it really depends what you use your computer for. If you can do everything you want to do.
  7. You will probably tell me this is the wrong place to post this. But this is my last hope before I give to recyclers. Does anyone want my old Windows 98 SE computer, which I have been using until about 2 months ago when I got an XP computer. The computer works well but has malware. You might be able to get rid of the malware or repurpose the computer for linux, etc. But you have to pick it up in Milwaukee, WI
  8. Thank you for replying and trying to help. Everything is supposed to be done automatically. The modem is working. I use it to log in with my old Windows 98 computer. Everything was working on XP for about 2 months (when I first got this computer) until about a week ago when failed to connect first thing in morning. It shows an error: Local Area Connection, Speed 100 Mbps, Limited or no connectivity. I went through troubleshooting and reloaded driver. ipconfig shows Dhcp Enabled = Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled = Yes
  9. Is my network card bad? I cannot get onto internet. I have Windows XP and: Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx gigabit Controller (Network adapter). I have already reinstalled the driver. Device Manager says: This device is working properly. How can I find out if maybe a setting is wrong?
  10. I have a VB script (module) I'm try to run in Excel 2000. It gives this error: Run-time error 438 Object doesn't support this property or method And the debugger says this is the line: .WebDisableRedirections = False What could I do to fix this as I think it is something not supported by Excel 2000. Right after I posted this I thought to try what would happen if I removed that line. And the script did run. So I guess the question is what harm if I leave it out?
  11. Ok, I deleted both swap files. I had to go to F8 prompt to delete the one in c:. That one in c: was there when I rebooted or shortly after. The other one isn't there. I will watch for it every day but if it's not there in a week or two I will probably forget about it. If it is there, I will post back. I was thinking, a few years ago I was trying to install Linux, duel boot, and maybe that's why I moved the swap file. I remember reading that Linux and Windows will share the same swap file. But I don' t remember actually moving it but I might have just forgotten about it. BTW, this is a really nice forum here, whereas in the past I did got lots of help from Craigslist, I usually also got lots of insults and told to get rid of my Windows 98se computer.
  12. Ok, good. I will do it, hopefully I will have time later today. I will try to delete without F8, otherwise with F8, and I will reboot, and do some activities, and let you all know what happens.
  13. This won't create a problem, if I delete both? I'm willing to try it but I don't have time right now. Maybe this evening or else tomorrow.
  14. Are you saying it comes back with that old date/time? Or are you saying the last time it happened (comes back) was in 2008? I didn't pay attention to the date until now. I believe it comes back with that old date because it just came back recently. I saw this problem in the past and tried to solve it but I gave up. I thought it was malware, someone suggested I have a rootkit. Recently some other malware symptoms showed up so I tried to get rid of this again. When I looked a few days ago it wasn't there and now it is back. In the past, I deleted it and it sometimes returned the same day but sometimes it took several days. I've used Spybot and ClamWin and no malware shows. Actually Spybot found something yesterday but I don't think it was related. In the past I used AVG and Avast but none of them sees this file as a problem. Maybe, as suggested, somehow (that I don't remember-may it wasn't me that did it) the location of the swap file was moved. Maybe Windows sees there is no swap file and makes a new one. That bit of space for the one in Windows isn't a problem because I have plenty of disk space.

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