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  1. Sorry for my absence too, guys! Svenne, I've just discovered your new '2K6' theme today. It is nice and a neat work as usual, but close to your 'Mobility' & 'Whistler'. I still would appreciate the 'Mobility' or '2k6' theme in blue. Something like the title bar for the threads in this forum For chinamicah, I start working now on a new upgraded Skin collection, with everything inside. Welcome back Charles, and thanks a lot! And yes, 2K6 is a bit similar to Mobility, mainly because I just like that general style, and wan't happy with how Mobility looked. Now that I've done 2K6 I might try
  2. Cold mold on a slate plate, but here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?dw1b260aeic46fe Also, since you're having a vote on start menu banners, why not include the one I made a few pages back? Sure, it doesn't really fit in with the Windows 98 default style, but hey, it's optional anyway so we should be allowed to have some creative freedom .
  3. Hi Problemchyld! I've been an SP3 user for a few months, and I must say that I'm incredibly grateful for your hard work. SP3 has not only made my system faster, but also much, much more stable. Adding to that, I'm no longer dependent on Microsoft keeping W98 updates on their website. You've really helped making Win9x computing much more enjoyable. Thank you! Sadly I cannot contribute much in terms of testing since I mainly use Windows 98 for gaming, though I can contribute with some artwork. Here's some start menu banners I made: Contrary to what you may think at first, they are actually 16-c
  4. Sorry about my absence, guys; I completely forgot about this topic. I've included Kallon's updated theme in the OP, along with his screenshots. I also released a new theme, called 2K6. See the OP for information. Again, thanks a lot for contributing!
  5. @CharlesF: Excellent themepack Charles! Nice to see themes I hadn't seen before. @kallon: These are actually really nice . All the colors seem to harmonize really well. I'll add them to the OP right away! Also, thanks a lot for the positive feedback on OS9X. And yeah, I'll probably change the font style; the bold text is a bit tedious to read.
  6. Finally uploaded the OS9X theme, and also updated the OP. Sorry for the long wait!
  7. Sorry, but what are you talking about? I uploaded files there just a few days ago, and I've never had to install anything.
  8. I've been working on a new theme for a while, and here's the result: I'll post the DL a bit later.
  9. That's a very nice theme you've got there, kallu
  10. Hello there fellow RP9'ers. Since there is a lot of discussion going on in the RP9 development topic, most themes posted there will drown in the high amount of posts. Therefore I found it neccessary to create a thread devoted to the Uberskin themes. Just post your theme, preferrably with a screenshot, and I'll add it to the OP. Svenne's Themes Whistler 98 This was the first RP9 theme I made, and also the first one to be released to the public. It's greatly inspired by Windows Whistler's (early XP beta) default theme, and comes in three variants: Default, Black and Luna. DeviantArt page Direct
  11. The latest version of CCleaner 2 should work (2.36 IIRC?).
  12. There are some unofficial graphics drivers for the 8xxx series.
  13. I've heard there is software that allows Win9x to read/write to NTFS partitions, but I'm not sure.
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