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  1. Took the entire folder from OS/2 that had firefox 10 and put it on a win 98 system and tried firefox. It said it needed KLIBC to run? KLIBC is some kind of a linux thing? So OS/2 uses the linux form of firefox?
  2. The best I can get for now is, I used pupwin98 that gave you a old puppy linux, ver1, on win 98. No cd needed anymore and no special linux part of the hard drive to dual boot from any more, the linux is just a icon on the win 98 desktop. Then I upgraded that ver1 linux to Browser Linux 501 that can have the newest firefox, 42, for now. So Windows 98 and Linux 501 both on one fat partition hard drive with the newest firefox and just one click away from the Win 98 desktop. I am on it now and so far it works great!
  3. jaclaz I am a hardware guy not software, please explain what the above means for 95 and 98? I read the files on how they would do that and? dont get it? Next on the ecomstation 2.0 that comes with firefox 3 something I got 10esr working by a download and install from a web site listed above. I am now trying the 17esr listed in a download but so far no good install. HOBBES for the 17 warpzilla for the 10
  4. Some of the web sites for OS/2 http://os2news.warpstock.org/Warpzilla.html http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-search.php?key=firefox-17 https://wiki.mozilla.org/Ports/os2 http://www.ecomstation.com/ http://www.ecomstation.com/democd/ http://www.ecomstation.com/product_info.phtml
  5. I just started playing with this stuff. Any interest in OS/2 warp ecomstation? A demo CD of ecomstation, does not have full set of drivers, runs ok on some of my systems. I also found os2 warp 4.5 something and ecomstation 2.0. and got them up but always drivers needed or parts do not work. To work around that I took notes during install on what VGA or SOUND or LAN it had drivers for and then would find a Card to install in the system to make it work. Ecomstation does work on newer systems and can use firefox browsers but it has no one working on it anymore? Died about DEC 2013. At some software get together this year someone bought rights to OS2 from IBM and said they would have something for newer systems about Sept 2016? Any interest in OS/2 warp ecomstation?
  6. On the OS/2 they use the ESR ver of firefox, 10esr, 17esr, works better? Want to see and play with the os2 firefox, they are at warpzilla and can be downloaded. WARP? Last OS/2 was OS/2 warp and then EcomStation took over. Out of the XP stuff with KernelEX I would only like, want, a better newer firefox for win 98, maybe without KernelEX like was done for OS/2? http://os2news.warpstock.org/Warpzilla.html http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/h-search.php?key=firefox-17
  7. I work with hardware but do not get how to write or fix software. I started this topic because on my OS/2 hardware, firefox is being worked on and updated. Firefox 10 is stable 17 in beta. OS/2 never had firefox and now all this work to get it? A new company bought rights to OS/2 and says new versions sept 2016? OS/2 older than Win 98? How close to Win 98 in code? Both have dos modes? Can those firefox be moved to 98? Was not 98 used by more than OS/2 back then and now? So why the "move to a newer windows" for 98 users but on a older op sys all these updates? Any software super person get 98 newer FIREFOX? Why my interest, because my 2nd and 3rd systems were 98 and I have a ton of 98 software and because places like GOODWILL has much 98 software, games +, like the new never opened MS OFFICE Professional in orig package for 99 cents. I have lots of good software but cant get on line at many sites, I use a dual boot system with a linux made just to get on line, a browser linux.
  8. There was a 2nd kit, WildStyle Accent Color Kit, but I have never seen any of those. Were any made?
  9. The Compaq Presario 5000 series had a color kit you could order. The Kit changed two front bezels on the computer and has parts for the speakers and keyboard that I do not need. NUMBERS 195202-002 orange -004 blue -005 purple -006 red -007 green Many shops on line claim to have these but a call finds they do not. To complete the series I only need orange and purple. Anyone know of a place with them? http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/bpb12069.pdf This ended in 2000
  10. If it needs to be moved to another section, please do. Had some questions on this one, some problems. Another unit in a Apevia X Trooper 5 fan case that runs at room temp with a MS-7101 motherboard with a 775 type cpu, a 651 3.4ghz, with 1mb ram with lite windows ME and a linux Firefox, ver 33.1, browser had no problems except motherboard was in a pile dead, most of the caps were shot. so I had to replace the caps. So I did not need help on this one. I am on this one now. (http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-MSI/865GM3-V_%28MS-7101_V2.0%29.html) I have 50 systems and some to old to slow, with cases that only take one type of motherboard, that need WIN ME or linux or to be put in trash. The I/O plate on these does not remove its part of the case so some unremarkable old computers need help. ( yes the 633id I/O plate can be changed)
  11. Part 2. I have much 98, me, software I could now install after the upgrades and fixes were installed. With Photoshop Elements and Album 2.0 from GOODWILL store for $2.99, problems. They could not set up the .psa files, storage for pictures, saying it could not find the Microsoft Access Driver for the .mdb file??? I am a very poor software person and had to dig on the net to find out what was wrong. I found that .psa and .mdb were the same and MS OFFICE had this MS access driver? WHAT? Also on line it talked about a JET40sp8_wme that could fix cant find driver? WHAT? I made a GHOST backup of what I had so far and then installed JET40sp8_wme It worked, Photoshop Elements and Album 2.0 now ran fine? ANY HELP ON WHAT JUST HAPPENED? With ccleaner there is now a small mess in the REGISTRY that was not present before the JET40sp8_wme was installed? EDIT Just found on the net that JET40sp8_wme from microsoft site is Microsoft Access Driver for the .mdb file. That brings a new question, why was it not in the updates I did? Not many programs use it? MS SITE http://support.microsoft.com/kb/829558
  12. This is 3rd new system I bought way back. It came with a temp restore DVD that put everything back without questions or driver installs you could see on 1st start up, but it had a limit for how long it could be used, for I was to be sent the normal Restore CDs. but never got them. When the time ran out on the dvd I started the hardware up grades. I replaced the bios with a bios from HP that was for same mother board but allowed 512mb ram, only 256mb with etower, and the CPU upgrade to a 1.4GHZ. Now to the present. Found the Restore CDs on ebay but with HP bios, no install? At start of restore on bottom of screen it said a shift F8 would single step you thru the restore and with a yes or no you could do a step or not. I passed over the test to see if this system was a 633id and then with a Ctrl C droped out of the restore to dos on a Ram floppy A: Now from DOS started GHOST.exe which put the system back as I had bought it.
  13. earlytv


    Unit, all of it, is working, that makes 4 out of 5 different systems with win98se now. Last one needs 10 caps replaced, bulge at top. EDIT UHHHHHHHH. My 1st sys , one in the case icon to left shows, is dead. MY 1st and best UHHHHHHH.
  14. earlytv


    The sound is now working. I had all kinds of sound drivers, some win 2k? I just tried them all one at a time untill one worked? It would not somehow used a win 2k one would it? Just usb left. On all my other 98se systems the usb driver shows as a unoffical usb driver? Where can I find that?
  15. I took out of my basement 5 older systems to get running. First 3 it was easy to get win 98se on them and have them in the 98se section of this board. The fastest runs at 3.8ghz with a early 775 type micro.The 4th has 10 bad caps and if I do not replace them the board is junk. The 5th is this D865GLC board which I think is a gateway E4100 board. Gateway has no 98se drivers for it so I made a dvd with the win 2000 drivers on it. The intel site does have 98se drivers so I tried those and all of them did not work or caused a problem if they did install. I looked at what I have for win2k. 1) win2k upgrade from nt to 2k. It has sp0 so I would have to take that to sp4 + rollover? 2) A gateway reinstall that has .img files so not a orig install but a img of an orig gateway sys? 3) This one strange, also a img but this img once on the hard drive starts with a normal install and asks all the questions a normal install does but 2, no format, and no COA number. The install has a COA number in it already. ( I saw this somewhere on the net where the coa could be part of the install files so it never ask for one, and I have many xp systems with oem img cds that have the oem coa number.) I used # 3 and the sys is up and running. What are the best browsers, flash players, ect to use. I have tried some items from the net like a firefox that worked untill a downlod and then crashed, on the flash player side the net has some in the 11. range that can be made to work with a hex edit?

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